Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

led the team   (lideró el equipo)

He led the team to the 2006 EuroLeague Final Four.

He led the team in touchdown receptions with nine.

She also led the team in steals with a total of 24.

eventually led   (eventualmente dirigido)

This eventually led to the banning of the TNRT.

That eventually led to the nomination of Ray Garland.

This eventually led to a rift between the two artists.

led the league   (lideró la liga)

McCoughtry also led the league in steals with 2.5 spg.

He also led the league with 76 stolen bases.

He again led the league in minutes per game with (38.7).

team led   (equipo dirigido)

It was designed by a team led by SAA Architects.

14), and a Third Air Force team led by Charley Trippi.

Works were carried out by a team led by Stanisław Lassota.

then led

The housing bubble then led to the credit crunch.

This then led to an all in brawl between both sides.

He then led police to the man's buried remains.

group led

It was created by a local group led by artist Cristina Delago.

It was created in the early 1990s by a group led by Apple Computer.

The victims were murdered by a group led by Rondell "Fineman" Rawlins.

ultimately led   (finalmente dirigido)

This ultimately led to Karen's eviction that week.

The annexation ultimately led to war with Britain.

This crisis ultimately led to the Crimean War.

team was led   (el equipo fue dirigido)

The team was led by head coach Tyrone Willingham.

led all

He led all of minor league baseball with a 1.73 ERA.

Jackson led all players with his .375 average.

She led all Keflavík players in scoring with 20 points.

led by head   (dirigido por la cabeza)

The team was led by head coach Tyrone Willingham.

led many

This led many people to rethink their investments.

led many more Kentuckians to enlist for the war.

This inaction led many pro-Soviets to question their loyalties.

government led   (dirigido por el gobierno)

In late 2003 the new government led by HDZ took over the office.

From Bayambang, the fleeing government led an expedition to Santa Barbara.

Cambridge has a city government led by a mayor and a nine-member city council.

led to many

This led to many songtexts for the same melodies.

This led to many years of bitterness on Stannis' part.

This led to many collisions on a crossing.

led his team   (lideró a su equipo)

Benite led his team to a great position in championship.

Tommy led his team to two Grey Cup wins, in 1940 and 1945.

Tang led his team in scoring averaging 18 points per game.

army led

In February 1632, Qasim Khan sent an army led by his son, Inayatullah Khan.

In January 1920, the army led an offensive in the Rostov-Novocherkassk Operation.

Finally at Navsari, the confederate army led by Chalukya troops routed the Arabs.

later led

Clark later led police to her body in January 2000.

His refusal later led to his exile at Kōya-san.

Mahmoud later led the team in the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup.

led a group

In 1640, Bell led a group of settlers to Saint Lucia.

He led a group out of Sherbrooke, Quebec to create an expansion team in the QMJHL.

Hislam and Schoenman led a group of protesters who sat down in front of the American Embassy.

forces led

Shortly thereafter the bulk of the forces led by Córdoba arrived.

Here they met up with the forces led by Chamdowa Shangri Lhagyal."

The Company forces led by Lt.

led the club

He led the club to a runners up finish in the Iran Pro League.

He led the club to won the champions.

He led Tar Heel starters in ERA and led the club in strikeouts.

led by former

It was led by former Prime Minister Charan Singh.

The party is led by former BYuT lawmaker Sviatoslav Oliynyk.

A 9-member delegation led by former Speaker National Assembly Ch.

led to several

The riots spread throughout the country and led to several deaths.

This led to several more singles.

The two major global ideologies, monarchism and democracy, led to several civil wars.

success led

Its success led her to tour Latin America and Europe.

The success led to more novels in the Claudine series.

Its success led to a production on Broadway.

again led

He again led the league in minutes per game with (38.7).

In May 1514, Vasili III again led his army against Smolensk.

In 2007, Kennett again led the lightweights to a win at the IRA.

led the first

Waltrip led the first 381 laps of the 400-lap race.

Louis Armand led the first Commission of Euratom.

