legal action   (法的措置)

Fearing legal action, DC ordered the story scrapped.

In response, both announced legal action against him.

The expansion module prompted legal action from Atari.

legal system   (法制度)

The Scots resisted changes to their legal system.

1985, c. C-46) or by today's Canadian legal system.

The Aruban legal system is based on the Dutch model.

legal status   (法的地位)

Their legal status – slave or free – is uncertain.

It does not have the legal status as an EU-regulated market.

"Note:" Provinces no longer hold any legal status in Greece.

no legal   (法的なし)

"There was no legal right to search," she said.

However, no legal proceedings were brought against AFD.

It has no legal personality and operates self-financing.

legal issues   (法的問題)

The company closed in 2013 due to legal issues.

There were several technical and legal issues.

Bernard has written articles on gender and legal issues.

legal battle   (法的戦い)

A long legal battle ensued for control of the TULF.

This sparked a six-month-long legal battle.

A legal battle ensued, eventually settled in August 1942.

legal practice   (法務)

He later left legal practice to become a priest.

He commenced a legal practice in Milledgeville.

He moved to Tombstone and opened a private legal practice.

legal proceedings   (法的手続き)

The code covers three separate legal proceedings.

However, no legal proceedings were brought against AFD.

Current law covers three legal proceedings.

legal profession   (法曹)

Mookerjee entered the legal profession on November 1953.

After retirement, he entered the legal profession full-time.

After leaving office, King reverted to his legal profession.

legal rights

He later opposed expanded legal rights for renters.

England has a complex history of legal rights for women.

The inhabitants of are French citizens with full political and legal rights.

legal action against   (に対する法的措置)

In response, both announced legal action against him.

In 2012, OHL brought legal action against the Government.

20th Century Fox brought legal action against the company.

legal counsel   (弁護士)

In 1956, Innes was named legal counsel to the Senate.

His legal counsel is from Legal Aid Ontario.

In 1943, he replaced Wendell Willkie as chief legal counsel.

legal tender   (法定通貨)

The next day, the dollar ceased to be legal tender.

Cryptocurrencies are generally not legal tender.

These coins are legal tender throughout the eurozone.

legal career

Nonetheless, Peyton continued his legal career.

Lydon began her legal career at Nexsen Pruet Jacobs and Pollard.

Jackvony pursued a legal career concentrating in estate litigation.

legal advice   (法的なアドバイス)

legal advice).

When adopting a European strategy it is important that a franchisor takes expert legal advice.

After receiving legal advice Ernst & Young declined to appear before a parliamentary committee.

legal framework   (法的枠組み)

The Privacy Act 1988 provides the legal framework for privacy in Australia.

Yet Asian countries have different legal framework towards intercountry adoption.

The NI Act provided a legal framework for non-cash paper payment instruments in India.

legal services

The prison administration offers vocational courses and legal services to the prisoners.

In April 2018, Axos Bank purchased the Chapter 7 business of the legal services company Epiq Systems Inc.

Most large law firms in Quebec offer the full range of legal services of law firms in common-law provinces.

legal entity   (法人)

But it still keeps its legal entity as a village.

Ericsson Mobile Platform ceased being a legal entity early 2009.

Until 2010, the legal entity of the DLM Forum was the DLM Network EEIG.

legal basis   (法的根拠)

The tradition has no legal basis in the FA's regulations.

There is as yet no legal basis for e-voting in Austrian elections.

Its legal basis was the "corpus iuris canonica" (body of canon law).

legal fees

Yates legal fees were reportedly paid by the Met.

The couple reportedly spent £150,000 in legal fees.

Younghusband won the case, but legal fees cost him £165.

legal aid   (法的援助)

Prisoners are entitled to receive legal aid when needed.

This law marked an important change in legal aid in Indonesia.

In Contempt is set in the world of a New York City legal aid office.

legal dispute   (法的紛争)

Trump and Nunberg settled their legal dispute in August 2016.

There is a legal dispute over the ownership of those paintings.

