Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

decided to leave   (decidió dejar)

He decided to leave the club for personal reasons.

decided to leave Death Row and headed to Atlanta.

In the mid-season, Vučić decided to leave the club.

forced to leave   (Forzado a irse)

After beating Fugai, Helü was forced to leave Chu.

He was forced to leave his job by the Taliban.

Kirito wins and Kuradeel is forced to leave.

not leave   (no irse)

Unlike the novel, George does not leave Weena dead.

Cetaceans do not leave tracks that can be followed.

If he did not leave the church, he was to be starved.

leave of absence   (excedencia)

Following the conference, Kwan took a brief leave of absence.

He took a leave of absence and was appointed a brigadier general.

He took a leave of absence from Haaretz in 1971 and resumed in 1978.

leave the country   (salir del país)

Sando was ordered to leave the country within 24 hours.

They asked him to leave the country instead.

decides to leave   (decide irse)

Blackwood decides to leave home and stay at his club.

He couldn't take another heartache and decides to leave.

Chopra packs his clothes and decides to leave the hotel.

allowed to leave   (permitido salir)

No one who comes to the island is allowed to leave.

She was then released but not allowed to leave Turkey.

The local rebels surrendered and were allowed to leave.

leave the club   (dejar el club)

He decided to leave the club for personal reasons.

In the mid-season, Vučić decided to leave the club.

Liga due to financial difficulties, led Hahn to leave the club.

maternity leave   (licencia de maternidad)

Women employees are entitled to 90 days of maternity leave.

She returned to alpine-skiing in 2017 after taking maternity leave.

She took up the position in June 2006 after returning from maternity leave.

decision to leave   (decisión de irse)

Manager Steve Bruce explained his decision to leave out Sadler of the squad.

This event was crucial in his decision to leave cycling and take up athletics.

It is the later death of C'rizz that prompts her decision to leave the TARDIS.

did not leave   (no dejó)

If he did not leave the church, he was to be starved.

Kucinich did not leave the race officially until July.

The last unit did not leave U.S. Navy service until 1973.

refused to leave   (se negó a irse)

One man died when he refused to leave the boat.

Upon his arrival, Wood again refused to leave his office.

He refused to leave the theater, so the police were called.

leave the band   (deja la banda)

Unfortunately, he had to leave the band.

He would leave the band early into 2006.

Bojan Pečar also decided to leave the band moving to London.

asked to leave   (pidió irse)

He was asked to leave the monastery of Velanidia.

Marshmello keeps avoiding being asked to leave.

She was eventually asked to leave.

leave the city   (dejar la ciudad)

He told her that he needed money to leave the city.

He plans to leave the city to his hometown along with Anandhi.

Cicero demanded that Catiline and his followers leave the city.

leave town   (dejar la ciudad)

Weeks later, Wallace and Esther leave town.

He requests that Vincente attempt to get her to leave town.

They share information and decide that Nest should leave town.

leave behind   (dejar atrás)

Dr. Antunes, Julia, and Tomás leave behind him, furious.

Some leave behind their skin.

Destroyed enemies leave behind fruit which can be collected for points.

took a leave   (se despidió)

He took a leave of absence and was appointed a brigadier general.

He took a leave of absence from Haaretz in 1971 and resumed in 1978.

He took a leave of absence from pursuing a PhD due to the demands of filming.

leave the house   (salir de la casa)

Contestants are permitted to leave the house in an emergency.

In "Amityville II" it begins right after they leave the house.

chose to leave   (eligió irse)

On 24 October, Soul also chose to leave the consortium.

Evans chose to leave "Emmerdale" in 2000.

Shook chose to leave the Artistic Director position in 2010.

able to leave   (capaz de irse)

Molecules are then able to leave the mitochondria through porin.

Smaller particles are able to leave the chamber at lower flow rates.

It is unclear as to how Ghosn was able to leave Japan under the conditions of his bail.

sick leave   (baja por enfermedad)

In England on sick leave in 1834, he was made an LL.D.

Izard himself asked for sick leave and tendered his resignation, which was refused.

He also participated in the Kentucky Campaign that autumn, and then took a brief sick leave.

wanted to leave   (quería irse)

They wanted to leave before they were forced to.

I never said I wanted to leave Roma.

The of Abdülaziz's entourage didn't wanted to leave the Dolmabahçe Palace.

want to leave   (Querer irse)

I just want to leave this world right here where I was born."