Kenora led the first game of the best-of-3 1–0 and 2–1.

led the way

Herbin and Chanu's marine infantry companies led the way.

The Defense led the way, holding Marshall to 236 total yards.

He led the way for Smith's 118 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

work led   (trabajo dirigido)

This work led to the field becoming widely known.

This work led to one common MAC chip for the three parties.

His graduate work led to eight patents.

led to further

This led to further work in daytime soap operas.

Combat requirements led to further developments.

This only led to further legal and financial difficulties.

expedition led   (expedición dirigida)

The cave was explored by an expedition led by Captain J. M. Thompson in 1935.

A second expedition led by Andrew Regan and Andrew Moon departed in November 2010.

The film documented the failed Antarctic expedition led by Ernest Shackleton in 1914.

party led

"Chandler"s damage control party led the struggle.

The conservative party led the government coalition from 1982 to 1993.

While still a youth, Orm is abducted by a Viking party led by Krok and they sail south.

led to increased

The film is led to increased recognition for Korravee.

The web drama was a hit and led to increased poopularity for Li.

This led to increased funding for further studies of the concept.

turn led

Rink bandy has in turn led to the creation of the sport rinkball.

This in turn led to widespread crop failure and the death of millions.

This in turn led to a 1997 reunion concert with Howe and Vorn in Lund, Sweden.

led to more

The success led to more novels in the Claudine series.

These protests led to more than 50 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

Further counter-attacks and heavy shelling on 23/24 July led to more casualties.

personally led   (dirigido personalmente)

He personally led the central battalion, where he placed his artillery.

Alexander personally led the charge in the center, routing the opposing army.

He personally led a punitive expedition involving two Regular Army regiments and some militia.

force led

A company force led by General Pritzler pursued Peshwa, who tried to escape to Mysore.

On 23 April, Singh had a victory near Jagdispur over the force led by Captain le Grand (le gard in Hindi).

Pune was placed under Colonel Charles Barton Burr, while a British force led by General Smith pursued Peshwa.

led several

He led several student movements.

He led several raids against Indians who were hostile to white settlement.

He led several biological expeditions to the New Zealand subantarctic islands.

led the nation

In 2012, he led the nation with 1,832 receiving yards.

Jiang Zemin, Li Peng and Zhu Rongji led the nation in the 1990s.

He led the nation with his 15 sacks.

led directly

The boat's wake led directly back to the lighthouse.

This led directly to the original SHIVA effort in 1971.

The rails led directly to the area around the gas chambers.

often led   (a menudo dirigido)

Periodic droughts and subsequent famines often led to war.

It is still today the end of pilgrimages, often led by feet.

The differing approaches to social work often led to heated debates.

when he led   (cuando lideró)

He served with Santa Ana when he led a Federalist revolt.

Morrone was 63 when he led Port Authority police officers into the towers.

His best season was 1887 when he led the National League in home runs with 19.

having led

Kahne came in second and Johnson finished third, having led only one lap despite starting on pole.

At the 1996 Olympic Games, she dropped out of the marathon after 22 miles, having led earlier in the race.

John Taylor is manager of Colt GAA club for 2013, having led them to an Intermediate hurling title in 2009.

led off

Gehrig led off the next inning with a strikeout.

In the first inning, Versalles led off with a double.

Cleanup hitter Yogi Berra led off with a walk.

led to believe

But he is not where Australians have been led to believe that he now lies."

Pendergast is soon led to believe that the murderer must be a member of the community.

Due to a series of events, her parents are led to believe that she drowned in the sea .

led an expedition   (lideró una expedición)

He led an expedition to the upper Niger.

One such person is John Allegro, who in 1962 led an expedition.

Doria also led an expedition against the Barbary states in 1601.

events that led

It follows their lives and the events that led them to one another.

In Paul, the events that led to Alboin's downfall unfold in Verona.

The events that led to the change in Sastry's views form the remaining part of the story.

led up

The flight of stairs led up to the castle.

That quote then led up to Operation OAU.

