left the band   (バンドを去った)

O'Donovan and Pan both left the band in June 1980.

In 1982, David Nelson and Buddy Cage left the band.

Gramm left the band in 1990 but returned in 1992.

left behind   (取り残された)

He left behind a business who employed 800 people.

Piccolo is left behind, and destroys all the robots.

Amphisbaena fed off of the corpses left behind.

left the club   (クラブを去った)

He left the club at the end of the 2018/19 season.

He left the club at the end of the 2011–12 season.

He left the club at the end of the 2009–10 season.

left side

On the left side was a thermometer made from neon.

All vehicles should take left side during driving.

He played many matches as right and left side back.

left hand   (左手)

His right hand shows East and left hand shows West.

She had to have three stitches to her left hand.

He keeps sun on his right hand and moon on left hand.

left bank   (左岸)

It is located on the left bank of the Aras River.

It is located on the left bank of the Scrivia river.

It is located on the left bank of the Dnieper River.

left wing   (左翼)

The GS made up part of the left wing of the party.

He played on the left wing during his first season.

Vilhelmsen is said to represent the party's left wing.

then left

and then left from the computer and went upstairs.

He then left racing to concentrate on instructing.

This mixture was then left to ferment in the sun.

left and right

From the main temple the road forks left and right.

He batted left and right and threw right-handed.

To his left and right are two rubber leaves compositions.

left the group

Also that year fiddler Colin Grant left the group.

Gökhan Mert Koral left the group in early 2003.

Rosencrantz left the group at the end of 2016.

left back   (左に戻る)

Tondela as either a left back or a central defender.

Pardoe's transition to left back came in October 1966.

Mainly a left back, he can also play as a left winger.

left school   (退学)

He left school early, at the age of nine, to work.

She left school aged 14, and worked in nursing.

He left school at 16, intending to teach mathematics.

left flank   (左側面)

He has been noted for his ability on the left flank.

Gen. Joseph B. Kershaw commanded the left flank, Brig.

Susukida Kanesuke led the left flank of the Osaka Army.

seconds left

HellRaisers took to slowly with under forty seconds left.

With under 30 seconds left, FaZe executed to the A bombsite.

The second to Thomspson came with 37 seconds left in the game.

when he left   (彼が去ったとき)

It is also not recorded when he left Newcastle United.

Diomedes took the Palladium with him when he left Troy.

The idol was taken away by Maharaj when he left Mangaon.

left the team   (チームを離れた)

In summer 2009 he left the team for Caravaggese.

Zou left the team in 2015 to skip his own team.

He left the team after a disappointing season in 2016.

left arm   (左腕)

Read is a tall left arm medium-fast swing bowler.

She holds a "nilotpala" (blue lotus) in her left arm.

Have an Evil Gods crest on his upper left arm.

left off

The series began where the original one left off.

However it was eventually left off the final release.

In "The Transformer", we resume where Phaedrus left off.

left the company   (会社を辞めた)

These two Airbus A300 left the company in 2012.

Miner left the company, and, for a time, the industry.

Mosley left the company to concentrate on FOCA matters.

left to right

Listening from left to right versus right to left.

An example found at Cerveteri used left to right.

If calculated by hand, should go from left to right.

left without   (なしで残しました)

In 1992 Van Beek left without permanent replacement.

He and his entourage left without speaking to anyone.

As a result, the embassy left without ever meeting Sulla.

left office

He left office with his approval ratings over 80%.

Francisco de Tello de Guzman left office in May 1602.

Perea left office that year, but remained in New Mexico.

left field

Koenig led things off by singling into left field.

Bell led the inning by hitting a double into left field.

Trudeau is coming out of deep left field."

left the show   (ショーを去った)

When the fourth season concluded he left the show.

In 1995, Julie Goodyear (Bet Lynch) left the show.

He left the show in 1999 to focus on film work.

left tributary   (左支流)

It is a left tributary of the Wied near Melsbach.

It is a left tributary of the Kinzig in Alpirsbach.

It is a left tributary of the Saale near Hirschberg.

left alone   (放置)

It prefers not to be left alone for long periods.

Everyone went and he was left alone in the room.

The Master is left alone again, and returns to drinking.

left the country   (出国した)

Alessandri left the country immediately for Italy.