Logue died in 1865; his will would be the subject of a legal dispute.

legal systems

Canada has separate federal and provincial legal systems.

Scots law is one of the few legal systems that require corroboration.

In addition, Muslim states today utilize a spectrum of legal systems.

legal education

These also controlled legal education.

He lectured at law schools and continuing legal education programs.

An example of this is his role in reforming legal education in Germany.

legal protection   (法的保護)

We have that legal protection now.

The Choctaw were non-white, landless, and had minimal legal protection.

The South African government has stepped up legal protection for the blue crane.

legal documents

A name change on legal documents is not necessary.

A law library was set up at some point, where inmates could type legal documents.

Corsican has also left a trail of legal documents ending in the late 12th century.

legal scholar   (法学者)

At this time he began his career as an important legal scholar.

One of the guests, legal scholar Alexander Bickel, sided with Cavett.

Steven G. Calabresi Steven G. Calabresi is an American legal scholar.

other legal   (その他の法律)

Meanwhile, a number of other legal developments occurred.

Some other legal scholars have disputed the idea that Israel still occupies Gaza.

The Law society says Treaty cases should be funded separately from other legal aid work.

legal right

"There was no legal right to search," she said.

They have no legal right to enter a house until they win the house at auction.

However, until a husband was found, the king had the legal right to Eleanor's lands.

legal case   (訴訟事件)

The most recent legal case in that work was dated 196 BC.

In 1958-9 he was involved in a legal case against John Lee.

A long £13m legal case followed which was settled out of court.

legal name

Instead, each parent chose a name, hence his legal name Christopher Robin.

The corporate legal name is the rather anonymous "TTI Floor Care North America".

Fox Kids Europe N.V. changed its legal name to Jetix Europe N.V. on July 14, 2004.

legal team   (法務チーム)

Sneed's well-paid legal team managed to secure a mistrial.

Lever's legal team were in no doubt of the outcome; as F.E.

Hussein's legal team was given two weeks to appeal the sentence.

legal challenge   (法的挑戦)

The state Republican Party threatened a legal challenge.

The first legal challenge came in 1970.

On 8 March 2018 the legal challenge was formally withdrawn due to Lee's death.

legal authority   (法的権限)

The council has no official municipal role or legal authority.

In issuing a war declaration, the Senate deprived Antony of any legal authority.

For the next two years territorial auditors paid accounts without explicit legal authority.

legal challenges   (法的課題)

The court has withstood legal challenges.

Several months of legal challenges followed the appointment.

While the legal challenges were going on, the game continued.

legal adviser   (法律顧問)

She also worked as a legal adviser for Caracol TV.

The firm acted as legal adviser for the 2014 games.

He was a legal adviser to former prime minister Taavi Rõivas.

legal problems

When she learns of Ashade's family's legal problems, she imposes upon him further.

By 1984 they were using the name v. Spy v. Spy to avoid legal problems with "Mad" magazine.

legal advisor   (法律顧問)

He was also a legal advisor to Marcus Aurelius.

Sen was the legal advisor of Cossimbazar Royal Estate.

Mirah Amiria Arismunandar previously worked as a legal advisor.

legal recognition

The efforts of the church for legal recognition were unsuccessful until 1939.

Riparian rights received legal recognition after California gained statehood.

There is no legal recognition for transgender or gender non-conforming people.

legal costs

The fine was reduced to £1,400 and legal costs to £5,000.

The defendants are fundraising towards their legal costs.

The suit asked for $165,000 in back payments plus legal costs.

legal studies

Constitutional law is a major focus of legal studies and research.

He continued his legal studies while imprisoned, and was also an amateur actor.

with additional legal studies at London School of Economics and University of Salzburg.

legal representation   (法的代理)

Since his arrest, Lim had refused legal representation.

It does not provide legal representation.

They do not need legal representation.

legal process

These add up to 'patent failings and abuses in the legal process.'

Violation of the law was specified as subject to a secular legal process.

Nonetheless, according to the legal process, they were "vandalistic actions".

legal matters

With legal matters subsided, the 2005–06 season began.