In the courtyard is a well and the remains of a stairway which once led up a tower.

led a team   (lideró un equipo)

For over five years Bogdanos led a team to recover the artifacts.

Since 2017, she has led a team working at the Vesuvian site of Oplontis.

He later led a team which further excavated there for four seasons between 1961 and 1965.

currently led

It is currently led by Director Dr. Mark Rosker.

Ryan Companies is currently led by Brian Murray (CEO).

It is currently led by Commander Dave Tickle.

movement led

This movement led to resurgence of Persian national identity.

He joined the revolutionary movement led by "Masterda" Surya Sen.

His vigorous role in this mass movement led him to join the Communists.

led an army

The Three generals themselves led an army of 10,000 soldiers.

In 1626, he led an army from Lower Saxony into the Battle of Dessau Bridge.

led to speculation   (conducido a la especulación)

This led to speculation regarding the return of NEWS.

This has led to speculation that Tone may have been shot.

This led to speculation that the poles were from an old Roman bridge.

now led

Dongseo University is now led by Dr. Jekuk Chang (, ).

RGZ is now led by scientists Julie Banfield and Ivy Wong.

The Cowboys now led the Rams 19-14.

led the company   (lideró la empresa)

He led the company until he sold it to VDO in 1978.

John E. Russell led the company until the 1950s.

In 1995, McKeel led the company as its vice president.

troops led

Embarked were about 6,500 ground troops led by Major General Robert B. McClure.

In January 1964, troops led by Khánh, Khiêm, and Thi overthrew the MRC in a bloodless coup.

Within 10 hours, government troops led by General Chavalit Yongchaiyudh quelled the bloody rebellion.

led the development   (lideró el desarrollo)

Peter Sharpe led the development of Author/Editor.

He led the development of clinically grounded research methods.

She has led the development of graphene-based detectors at NASA Goddard.

campaign led   (campaña dirigida)

This campaign led to an investigation by the House Un-American Activities Committee.

The campaign led to numerous other controversies, especially concerning the Prussians.

This was amidst a homophobic campaign led by socially conservative critics of Portillo.

led the field

Andretti led the field back to green on lap 219.

Kyle Busch led the field to the green flag at 1:13 p.m.

Under the caution, 11 drivers did not pit, so Clint Bowyer led the field at the restart on lap 187.

led to widespread   (conducido a generalizado)

The rise of food prices led to widespread pauperism.

This led to widespread internet popularity from around 2003.

The circumstances of his death led to widespread media coverage.

band led

On weekends she sang in a band led by Ken Greengrass.

MUSA's MUSA's is a musical band led by piano/ keyboardist Martin "Musa" Musaubach.

In the mid 1990s, Redmond began singing with a band led by saxophone artist Al Williams.

subsequently led

He subsequently led an attack on them and defeated them.

De Goeje subsequently led the Tumuk Humak expedition of 1907.

This subsequently led to the Battle of Xiaoting/Yiling of 221–222.

faction led

NDFB(S), the faction led by Songibijit, is now the most dreaded faction.

A peace faction led by Shingas's brother Tamaqua soon came to the forefront.

The faction led by Ndayikengurukiye became the lesser of the two with about 5,000 fighters.

led to another   (conducido a otro)

The first drink led to another and another.

The former's success led to another collaboration with Omar, "Tus Movimientos".

In 1854, two years later, another disagreement in this group led to another break-away.

led the party

He also led the party during the 2011–12 election.

Corswandt led the party from his estate in Kuntzow.

He led the party to a heavy defeat in the 1895 general election.

led his own

Without waiting for orders, he led his own men to the rescue.

He also led his own team that year in runs batted in with 73.

Since 1977, Smith has led his own jazz group, Vital Information.

led to significant   (conducido a significativa)

This led to significant male emigration.

This has led to significant confusion.

The establishment of the campus has led to significant development in its vicinity.

consortium led

Only a single company submitted a bid, "Aguas del Tunari", a consortium led by Bechtel.

It was built by a consortium led by the German Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research.

