when he learns   (彼が学ぶとき)

asks Suvorov of his boss when he learns about it.

David is disappointed when he learns of Leo's involvement.

Ajay's "world falls apart" when he learns Priya has had an affair with Paul.

soon learns

However, she soon learns that the culprit is Alistair's father, Brian.

While looking for Beth, Mason soon learns that she is actually a patient.

Holden is attracted to her, but soon learns that she is attracted to women.

when she learns   (彼女が学ぶとき)

Chloe refuses his advances when she learns he left her to pursue Brenda.

Her love for him is halted when she learns that he is Fernando Maldonado’s son.

But she is soon caught unprepared when she learns that her mother has grown ill.

later learns

She later learns that he has married a rich woman.

Teddy later learns of, and is hurt by Owen's betrayal.

Yanzu later learns where Lüxi is.

learns the truth

Soon after the wedding, Devi learns the truth and rushes to meet Rajesh.

When Nick goes on a manhunt to find his son he learns the truth and finds Ella.

When Raj learns the truth, he becomes destructive, and Priya runs away to her parents.

learns how

The skier then learns how to fall and to get up.

then learns

The skier then learns how to fall and to get up.

eventually learns

Xavier eventually learns to accept his mother's relationship with John.

She eventually learns of Jack's real identity and fires him as trainer.

The family eventually learns that Phillip has impregnated another woman.

learns more

Father Jacob also learns more about Michael's mysterious past.

He learns more about his people.

As she approaches the group, she learns more details of the debacle.