Support in financial and legal matters is often needed.

In legal matters, Alexander did much to aid the rights of his soldiers.

legal cases   (訴訟)

He had much interest in historical legal cases.

He also worked a number of famous legal cases.

There were at least 7 legal cases still under way at the end of 2016.

legal scholars

Other legal scholars disagreed.

Nevertheless, legal scholars dispute the for-profit school's mission.

This belief has garnered criticism from legal scholars, particularly Robert Bork.

legal assistance

MJF does not provide direct legal assistance.

Victims receive psychological, medical, and legal assistance.

Under-18s without the means to pay for a lawyer are often left without legal assistance.

legal battles

For Westville's relatively short history, it has had several prominent legal battles.

The Cologne newspaper war and legal battles were not the only problems free papers encountered.

As recently as 2004, Westville faced two legal battles, both pertaining to violations of freedoms.

legal entities

Both the drawer and payee may be natural persons or legal entities.

In 2000, the National and American Leagues were dissolved as legal entities.

The bank served 786 thousand private individuals and over 8 thousand legal entities.

legal actions

Family discord and legal actions ensued.

Many people saw the legal actions as bad for technology in general.

This led to many legal actions.

legal history

For a legal history of the latter see sampling.

Dr Jones runs the legal history course at the University.

In 1879, he was appointed professor of law and legal history.

legal drama

The military legal drama was ordered to series on May 11, 2018 by CBS.

Justice in the City Justice In The City (庭外和解) is ntv7’s first legal drama.

In 1998, he guest-starred on three episodes of the legal drama "The Practice".

all legal   (すべて合法)

Historically, there was a court where all legal investigations passed through.

In November, the Compiègne armistice with Germany removed all legal value of the Bucharest Treaty.

This also means that this child, therefore, is cut off from all legal benefits (property, inheritance, etc.)

due to legal

The company closed in 2013 due to legal issues.

The change of the "u" to a "v" was due to legal issues with Greñas.

There were also claims that the live EP was canceled due to legal issues.

legal guardian   (法定後見人)

MacSwiney was a legal guardian of her brother's daughter Máire.

1737) as her legal guardian.

Barstow rides back to his ranch, where Jarvis is attempting to claim that he is Bud's legal guardian.

first legal

The first legal challenge came in 1970.

The first legal marijuana store opened in Valdez in October 2016.

Justice in the City Justice In The City (庭外和解) is ntv7’s first legal drama.

only legal   (法的のみ)

It is New Jersey's only legal clothing-optional beach.

By 1960, Touré had declared the PDG the only legal party.

Draken, Gothenburg's only legal graffiti wall is inaugurated.

legal requirements

Techniques such as pixelisation are used to satisfy legal requirements.

From 1968 to 1978 upon meeting the legal requirements for retirement, Professor.

The department also checks that schools are meeting necessary legal requirements.

legal definition   (法的定義)

By legal definition, all semi-highways are expressways.

The legal definition of Cook Islands Māori includes Pukapukan.

On the contrary, the legal definition is strikingly technology neutral.

legal code

In addition, the basement was dug out to legal code ceiling height.

Hindu legal code is based on the religious texts known as the "dharmasatras."

Muggleton might have put the emphasis differently – with one eye on the legal code.

legal disputes

However, legal disputes made the amount of any payment uncertain.

However, their aspirations have been thwarted by a succession of legal disputes.

The resulting bidding war for players led to widespread contract-breaking and legal disputes.

legal and political

However, legal and political debates delayed the trial opening for four years.

Bingham then returned to Cadiz, Ohio, to begin his legal and political career.

The introduced words were primarily nouns and were employed for cultural, legal and political concepts.

legal work   (法務)

He wrote another legal work to order, for the government.

In parallel with his legal work, he actively acquired country estates.

He researched and wrote on religion and history in addition to his legal work.

legal reasons

Councillors were told not to respond "for legal reasons".

Isuzu had to destroy the vehicles for legal reasons in 2017.