The trains were produced by a consortium led by DWA and including Siemens, DUEWAG and Fiat Ferroviaria.

led a successful

On 21 March, he led a successful communist coup d'état.

For the next ten years, she led a successful career in B-grade action movies.

She slowed down the reforms and led a successful war against the Ottoman Empire.

led a campaign   (lideró una campaña)

Sturge led a campaign against this delaying mechanism.

He led a campaign supported by over 120 MPs.

On the contrary, economist Eugen Böhm von Bawerk led a campaign against Marxism.

soon led

Living beyond their means soon led to grave financial and legal difficulties.

Pendergast is soon led to believe that the murderer must be a member of the community.

Commodore's tactics soon led to a price war with the major home computer manufacturers.

led the effort   (lideró el esfuerzo)

In 1989, Paparian led the effort to declare Vanadzor, Pasadena's fourth Sister City.

In that capacity he led the effort in 1989 to set state guidelines for felony sentencing.

In Congress, Henry Clay led the effort to reauthorize the Second Bank of the United States.

led to numerous

The incident led to numerous parodies in South Korea.

The post-war conditions in UK led to numerous momentous changes in family policy.

This, along with Nick's surprise eviction, led to numerous arguments in the house.

project led

This project led to multiple recordings with various artists.

Subsequent protests against the project led to the Shell to Sea and related campaigns.

This crash project led to a secret sub-critical testings, Kirana-I and Test Kahuta, in 1983.

research led

This extensive research led to SHI's release of the DEMAND.

His research led the Lasker Foundation to award him its prize in 1967.

His research led to his proposal of a eugenic program of birth control.

led efforts

She also led efforts to secure higher teacher salaries and build new schools in the growing city.

Russia, Iran and China led efforts to block the budget in 2018 but it passed by a majority of 99-27.

As the president, she led efforts in increase education activities and to increase the endowment fund.

incident led   (incidente llevado)

The incident led to numerous parodies in South Korea.

The result of this incident led to Ikumi Oze becoming unhinged.

This incident led to revival of the Chola regime under the Vijayala line.

century led   (siglo llevado)

The advent of paperback books in the 20th century led to an explosion of popular publishing.

The development of electronics in the 20th century led to clocks with no clockwork parts at all.

led to new

This has led to new terms such as "cyberwarfare" and "cyberterrorism".

This controversy led to new state laws regarding prison oversight in Indiana.

This eventually led to new ABC and PBA rules related to altering bowling ball surfaces.

led away

Bo is then arrested and led away while reporters snap photos of him.

In the bottom panel second right we see Jesus led away to be crucified.

Reports stated that Morty was "kicked and stomped" while being led away by police.

led his men

He then led his men on a victorious march through Devon into Somerset.

Puller led his men in numerous assaults, but every one brought on severe casualties by the Japanese.

He also led his men in opposition to Major General William T. Sherman's march through the Carolinas.

led his troops

He then led his troops and travelled overnight to Shanggui County.

In March of that year, he led his troops into the Battle of Abiqua Creek.

Bu Zhi led his troops to quell the uprisings and restored peace in the region.

efforts led

His efforts led to the establishment of Gandhi Nagar which had 332 housing plots.

Her efforts led to the establishment of an art gallery in Victoria's Crystal Garden in 1925.

Until the 1930s, most school lunch programs were volunteer efforts led by teachers and mothers' clubs.

what led

Bicycle manufacture was what led BSA into motorcycles.

MacColl's disappointment and the resulting animosity is what led to the split.

I suspect because the way they marketed the film, that is what led to the backlash.

founded and led

The Cabaret was founded and led by composer Jerzy Wasowski (b.

In 1928, at the age of 17, he was founded and led his own orchestra.

The party was founded and led by Namgay Tsering and Kazi Lhendup Dorji.

men led

The Allied army was composed of 4,500 men led by Vasconcelos, as Commander in Chief.

The deaths of the 14 men led to the imposition of stricter safety rules for all mines.

After Clay takes Elkins and his wife home, the gang of men led by Donner and La Farge arrive to foreclose.

led to much

Smith's claim to be a prophet of God has led to much controversy.