Mary grants her husband a divorce, but he does not want to leave her.

'I don't want to leave it.

not to leave   (no irse)

Desiree comforts Fredrik and he asks her not to leave him.

I beg not to leave me alone this year."

But my intentions are not to leave."

leave the show   (deja el show)

In 2010, Mairead Farrell said she would never leave the show.

6 when the host, Toi-Settha, announced that Kiatkamol was to leave the show.

It's the right note to leave the show on, especially with this season's up and downs."

then leave   (entonces vete)

Loki and Flowa then leave for Omnipotence City.

The students then leave for Debra's house.

Ajay and Rani then leave Ramsay Street.

leave the area   (Abandona el area)

Fearing for their safety, the Spanish decided to leave the area.

Former public officials were not accepted as Polish citizens and had to leave the area.

Eventually the Provençal troupes and legates leave the area "under a shower of human ordure."

leave school   (dejar la escuela)

Her health deteriorated drastically, and she had to leave school.

Due to his abrupt leave, he was forced to leave school at an early age.

When Stine is about to leave school, he looks at the typewriter writing by itself.

leave the group   (dejar el grupo)

In 2007 Mc Cot decided to leave the group.

became a duo when one of their members decided to leave the group.

When male offspring reach sexual maturity they will leave the group.

ordered to leave   (ordenó irse)

60,000 and ordered to leave the palace and the fort.

Sando was ordered to leave the country within 24 hours.

leave the nest   (deja el nido)

The young leave the nest about 18 days after hatching.

Incubation lasts 18 days, and chicks leave the nest after 21 days.

Because of this, male offspring leave the nest sooner than females.

refuses to leave   (se niega a irse)

He refuses to leave Kimberly in her final weeks.

Becky refuses to leave and butts in on their session.

However, Jen refuses to leave with him.

leave without   (Dejar sin)

Due to illness he obtained a long leave without pay.

The troops were persuaded to leave without searching the house.

On his final visit, on 17 November, Chau instructed the fishermen to leave without him.

plans to leave   (planea irse)

Mariel plans to leave the next day, alone.

He plans to leave the city to his hometown along with Anandhi.

Theresa plans to leave the Village but Myra tries to change her mind.

took leave   (se despidió)

Anderson then took leave to Victoria, where his parents were located.

He took leave from the club in June 1922 due to ill health and died just months later.

He also took leave from the school for one and a half years so he could memorize the Qur'an.

leave home   (Salir de casa)

Blackwood decides to leave home and stay at his club.

At age 16, Young's father made him leave home.

His parents seemingly allow him to leave home and bless his actions.

never leave   (nunca te vayas)

You will never leave Northumberland alive with that.""

That image, once seen, will never leave you."

In 2010, Mairead Farrell said she would never leave the show.

decide to leave   (decide irte)

Too disturbed, Ji-Hyun and Charlotte decide to leave.

Angered by Gene's actions, Tom and Kay decide to leave.

They decide to leave their marriage open.

leave the island   (salir de la isla)

It is also the first Metro line to leave the island.

When Hubbard and Irwin protested his terms, Aury threatened to leave the island.

President Prío did nothing to stop the coup, and was forced to leave the island.

unable to leave   (incapaz de irse)

But George is in a state of shock and seems unable to leave.

Warwick was unable to leave Portsmouth because of westerly winds.

His wife did not attend the funeral due to grief and was unable to leave her bed.

medical leave   (licencia médica)

Susan takes medical leave from work and uses the time for a brief vacation.

He was chosen as the substitute for Sapir during his medical leave in 1938.

Meanwhile, due to Holt's medical leave, Terry (Terry Crews) assumes charge of the precinct.

leave to appeal   (dejar para apelar)

The Supreme Court granted a leave to appeal in May 2011.

An application for leave to appeal the decision was turned down.

The High Court dismissed all claims and denied Virgin further leave to appeal.

leave their homes   (dejar sus hogares)

The Minangkabaus would leave their homes and travel in search of work, knowledge and experience.

The storm partially flooded about 40 houses, and a total of 72 people were forced to leave their homes.

It reopened on 21 July 1941 for those who were forced to leave their homes due to the World War II blitz.

leave the team   (dejar el equipo)

He also decides to leave the team, taking an administrative position within the FBI.

After a few matches, he collapses and is forced to leave the team until he recovers.

He played there for one and a half months and had to leave the team in February 2019.

tries to leave   (trata de irse)

As Doc tries to leave with his horse, Billy stops him.

