lecture series   (講義シリーズ)

Gray Symposium and lecture series in Gray's honor.

The first lecture series took place in 1998.

NBI presented a variety of lecture series.

lecture hall   (講堂)

A sixty-seat lecture hall is located in the museum.

Outside the lecture hall there is a gallery for reading.

There was no lecture hall nor dissection gallery at first.

lecture tour   (レクチャーツアー)

Mr. Belvedere is on a lecture tour on the topic "How to be young, though 80."

After America entered the war in April 1917, Stobart travelled to America for a lecture tour.

Arthur Lydiard died 11 December 2004 of a suspected heart attack, in Texas, while on a lecture tour.

lecture halls   (講堂)

There are four lecture halls with over 150 seats.

There are 55 laboratories and 51 lecture halls in all.

The building houses lecture halls, as well as the CultureWorks offices.

gave a lecture   (講義をした)

She gave a lecture at TED Vancouver in April, 2018.

He gave a lecture on his journey of ISRO.

He gave a lecture on different innovative start-ups across the world.

public lecture   (公開講座)

The winner is invited to deliver a public lecture on their research at the Society.

In 2018, Hayward gave a public lecture to celebrate 125 years of suffrage in New Zealand.

Osborne noted that contemporary art is 'post-conceptual' in a public lecture delivered in 2010.

lecture theatre

The lecture theatre, AV room and gallery shop are all fitted with a loop system for the hearing impaired.

In 2000, Stage 2 of the program began with the first building (a 180-seat lecture theatre) completed in early 2001.

The Museum of London Docklands has a lecture theatre and meeting rooms and hosts talks and events connected with the docks.

lecture notes

Later, his lecture notes were transcribed into books.

One student produced shared lecture notes and argued successfully that they were the source.

His lecture notes were edited by his student, Karl Ludwig Michelet in 1833, and revised in 1840-2.

lecture room   (講義室)

The chemical laboratory and lecture room were located on the western side.

A man of few words outside the lecture room, Handlin made every word count.

The footage will be used to conduct tactical lessons in the lecture room afterwards.

annual lecture

In 1895 he gave a further annual lecture "Old Edinburgh Geologists".

Started in 1875, an annual lecture is given in honour of William Harvey.

Stephen Walt of Harvard University delivered the 34th annual lecture in 2017.

inaugural lecture

His inaugural lecture at the university was "".

Higginson gave the inaugural lecture himself in 1997.

The inaugural lecture was delivered by General Erskine himself.

lecture rooms

The professional and youth wings have their own separate receptions, dining areas, changing rooms, kit stores and lecture rooms.

Building works were started and new wings were constructed to provide a library, improved science lecture rooms and a reading room.

The new building was three storeys, allowing for the different aspects of the trade to be separated, with the top floor dedicated to lecture rooms alone.

lecture tours

She also gave lecture tours about her travel experiences.

Lydia Folger and Lorenzo Fowler would attend conferences and lecture tours together.

Guest lectures as well as study and lecture tours took her to numerous Islamic countries.

first lecture

The first lecture series took place in 1998.

Some classes also went over their policies in their first lecture.

The first lecture was held in 2000 and the event has taken place every year since then.