This led to much more solid, stable and sturdy-looking robot modes.

The dispute has led to much acrimony, and sometimes even to violence.

led through

East Carolina led through much of the game.

This led through Lacus Ampsanctus to Aquilonia and Venusia.

There are tours led through lava tubes by a guiding service (e.g.

coalition led   (coalición dirigida)

Iskra belonged to the anti-Hetmanate coalition led by Vasily Kochubey.

She became the world's first female Prime Minister when another coalition led by the SLFP won elections in July 1960.

The organisation is a member of the Education for All coalition led by Stonewall set up to tackle homophobic bullying .

successfully led

FIFCO has also led successfully led water-management initiatives.

During that period, he held many party positions and successfully led several agitations.

Zrínyi Ilona successfully led the defence of the castle for three years, but capitulated in 1688.

initially led

After the Nazi's seized power on January 30, 1933, the ministry was initially led by Alfred Hugenberg.

It was initially led by Ben Purse, a piano tuner, while, during the 1900s, its secretary was Thomas Summerbell.

"Eater" was initially led by co-founders Leventhal and Steele, who had the titles "Head Eater" and CEO, respectively.

led the group

Abd al-Masih still led the group as of the 1980s.

As of April 2018, Friedman led the group in campaign fundraising.

She also led the group during legal proceedings and loss of patent exclusivity.

still led   (todavía dirigido)

At this point, Mace still led the betting at 4-1.

Abd al-Masih still led the group as of the 1980s.

Tom Hume still led the bullpen, along with Joe Price.

time led

In August 2003 he was sold outright to Viterbese, at the time led by former coach of Genoa Guido Carboni.

At the beginning of the 19th century came another rebellion in the Tequila area, this time led by a man only known as "The Gold Mask".

The intense academic scrutiny the algorithm received over time led to the modern understanding of block ciphers and their cryptanalysis.

led a force

A student, Bernardo Zagalo led a force to Figueira da Foz where it captured a small French garrison.

In 1665, Aqualtune led a force of ten thousand Kongo men and women in the Battle of Mbwila, where she was captured in defeat.

On his own initiative, he led a force into the Persian rear, where he caught many Persians and their Arab allies out foraging.

investigation led   (investigación dirigida)

The investigation led to the closing of the firm and the imprisonment of some employees.

Deer's investigation led to the longest-ever inquiry by the UK General Medical Council (GMC).

His investigation led him to Richard Russell and John and Patrick Connolly, the lab's proprietors.

coup led   (golpe llevado)

In 1930, a bloodless coup led Getúlio Vargas to power.

Another military coup led to presidential elections in 1970.

In 1963, Qassim was deposed by another coup led by Abd as-Salam Arif.

events led

However, two particular events led him to change his mind.

However, some subsequent events led to further speculation of the curse.

These events led to increased hostility and superstition among the Tejas.

led to calls

His comments sparked fury, and led to calls for him to resign.

This has led to calls to abandon the astronomical unit as a unit of measurement.

This has led to calls to reform the Senate; however, such a move would entail constitutional changes.

finally led   (finalmente dirigido)

Wide dissemination finally led to standardization of the language.

which finally led him to be demoted to a primary school in Tantou village.

Optimization of these compounds finally led to the discovery of sitagliptin.

led his army

Lee led his army on a torturous retreat back to Virginia.

In May 1514, Vasili III again led his army against Smolensk.

The following day, Alexander left Abydos and led his army north to Percote.

album led

The Chicago Sound The Chicago Sound is the sole album led by American jazz bassist Wilbur Ware.

R&B Divas (album) R&B Divas is a compilation album led by American recording artist Faith Evans.

On the first day of sales, the album led the top chart on iTunes, and a few days later the top Google Play chart.

led by first

The Hoyas, led by first year head coach James Howard and are members of the Big East Conference.

They were led by first year head coach Mike Kellar and played their home games at Adamson Stadium.

The Lady Lions, led by first year head coach Ayla Guzzardo, played their home games at the University Center.