In the morning, the Levite finds her when he tries to leave.

Jessup tries to leave the courtroom but is promptly arrested.

leave when   (irse cuando)

They demand the letter, but are forced to leave when Mike calls the police.

The boys learned a trade and had to leave when they reached the age of fifteen.

She is preparing to leave when Dukat gives Meru a recorded message from Taban, Nerys's father.

ready to leave   (preparado para partir)

When Madhu is ready to leave, she promises Raj that she won't go back to prostitution.

The narrator shows us the husband getting ready to leave his wife, which turns into a yelling match.

The man is packing a suitcase, getting ready to leave, when he demands to take their child with him.

wants to leave   (quiere irse)

The burglar's real wife wants to leave, but there is no key.

Brody then tells Justin that he loves Simone and wants to leave Ziggy to be with her.

The film shows how Durga (Nilkantha's wife) wants to leave him saying "separation is essential".

leave no   (no dejes)

He realized that to allow humans to war would leave no kingdom for him to rule.

The fragments leave no room for doubt that they were thought of as spatial and corporeal.

(The king never starts on the "a" - or "h" -files, since this would leave no space for a rook.)

leave before   (salir antes)

They wanted to leave before they were forced to.

But the pair leave before he can answer Gatuko.

Myra refuses and tells her to leave before Theresa finds her.

prepares to leave   (se prepara para irse)

Jim prepares to leave Hollyoaks, but Carmel stops him.

As she prepares to leave, Dileep returns.

Han then prepares to leave Tatooine.

preparing to leave   (preparándose para irse)

Mehmed Pasha suddenly died there, whilst preparing to leave for the east.

She is preparing to leave when Dukat gives Meru a recorded message from Taban, Nerys's father.

As Browne was preparing to leave the province, he was involved in a duel with a Pensacolan trader.

leave the village   (dejar el pueblo)

Eventually, Ramudu & Lachi also leave the village.

Gauri and family are devastated and leave the village.

As they leave the village, they once again run across Nakoda Hitam.

leave the game   (abandonar el juego)

Winter would leave the game early secondary to a laceration.

The hit caused Portis to lose consciousness and leave the game.

Their trash-talk gets heated, causing the teenager to leave the game abruptly.

parental leave   (licencia parental)

Scheer says he wants to make maternity and parental leave less expensive for families.

Winston & Strawn maintains a parental leave policies considered "cutting edge for large law firms".

Different countries have different rules regarding maternity leave, paternity leave and parental leave.

administrative leave   (licencia administrativa)

He was placed on administrative leave by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.

It said that the employees should instead have been placed on administrative leave.

He was placed on administrative leave by MLB and was placed on the Braves restricted list.

leave because   (irse porque)

Finally, however, the lady there said that Elsa must leave because she had grown up.

Canady, however, refused to leave because the fans and the company treated him well.

Aubrey asks if Shanon wants to leave because it's what she wants, or because it's what her mom wants.

permission to leave   (permiso para salir)

At the series' conclusion, he is finally given permission to leave STN-J headquarters.

Also in 1774 he received permission to leave the Piarists, and resumed using the name Scipione.

When the senators will not all agree to vote against annexation, Craden refuses them permission to leave.

going to leave   (va a dejar)

Saying "If we're going to leave, we should leave."

I'm going to leave it at that."

Out on a stroll, Alexei said significantly, 'I feel that this winter you're going to leave me.'

opted to leave   (optó por irse)

However, Craddock opted to leave the club, due to his judgement call.

Doctor reportedly did not agree with the new plans, and opted to leave.

The "" cast opted to leave their float behind and boarded a truck instead.

leave the party   (deja la fiesta)

The net result was to leave the party balance unchanged.

The two MPs would leave the party the following year in order to create the United Socialist Party.

He then departed the room, keen not to cause any further upset, but decided not to leave the party.

leave the field   (dejar el campo)

1 to leave the field with a head injury.

He passed the bar in 1847 but did not leave the field of education.

In injury time he had to leave the field after a red card from referee Kevin Blom.

paid leave   (Vacaciones pagadas)

He began a year of paid leave until January 2008.

He claimed to have set up a system where employees would bank their hours and take the time as paid leave.

As a result of these incidents, Superintendent Cohn was placed on paid leave for approximately three months.

leave the room   (abandonar la habitación)

Joe asks Mrs A to leave the room during Mr A's consultation.

