black leather   (黒い革)

and often sported a black leather jacket.

This type of chokha has black leather belts decorated with silver pieces.

She notably possessed five Maquet-branded wallets, all made of black leather.

leather goods   (革製品)

In 1948 she opened a leather goods shop in Lahr, near the Black Forest.

Piquadro, a leather goods company, is headquartered in the municipality.

Mark Cross (brand) Mark Cross is an American luxury leather goods brand.

leather seats   (レザーシート)

Unlike the New Yorker, leather seats were standard.

Maroon and blue leather seats were first offered in 1991 (1992 model year) through the end of production.

The sleeper coaches cost £5 million to build, and have 53 leather seats which can be converted into 42 bunk beds.

leather jacket   (レザージャケット)

and often sported a black leather jacket.

Keckler was still wearing her new black dress and leather jacket.

Wearing a leather jacket and acting tough, he goes driving with Nerys.

leather interior   (革のインテリア)

The 2800 offered full leather interior, power windows, and power sunroof, which its price of $6,874 reflected.

Limited 2.0T models receive all of these options as well as a heated leather interior, sunroof and other features.

Named after a perfume by Nicolas de Barry it was called "Blue Lagoon", and was available with either Alcantara or leather interior.

leather upholstery   (革張り)

Bean, such as dual moonroofs, OnStar, and leather upholstery.

A two-door cabriolet version of the car was also offered, with a luxurious interior featuring high quality leather upholstery.

Bean in the USA, it included standard features like an in-dash six-disc CD changer, automatic climate control, leather upholstery, and dual moonroofs.

made of leather

Flat belts were traditionally made of leather or fabric.

Bomber jackets made of leather are available in adult as well as children's sizes.

Usually made of leather with a hard handle and multiple long flat strands attached.