then leaves   (その後去ります)

He then leaves, with Barry too stunned to respond.

PA 21 then leaves Morrisville in Jefferson Township.

She then leaves to Oklahoma city on a project.

parchment leaves   (羊皮紙の葉)

13:13, on 7 parchment leaves (32.5 cm by 24 cm).

The codex contains the text of the four Gospels on 169 parchment leaves ().

The codex contains a complete text of the four Gospels on 354 parchment leaves.

green leaves   (青葉)

The glossy green leaves turn red in autumn before falling.

Plants with very green leaves are not receiving enough light.

Large, flat, flexible, green leaves are called foliage leaves.

leaves are arranged   (葉が配置されています)

The dull bluish green adult leaves are arranged alternately.

The subsessile leaves are arranged alternately along the stems.

The leaves are arranged alternately along the stems, narrow oblong to almost cylindrical and sessile or on a very short petiole.

adult leaves   (大人の葉)

Flowering takes place after adult leaves have appeared.

The dull bluish green adult leaves are arranged alternately.

Caterpillars can usually be found on young adult leaves between October and March (the Australian Spring and Summer).

train leaves

As the train leaves the station, it makes a small turn right followed by a small turn left.

"Train of Thought" (1993), created for the Illinois State Museum, features a sequence that references Magritte's "Time Transfixed", in which a photographed playground train leaves its picture on the wall, becomes three-dimensional, and enters the space of the room.

Metrolinx stated that there are specific restrictions when a train leaves Ontario, or any province in Canada, that require a different set of inspection criteria and standards in order to legally enter the United States which would make a stop at the station difficult.

leaves town   (町を出る)

Brenda leaves town, and Skye again pursues Jax.

He then leaves town for his required military service.

Both groups quickly run out of money and McBean leaves town.

leaves behind   (置き去りにする)

When his visit is over, Walt leaves behind two bags.

He leaves behind two daughters, Susanna and Juliette.

But it leaves behind a ring of rare purity.

leaves the house

She kisses him, and leaves the house to go on a run.

He says he knows nothing and Judah leaves the house.

Upon discovering this, she leaves the house.

young leaves

The whitish young leaves are also hairy.

Silky hairs appear on the young leaves.

The farmer had been growing them for their edible young leaves.

leaves are up

The usually folded leaves are up to long.

The leaves are up to 3 centimeters long and oval to lance-shaped.

Its leaves are up to long and are made up of many oblong leaflets.

palm leaves   (ヤシの葉)

It often roosts singly under palm leaves.

It consists of 307 palm leaves.

Paper manuscripts imitated the oblong shape but were wider than the palm leaves.

leaves the room   (部屋を出る)

He then leaves the room as Masters cowers in a corner.

Finally, she slaps him and he leaves the room.

Instead of reciprocating the favour, he wipes his ear and leaves the room.

oak leaves

The reverse of the medal bears a wreath of oak leaves.

The wreath of oak leaves expressed the idea of strength, power and dignity.

The coat of arms of Eschringen consists of a sword beneath four oak leaves.

tea leaves

Caffeine is stored in tea leaves in two places.

Coffee beans and tea leaves are decaffeinated with this solvent.

You are left reading tea leaves.

basal leaves

It has a basal rosette of toothed basal leaves.

It has two basal leaves, 5–7 cm long by 1.5–3 cm wide.

The basal leaves can be eaten raw or cooked.

leaves the city

Ben leaves the city, but says he will return from time to time.

Later on, she leaves the city after giving birth to a baby boy Ravi.

It leaves the city limits at Seminole Road and crosses Mill Creek shortly after.

leaves up

It is covered densely in small gray-green oval-shaped leaves up to 2 centimeters long.

"A. biniflora" is a pendulous mistletoe, with flat leaves up 15 cm long and 1 cm wide.

It is a deciduous, conical shrub growing to tall by broad, with oval leaves up to long.

leaves no

However this leaves no prize for herself.

Our team leaves no stone unturned in our search for destruction.

The Minor Rock Edict 1 leaves no doubt that Ashoka was a follower of Buddhism.

leaves long   (長い葉)

The branches are short and leaves long.

Each has between three and seven narrow linear leaves long and wide in a loose tussock.

It is a medium-sized herbaceous perennial growing to , with narrow, toothed leaves long.

dead leaves

Often, the dead leaves will accumulate beneath the plant.

Adults resemble dead leaves.

It is a nocturnal species, and builds its nests in dense patches of vines or dead leaves.

leaves home   (家を出る)

When Perchik is exiled to Siberia, Hodel leaves home to join him.