Ken tells Joe that Julia is now released, and they both leave the room.

Once all hearts are collected by the player he is allowed to leave the room and enter the school corridor.

agreed to leave   (acordado irse)

Viv could not afford to buy her out so she agreed to leave Brenda alone.

In December 2005, Graeber agreed to leave the university after a one-year paid sabbatical.

Because of this, Zatsepin refused to be the composer, but agreed to leave his songs in the film.

desire to leave   (deseo de irse)

After their tour in 2010, band member Dallas Green expressed his desire to leave the band.

Not long after the departure of manager Mark Hughes to Manchester City, Bentley reiterated his desire to leave.

In August 2010, Walters expressed to Roy Keane his desire to leave Portman Road after Stoke City made an offer for him.

free to leave   (libre de irse)

Farmers were tied by law to their home village and thus were not free to leave.

Due to Plymouth entering administration, N'Gala was told he was free to leave the club.

Because of the Israeli–Egyptian blockade, the population is not free to leave or enter the Gaza Strip.

intention to leave   (intención de irse)

Os Belenenses, he declared his intention to leave the "Estádio José Alvalade".

On 8 August, Pitman-Avery and McCulloch announced their intention to leave the band.

This exit for her character was created after Jameson announced her intention to leave the show.

began to leave   (comenzó a irse)

The bombers began to leave the Darwin area at about 10:10.

Vessels began to leave the trade and by 1790 only eleven ports were still involved.

Slowly, executives and professionals began to leave and the factories were mismanaged.

does not leave   (no se va)

Unlike the novel, George does not leave Weena dead.

All she asks is he does not leave her.

An "infield hit" is a hit where the ball does not leave the infield.

leave due   (salir debido)

In 1881, he went on leave due to illness.

In 434 he was forced to leave due to raids on the monasteries and hermitages there by the Mazices (tribesmen from Libya).

He was born in Sainte-Rosalie in 1828 and studied at the Séminaire de Saint-Hyacinthe until he was forced to leave due to health problems.

leave immediately   (vete inmediatamente)

She immediately instructs Bonnie to leave immediately.

Burt is asked by chairworm Wormaline Wiggler to leave immediately.

Nikhil is displeased with this and tells Zoya to leave immediately.

granted leave   (licencia concedida)

That night, Fowler was told that Yakov would be granted leave to emigrate.

His appearance was only made possible when he was granted leave from the Army.

The ATO was subsequently granted leave to appeal to the Full Court of the Federal Court.

threatened to leave   (amenazado con irse)

The council was torn apart and a few members threatened to leave.

Crosby threatened to leave the film and refused to discuss the matter.

When Hubbard and Irwin protested his terms, Aury threatened to leave the island.

leave the town   (dejar la ciudad)

Dr. Willet advises Charles and Anne to leave the town.

The villagers leave the town.

In connection with this, Arsenije was also forbidden to leave the town.

tried to leave   (trató de irse)

People who tried to leave ISIS territory were routinely tortured and executed.

Rouson claimed that he tried to leave, but his way was blocked by two pit bulls.

Several days after filming began, Widmark complained he had been miscast and tried to leave.

leave the company   (deja la compañia)

This led Perry to leave the company on February 16, 2006.

Charles then decided to leave the company.

In January 2019 it was announced that Morhaime would leave the company on April 7, 2019.

having to leave   (tener que irse)

As a child, he was often sick to the point of having to leave school for months at a time.

Ormesby who had been given warning at the last moment, succeeded in escaping, having to leave all his personal property.

In 1955, another Knight of Baháʼu'lláh, Greta Jankko arrived in Finland after having to leave her pioneer post in the Marquesas Islands.

leave the school   (dejar la escuela)

After Killian's defeat, the students leave the school triumphant and ready to tackle another year at Killian High.

While she was working at Yavuz Turgul’s advertising agency "Medina Turgul", she decided to leave the school for her dream of being an advertiser.

After the mission, the older team of X-Men, except for Cyclops, leave the school, believing they no longer belong there, and Xavier mentors the new X-Men.

attempts to leave   (intenta irse)

She continues to resist, and he blocks her attempts to leave.

Walt avoids Jesse's attempts to leave with his share of the money.

Darius ignores this and attempts to leave with the piano immediately.

leave office   (dejar la oficina)

Directors may also leave office by resignation or death.