Mella left the country, reaching Central America.

In 1948-9, 18,000 Jews left the country for Israel.

left tackle   (左タックル)

In 2007, he started all 12 games at left tackle.

He started his final 27 games at Ohio State at left tackle.

In the 2014 season, Joeckel started all 16 games at left tackle.

left home   (家を出た)

He left home in 1902 and joined at the Belur Math.

He left home after a fight with his father in 2005.

Youngest son, Rollin, married and left home in 1863.

minutes left

The Maroons proceeded cautiously with only 5 minutes left on the clock.

15-seeded Bradley, and trailed with only four minutes left in the game.

Checking Sharon’s watch, he sees that he has only nineteen minutes left.

left to join   (参加するために残しました)

Tkuma later also left to join the National Union.

He left to join Bolton Wanderers in August 1936.

At the end of the season, he left to join Limoges CSP.

left the party

Pekkala left the party after the Continuation War.

The next year, he left the party for several reasons.

This left the party with just two councillors.

left no

The founder himself left no authentic writings.

In spite of his bouts of ill health, he left no will.

The low level attack left no room for error.

left winger   (左ウィンガー)

The 18-year-old played as left winger at the time.

Leftwinger Leftwinger of left winger may refer to:

Mainly a left back, he can also play as a left winger.

later left

He later left the Church and became an agnostic.

He later left legal practice to become a priest.

He later left the island and went on to Canada.

eventually left

Zanuck eventually left Fox to return to producing.

He eventually left Afghanistan again for Moscow.

However it was eventually left off the final release.

left foot   (左足)

During the performance, he injured his left foot.

She also has a tattoo of a bicycle on her left foot.

His left foot was almost severed from his leg.

left knee   (左膝)

The Child was moved and placed on Mary’s left knee.

In , he had surgery for torn cartilage in his left knee.

I was also worried about my left knee.

left eye   (左目)

While in CIA custody, Zubaydah lost his left eye.

He lost his left eye as a child of about six.

During the fighting, Cáceres was severely wounded in the left eye.

left leg   (左脚)

He lost his left leg in a bus accident at age three.

During the match, Flair targeted Jericho's left leg.

Narender has had a deformity in his left leg by birth.

left guard   (左衛兵)

In 2007, Allen started all 16 games at left guard.

In 2007, Oakland coaches moved Gallery to left guard.

Allen started at left guard in Seattle on December 14.

having left

Sally then returns to the house, having left to go to the store.

However, he did not graduate, having left before completing his degree.

Nicole was a newlywed, having left her honeymoon to appear on the series.

left open   (開いたまま)

12 other seats were left open for other factions.

After that the question is "usually" left open.

The position was left open after the university fired Mike Leach.

right and left

Right and left - see "changes of right and left."

He played many matches as right and left side back.

He batted right and left and threw right-handed.

family left   (家族が去った)

The whole family left for the Indies in 1663, including Joan.

The family left Scotland and moved to Pinner, near Harrow in 1909.

Her family left Austria only a few days before the Anschluss in 1938.

left shoulder   (左肩)

Pins in his left shoulder hampered his stance.

For women, the ribbon is a bow worn on the left shoulder.

His tattoo is on his left shoulder.

soon left

Copperhead soon left after a conflict with the Cobra.

Neither did Albornoz, who soon left to return to Spain.

Rio did little to market it and soon left it to languish.

left the city

He left the city around 1618 and returned in 1635.

Many people left the city in fear of future attacks.

Around 1917 he left the city, returning in 1922.

left end

The left end, in the south, is the best preserved.

The glacier left end moraines, kettle holes and periglacial rock fields.

Hilkene won the job and was the starting left end in nine of the team's ten games in 1944.

before he left

Four appearances followed before he left Quilmes.

He stayed there for 7 years, before he left in 2000.

Allegedly Candelario Santana planned executing them before he left prison.

never left

The anvil never left his side, despite weighing .

After his return, Linnaeus never left Sweden again.

His pride in his working class origins never left him.

left before   (前に残した)

He left before knowing the outcome of this process.

He left before completing his master's degree.

British forces left before the end of 1919.

left or right

It can be a result of left or right brain damage.

Either the left or right hand can be dominant.