The family is shattered when Ravi leaves home to live with Sharda.

She leaves home.

leaves without

Sandra visits, but leaves without talking to Roger.

Will leaves without letting Theresa explain.

The train eventually leaves without them.

leaves are long   (葉が長い)

The leaves are long, with a serrated margin and a petiole.

The stem leaves are long and wide.

The leaves are long and wide.

narrow leaves

Its narrow leaves are coated in soft hairs.

In this sense, "Commelina tuberosa" is a low-growing plant with long narrow leaves.

Growing to tall by broad, it is a deciduous shrub with long, weeping branches and narrow leaves.

before he leaves

Jill kisses Patrick before he leaves and sets up.

The next day, Joanna and Alex kiss before he leaves New York broken-hearted.

Elle and Noah spend the following weeks together before he leaves for college.

leaves are used

In Nepal the leaves are used to wrap things.

Pandanus leaves are used for handicrafts.

In Amazonia, the aromatic leaves are used as an admixture in ayahuasca brews.

leaves and flowers

The dried leaves and flowers have a mild calming effect when smoked.

"Myrmecodia" plants produce small, juicy fruits from their one or two leaves and flowers per plant.

There is also vegetation rooted in the lake beds with leaves and flowers floating on or emergent from the surface.

dark green leaves

It has between two and five dark green leaves at its base, each leaf long and wide.

It has small, shiny, very dark green leaves and tiny, vanilla-scented flowers in winter.

The dark green leaves, long and wide, have a silvery grey underside and grow in opposite pairs.

eventually leaves

The train eventually leaves without them.

He eventually leaves her, but maintains contact with Edith.

She eventually leaves LAPD to accept the undercover work for the FBI.

linear leaves

It has two to four linear leaves, 7–15 cm long.

It has narrow linear leaves, which are white-woolly beneath.

Between three and five linear leaves emerge at the base, each leaf long and wide.

leaves are alternate

The leaves are alternate and fascicled.

The glossy leaves are alternate and elliptical with wavy edges.

The leaves are alternate, 10–20 cm long and 5–18 cm broad, with a lobed or toothed margin.

leaves are linear

The leaves are linear and greyish green, and up to long.

The leaves are linear to almost cylindrical, long and wide.

The leaves are linear, 20–40 cm long.

banana leaves

Traditional farmers cover the banana bunches with old banana leaves so that it can get the colour.

Cutting the wood of woods, using tad and banana leaves, all the people broke up and made huts for their living.

The game is played in 15-minute quarters with five players per team using mallets to hit a ball made of banana leaves.

rosette of leaves   (葉のロゼット)

Those not in flower have a rosette of leaves that lie flat on the ground.

Non-flowering plants have a rosette of leaves, which in flowering plants are on a short side stem.

Flowering and non-flowering plants have a rosette of leaves that is withered by the time flowering occurs.

leathery leaves

It has leathery leaves that can vary from being hastate to sagittate (arrow-shaped).

The rough, leathery leaves are oval in shape and up to 2 centimeters (8/10 inch) long.

The leathery leaves measure anywhere from long (more usually ), and wide (more usually .

leaves and stems

In China, the leaves and stems are used as a stir-fry vegetable, or in soups.

The leaves and stems are covered with soft bristly hairs that are very irritating to the touch.

The bugs suck both on the leaves and stems, as well as on the reproductive organs of the plants.

small leaves

There were flowers and small leaves on the bottom of the bowl.

The small leaves are made up of a few pairs of oval-shaped leaflets.

This species has quite small leaves compared to other similar species.

stems and leaves

These develop into above-ground stems and leaves.

The stems and leaves are coated in gray scales.

The stems and leaves have straight hairs which lie flat along the surface.

leaves the village

Priya leaves the village in a taxi, as Jai and Nikhil wave her off.

Kuppusamy leaves the village with Ponnamma to become a cinema actor.

She leaves the village giving all her property and becomes a wanderer.

new leaves

The flowers are catkins (spikes) produced in early spring at the same time as the new leaves appear.

In cold regions, chives die back to the underground bulbs in winter, with the new leaves appearing in early spring.

It is deciduous with most of the leaves dropping before it blooms and new leaves appearing in flushes with the flowers.

bark or leaves

Their soft plumage is camouflaged to resemble bark or leaves.

Their soft plumage is cryptically colored to resemble bark or leaves.

compound leaves

This subshrub has alternate compound leaves.

In the spring the underground stems produce compound leaves that are large and finely toothed.

(D) Hydrogenated ester compound leaves the catalyst and solvent coordinate back to the catalyst.