Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

lease agreement   (Contrato de arrendamiento)

Hyundai introduced the limited production Hyundai ix35 FCEV under a lease agreement.

The site is managed by the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust under lease agreement from the Grundon Group.

Plante Moran followed suit with a lease agreement in 2013, deciding to move 75 employees to the building.

new lease   (nuevo contrato de arrendamiento)

They've given people a new hope, a new lease on life.

It was for me a new lease on life."

A new lease of 99 years was obtained by Elizabeth, his widow, in 1692.

pastoral lease   (arrendamiento pastoral)

In 1985, Ansell borrowed money and secured a pastoral lease in northern Arnhem Land.

Glenorn Glenorn is a pastoral lease that has operated as both a sheep and cattle station.

The name of the locality is drawn from the railway station, which in turn was named for an 1851 pastoral lease.

lease expired   (arrendamiento expirado)

The base was turned over to the Saudis when its lease expired in the early 1960s.

The Hartlepool store closed when the Society's 10-year lease expired later that year.

When the lease expired in 1871, the Prinseps moved out and the Hollands demolished the building.

lease of life   (Arriendo de la vida)

The accession of Valens gave a fresh lease of life to the Arian party.

The s gained a new lease of life in the U.S. Navy as fire support ships.

However the base received a new lease of life when it was selected to become one of the RAF's Thor missile sites in 1958.

signed a lease   (firmó un contrato de arrendamiento)

One of these was Sir Richard Puleston who signed a lease in 1834.

In March 2019, Starwood Capital Group signed a lease for the building's eighth floor.

Hyundai's luxury car brand Genesis signed a lease for all of retail space in the building in December 2017.