public lectures   (公開講座)

In 1937 he gave a series of public lectures on yoga in Soho.

Rudbeck no longer gave public lectures, and had others stand in for him.

His weekly classes and public lectures were popular among the followers.

series of lectures

In Hong Kong, Sheldrake gave a series of lectures on Islam.

He delivered many invited series of lectures around the world.

Steiner gave several series of lectures to physicians and medical students.

gave lectures

At the university he also gave lectures.

He also gave lectures in 1813 and 1814.

Prince Serge Wolkonsky taught and gave lectures for Proletcult.

giving lectures

He spent the year giving lectures in China and Japan.

In the years 2004-2005, he held a tour around the world, giving lectures and holding debates.

He aggressively proselytized for the movement by giving lectures, when not performing onstage.

attended lectures

He attended lectures in the natural sciences.

She attended lectures by Lipót Fejér and József Kürschák.

Coman attended lectures about socialism while traveling in London.

give lectures

In 1990 he again visited the United Arab Emirates to give lectures.

In 1990 he visited Mauritius and French Islands La Reunion to give lectures.

Since then he has often been invited by Muslim groups in different countries to give lectures.

guest lectures

The association organised regular guest lectures and symposia.

They also concentrated on hosting events, guest lectures, and field trips.

Jürgen Maehder has given numerous guest lectures in Europe, Asia, the US and the Pacific region.

delivered lectures

Wilson delivered lectures on labor reform, and children's education.

Moreover, Sahu has delivered lectures on various subjects in India and abroad.

From 2003 to 2008, he delivered lectures in Yerevan State Institute of Economy.

lectures given

Spedding worked with John Lennard-Jones, and attended lectures given by Max Born.

Hubbard mentioned R2-45 in several more lectures given to Scientologists in the 1950s and 1960s.

This point may be noted in one of the lectures given by Lwoff in Paris regarding L'homme de Lussac.

given lectures

Various scholars have given lectures over the years.

Since then, he has given lectures on censorship in the arts and rock history.

Becher has given lectures for organizations that include the UJA and the Zionist Organization of America.