The player controls Sonic by tilting the device left or right.

left corner

MARDI was fixed to the lower front left corner of the body of "Curiosity".

The word “Carrefour” is seen in the lower left corner made with blue beads.

Two Chumash people are illustrated in the lower left corner of Baca's mural.

already left

Five of Evers' children have already left the country.

By this time Ishvara Puri had already left this world.

Essex had already left Windsor to undertake the siege of Reading.

left the area

The family had left the area before the mid-1950s.

He withdrew in 1277 and left the area to Brandenburg.

The Hvide family seems to have left the area in about 1300.

left halfback

From 1964 to 1966, Rein was a three-year starter at left halfback for the Ohio State Buckeyes football team.

After high school, Gilmer played college football at the University of Alabama, where he was the left halfback from 1944 to 1947.

Two Seahawks were named to the 1942 All-Navy All-America football team: George Svendsen at center and Dick Fisher at left halfback.

left to become   (残った)

In the 2011 offseason, King Rice left to become the head coach at Monmouth.

In 1902, Rabbi Shimon Shkop left to become the rabbi of Breinsk, Lithuania.

In 2012, Jain left to become the founder and CEO of technology company, Humin.

until he left

He lived there until he left Bydgoszcz in 1919.

He retained the star until he left in 1993.

From 1872 until he left the city, he was editor-in-chief.

left the series

Thompson left the series at the end of its second season.

Gunvalson and Judge both left the series in January 2020.

May is arrested and Drew left the series.

left many

Failure of SQ 779 left many educators frustrated.

His departure left many questions unanswered.

It, however, left many questions unanswered.

what was left

The 1893 season started in what was left of the park.

That year the Red Army liberated what was left of Olyka.

As she uncovered what was left of the child she offered them a share.

left vacant   (空いている)

Only the central point is left vacant in the beginning of the game.

He was running for Illinois' 5th District seat, left vacant by Rahm Emanuel.

The middle point is the only intersection point left vacant in the beginning.

left the game

He then left the game in the first quarter.

Kyle Porter and Alex Caskey also left the game with injuries.

Dez Bryant left the game early with a fractured bone in his foot.

left turn

Riders take a slight left turn into the first lift hill and slowly climb .

There is a dedicated left turn lane and signal for eastbound (away from Interstate) traffic.

Representing each left turn with 0 and each right turn with 2 yields the ternary fraction for a point.

left fielder

Tommy Thevenow hit a single to left fielder Babe Ruth.

1862 - June 3, 1902) was a 19th-century major league left fielder.

Jim Bottomley began by hitting a one-out double past left fielder Babe Ruth.

father left

His father left the family when Powers was young.

His father left the family and married another woman.

McTell's father left the family when Willie was young.

left to play   (遊びに残った)

Dean Brown replaced Stern when he left to play with Miles Davis.

The Terrapins came from behind and held the lead, 30–27, with 5:18 left to play.

With four matches left to play their lead at the top of the table was seven points.

left when   (残ったとき)

The brig left when arrived in September 1776.

He sat with the left when his duties as Governor of Algeria allowed.

The final remaining residents left when the buildings were deemed unsafe.

left only   (左のみ)

This left only Wyatt to face a grand jury hearing.

This left only fifteen 20ths in [Southern] Rhodesia.

The resulting smash left only the rudder intact.

subsequently left

He subsequently left the club at the end of 2017.

Charlie Krank subsequently left the company.

They include players who have subsequently left the club.

members left

Both members left the band before recording started.

He and 38 crew members left Liverpool on 3 November 1805.

After the Belgian Revolution of 1830 the Belgian members left.

upper left

Have an Evil Gods crest on his upper left arm.

A second rifle bullet wound had passed through his upper left arm.

The upper left SLIMbus Component also contains a Manager Device (M).

left the project

Perens left the project in 1998.

He suddenly left the project four years before the end of his contract.

Disney rejected Imagine's proposal, and Crowe and Hawke left the project.

left his position

He left his position as Russia coach in June 2016.

However, he left his position after two weeks.

On 29 June 2015, Hiddink left his position.

right to left

Listening from left to right versus right to left.

From right to left, they were commanded by Brig.

It is written from right to left in horizontal lines.

both left

O'Donovan and Pan both left the band in June 1980.