Some of the names in the series were changed for legal reasons.

not legal

Cryptocurrencies are generally not legal tender.

Since 2009, kreteks are not legal for sale in the United States.

However, same-sex marriage is not legal in its other dependency, Sark.

international legal

The purpose is to train candidates aiming for positions in business and international legal practice.

An online supplement (developed for the third edition) is available for the citation of international legal cases, not covered in the main guide.

In court she argued that Australia's participation in the Vietnam War violated its international legal obligations as a member of the United Nations.

legal defense

The anarchist and pseudonymous writer Juan Montseny led Ferrer's legal defense.

These legal defense funds can have large membership counts where members contribute to the fund.

Because of the costs of mounting a legal defense, almost all defendants in these cases tend to settle.

new legal

This was his third bail request, and the first by his new legal team under Hironaka.

He launched three new legal research centers and two academic specialization programs.

The "new legal order" did not depend on the Constitution, thus requiring a "reappointment" of the Head of State.

separate legal

The code covers three separate legal proceedings.

However, KXMA-DT2 airs separate legal identifications and commercial inserts.

The estate of a Free Judge was a separate legal entity with "dominium" rights.

legal requirement   (法的要件)

Therefore, CE mark is a legal requirement for trade within the EU.

Anonymous donation was permitted in Belgium and is a legal requirement in Spain.

Electrics have been fitted as it is a legal requirement to have navigation lights.

take legal

He also said that the government would take legal action.

He threatens to take legal action against her if she abandons the child.

Some of the dismissed staffers planned to take legal action against the station.

legal age

The legal age for marriage is 16.

The legal age to purchase tobacco products varies with each province.

(He had to wait for two years because the legal age of marriage for women was twelve.)

legal restrictions   (法的制限)

In the 1930s, legal restrictions on condoms began to be relaxed.

Advertising, however was one area that continued to have legal restrictions.

Official suspicion and legal restrictions continued well into the 19th century.

political and legal

Both sides justified their views on political and legal grounds.

This fortuitous discovery gave Ward his political and legal contacts.

The inhabitants of are French citizens with full political and legal rights.

legal experts   (法的専門家)

President Trump said that "virtually all" "top legal experts" believed that DACA was unconstitutional.

Similarly, the Roman Empire recognized midwives, handwriting experts and land surveyors as legal experts.

As a result, legal experts considered it likely that some of the rollbacks may be reversed in the courts.

legal limit   (法的制限)

Know your limits and know the legal limit.

A blood test showed five times the legal limit of alcohol.

His blood alcohol level was at least twice the legal limit of 0.08.

legal theory   (法理論)

This legal theory is termed the "unfairness doctrine."

Historical practice sometimes diverged from legal theory.

legal theory) and from public and private international law.

took legal

The request was denied, and he took legal measures to re-appeal.

He took legal efforts to help the victims testify to the investigation of the Commission.

The adoption was opposed by the state of California, which took legal means to prevent the adoption.

legal document   (法文書)

No Canadian legal document states that the name of the country is anything other than "Canada".

A covenant is a legal document binding two parties to take on certain obligations towards each other.

He appears on a legal document that mentions also the Hathor temple at Gebelein and he is known from a statue.

provide legal   (法的を提供する)

It does not provide legal representation.

He provide legal support to the defence team in the Agartala Conspiracy Case.

The regulation was targeted to provide legal rights to slaves and boost their morale.

legal affairs

Although retired, O’Dunne was said to have remained active in legal affairs.

He was announced as shadow minister of legal affairs in Al Wafd's shadow cabinet.

These were men suited to dealing with petitions, requests, correspondence, legal affairs, and foreign embassies.

legal term   (法的用語)

Barratry (common law) Barratry ( ) is a legal term with several meanings.

Legal fake is not a legal term and should not be confused with counterfeit.

He continued to win re-election until reaching his legal term limit in 2013.

take legal action   (法的措置を取る)

He also said that the government would take legal action.

He threatens to take legal action against her if she abandons the child.