The youngest Prime Minister to leave office was the Duke of Grafton, who retired in 1770, aged 34.

He served as city manager for 22 months before he reached the mandatory retirement age of 70 and had to leave office.

leave the series   (deja la serie)

However he decided to leave the series after just two episodes had been broadcast.

Morris' character appeared to leave the series during episode two of the second series.

In June 2008, the actress confirmed her plans to leave the series when her contract expired.

shore leave   (licencia de orilla)

Herbert allowed his men to engage in drunken binges during shore leave.

The USS "Enterprise" arrives for shore leave at the paradisiacal, newly discovered planet of Rubicun III.

The area was also the scene of frequent brawls, as in the days before Tanjong Pagar became the port area, European sailors on shore leave would make for Beach Road.

planned to leave   (planeado irse)

In other words, she planned to leave her family on purpose.

They planned to leave the house if no action was taken against him.

In other words, she planned to leave her family on purpose, something that Vaughn did not know until that point.

order to leave   (orden de irse)

They opposed to him in order to leave the monopoly t Beresford and his fellows.

He was released from his contract in September 2014 in order to leave a spot for Ronaldinho to join the team.

Russian commanders and governors warned that if the order to leave was not carried out, more forces would be sent.

family leave   (licencia familiar)

Next day Libor and his family leave.

Four years later the Home Office granted the family leave to remain.

After another argument with Jake's father, the family leave to return to their hotel.

leave her alone   (dejala sola)

Louise confronts Rose and demands she leave her alone.

Elva, terrified, screams at the man to leave her alone.

She tells him to stop bothering her and to leave her alone.

leave him alone   (déjalo en paz)

They would leave him alone whenever they would go on vacations.

Mike tells Walt to leave him alone so that he may die in peace.

Nikhil tells Neha to leave him alone as he is in love with Shagun.

permitted to leave   (permitido salir)

Contestants are permitted to leave the house in an emergency.

Anastasiya and her sister were permitted to leave but after leaving Yakolev was shot.

leave together   (salir juntos)

Shockingly, Xi'an accepts and the two leave together.

He tells Christine that they leave together, or no one leaves.

To everyone's surprise, Donna agrees, and the two leave together.

enter and leave   (entrar y salir)

The two lines joined to each other can have any momentum at all, since they both enter and leave the same vertex.

SIDs and STARs are procedures and checkpoints used to enter and leave the airway system by aircraft operating on IFR flight plans.

In these modern times, though malls and shopping centres have fixed prices, one can enter and leave as one wants without purchasing any item.

without leave   (sin permiso)

He was absent without leave on 64 sitting days.

While absent without leave in 1921, John met Maria Weisbecker.

Canon Thomas Taverner was again absent without leave, but was thought to have been in Norwich.

refusing to leave   (negándose a irse)

A lengthy legal battle ensued, with Lynchehaun refusing to leave.

Simon is refusing to leave the house because he is so embarrassed that he was attacked by girls.

In December 1965, Johnson staged a sit-down strike in a police station, refusing to leave, as a protest against their continued surveillance.

told to leave   (dijo que se fuera)

In 1937 foreigners were told to leave and Magnitogorsk was declared a closed city.

He was told to leave: “Thank you Mr Hancock, we won’t require your services any more.

Schools and government offices were also closed and visitors were told to leave the island.

given leave   (licencia dada)

Almost always, they were given leave to carry their personal sidearms.

However, in March he was given leave to return to Shropshire for the assizes.

and Knight-Ridder signed contracts with Ticketmaster and were given leave to make deep links to Ticketmaster.

indefinite leave   (licencia indefinida)

In April 2011, Valentine took indefinite leave from "Neighbours".

A few months after her return to filming, Valentine took indefinite leave from "Neighbours".

He was granted indefinite leave from military service in March 1918 because he suffered from sciatica.

eventually leave   (eventualmente irse)

They eventually leave the ship and begin exploring a city together.

He tells Mary that he will eventually leave his wife and plan a future with Mary.

The English contingent eventually leave, but Lucy accepts Sirio's invitation to return alone later.

attempted to leave   (intentó irse)

Two women were detained for questioning, one reportedly Hakim A's radicalised wife who in 2017 had attempted to leave for Syria.

Tioga County received $1.5 million in damage; a woman in the town of Tioga drowned after she attempted to leave her stranded vehicle.

The other robber pushed the video-gaming customer back when he attempted to leave; however, the customer was able to dodge him and get out.