They both left their positions by September 2009.

After Rio, Pink and Sign both left the class.

far left

Gen Henry Prince's brigade formed the far left opposite Ewell.

Gen. Julius H. Stahel on the far left, his left flank near Congers Creek.

On the far left staircase there are seven mezzanine classrooms and offices.

left to form

Wim Bieler left to form a band called Dambuster.

He later left to form Zoram Nationalist Party.

He left to form his own company Lars Tharp Ltd in 1993.

left hook   (左フック)

Surprised by Fox's left hook, Stribling's knees buckled.

A long left hook spun and injured Davis's eye in the sixth.

Rocky Marciano won by knockout with a vicious double left hook.

top left

The top left block is "poisoned" and the player who eats this loses.

The top left has four golden castle towers, for the Spanish Kingdom of Castile.

The top left and bottom right quadrants are black, and the remaining area is white.

left the house

She dies after the assault, and Sadai left the house.

Threatening divorce, Eulalia left the house.

She left the house to the National Trust.

left the school   (学校を辞めた)

However, he left the school after only one game.

He left the school with a bachelor's degree in Sociology.

A misfire left the school's windows aflame.

left standing

Chromium metal left standing in air is passivated, i.e.

After World War II few historic buildings were left standing.

Removal proceeded and the 1903 lights were left standing alone.

finally left   (ついに去った)

He finally left Anfield in January 1996.

He finally left Pisa for Genoa, but his legacy was civil war.

She finally left him and married a younger colleague of Munch.

left hand side

The left hand side of this statue is missing.

The left hand side of the cove is also rocky.

Second, the limit on the left hand side of that equation has to exist.

left homeless   (ホームレスを去った)

Families were left homeless and lost everything.

Following the storm, roughly 350 people were left homeless.

More than 100,000 persons were left homeless by the disaster.

people left

The next morning all the people left for that place.

Many people left the city in fear of future attacks.

Many people left the city, since they couldn't find work.

lower left

The wounded deputy managed to fire again, striking Higgins lower left arm.

The word “Carrefour” is seen in the lower left corner made with blue beads.

Two Chumash people are illustrated in the lower left corner of Baca's mural.

left town   (町を去った)

The next day, he was fired, and left town for good.

On October 1941, 300 out of the 445 left town.

His parents left town on the night of 3 December 2008.

left the family   (家族を離れた)

His father left the family when Powers was young.

His father left the family and married another woman.

McTell's father left the family when Willie was young.

left unfinished   (未完成のまま)

The billboard was left unfinished and the artists fled.

But the work was left unfinished when Greco died in 1986.

Claudius' temple was left unfinished after only some of the foundation had been laid down.

left the station   (駅を出ました)

The last train left the station on April 15, 1935.

She left the station for a second time in 1994.

Walker kept her composure on air but soon left the station.

when she left   (彼女が去ったとき)

Everybody was crying when she left.

"U-558"s eighth patrol began when she left Brest on 29 July 1942.

She stayed in that role until July 28, 2014 when she left WFLD after a 27-year run.

often left   (しばしば残った)

They often left their villages to hunt buffalo.

She was often left in the care of her maternal grandmother Judith, Hon.

They can smell carcasses that are often left by polar bears anywhere from 10–40 km.

just left   (たった今いなくなりました)

"When Marcos was booted out, it was just left, an empty shell.

And Steven Moffat's wife had just left him, because he talks in one-liners."

Things I would've just left, he had me go back and do seven, eight, nine times.

order from left   (左から注文)

The five pieces on the third rank are called suns, and are marked with one to five suns in ascending order from left to right.

The five pieces on the first rank are called stars, and are marked with one to five stars in ascending order from left to right.

The five pieces on the second rank are called moons, and are marked with one to five moons in ascending order from left to right.

left the army

Having left the army, Duer went to Antigua.

He left the army in 1991 to proceed with his music career.

He left the army after Napoleon's defeat.

left half

(i.e., in the left half of the complex plane).

The Lamb of God stands atop the trampled demons from the left half.

The smaller, left half of the building, held Whilldin's personal office.

left the league

Bauger FC have left the league following last season.

Reserves, RAF Colerne and RAF Locking left the league.

Then in 2001 they left the league altogether.