Some of the dismissed staffers planned to take legal action against the station.

legal department   (法務部)

In this role he acted as official secretary and also assisted the custom house's legal department.

These experiences with the UFW were influential, "working with the legal department as a volunteer .

He met his wife Susan at the "Star", where she worked in the legal department, and married her in 1980.

legal standing

In the 1977 reform, all municipalities were given fully equal legal standing.

In this act, he also had some legal standing to claim a superior ownership to anyone else.

One interesting view into the legal standing of women is the practice of crime and punishment.

without legal

Under-18s without the means to pay for a lawyer are often left without legal assistance.

For alliance, states would see their allies as absolute gain and their enemies as relative gains without legal obligation.

Weeks and Holmes also identified that there could be damage without legal remedy based on some doctrines that limited liability.

became legal

In 1995 it became legal to produce a Chianti with 100% Sangiovese.

In 1833 they separated acrimoniously and in 1836 the separation became legal.

He practiced law privately until 1867, when he became legal advisor to the Colonial Office.

free legal   (無料の法的)

He wrote legal opinions, free legal advising, and was actively involved in local politics.

These included municipal ownership of utilities, urban renewal programs, and free legal, medical and educational services.

He publicly criticized slavery and gave free legal representation to some slaves seeking freedom, but he also represented owners of runaway slaves.

legal troubles

Pearlman's legal troubles led to a foreclosure lawsuit.

Clay's legal troubles began in .

Acts ends abruptly without recording the outcome of Paul's legal troubles.

legal training

His legal training was reflected in many of his works.

Many cases are prosecuted by police officers with little or no legal training.

Houstoun received a liberal education, which included legal training at Inner Temple in London.

threatened legal

He also threatened legal action after his exit from the show.

The BCP threatened legal action against the Independent Electoral Commission.

Turner then contacted the Embassy of Norway in Washington, D.C. and threatened legal action.

same legal

An affirmation, however, has exactly the same legal effect as an oath.

PDS and private sector legal aid lawyers are still paid from the same legal aid budget.

The person who inherits the copyright is not the author, but enjoys the same legal benefits.

various legal

Erika Kajbová who carries out various legal activities.

These works were collections of terse, precise judgments on various legal issues.

He later held various legal positions including Recorder of Coventry, Worcester, Ludlow, and Shrewsbury.

legal obligation   (法的義務)

But beyond the fulfillment of a legal obligation, children’s rights education has value for children.

This legal obligation only comes into effect if the widowed wife has no other means of providing for herself.

For alliance, states would see their allies as absolute gain and their enemies as relative gains without legal obligation.

through legal

The Project says they are hoping to achieve these goals through legal action and litigation.

He was not much known before he went through legal proceedings for anti-Spanish state remarks..

BCI received a licence and copyright through legal agreements with Charles K. Bliss in 1975 and 1982.

legal precedent   (判例)

His later victory over servitude became the legal precedent in Massachusetts.

Some observers said it could set a legal precedent that criminalizes the practice.

130 feminist associations demanded that the sentence set legal precedent for the future.

threatened legal action   (脅迫された法的措置)

He also threatened legal action after his exit from the show.

The BCP threatened legal action against the Independent Electoral Commission.

Turner then contacted the Embassy of Norway in Washington, D.C. and threatened legal action.

legal protections

The digital environment poses challenges to traditional legal protections for journalists' sources.

Women began to see that legal protections were doing very little to change the reality of their lives.

She no longer has access to the legal protections and religious spaces that are governed by the Parsi trusts.

legal representative   (法定代理人)

The form is completed by the appellant or by the appellant's legal representative.

The Council appoints a Director who is the legal representative and chief executive of EGO.

It may also be required to designate an agent or other legal representative of the corporation.

legal opinion

A legal opinion is not a guarantee that a court will reach any particular result.

Where the opinion is given by a foreign lawyer or foreign law firm it is usually referred to as a 'foreign legal opinion'.

When the subject company is from a foreign jurisdiction, the opinion will often be referred to as a foreign legal opinion.