not legally   (合法ではない)

AJL was not legally entitled for the allotment.

Here, a woman was not legally responsible for fetal injuries.

The ceremony was not legally binding.

legally binding   (法的拘束力)

The decision of the "Kammergericht" is not yet legally binding.

The ceremony was not legally binding.

EIDAS is legally binding in all EU member states since July 2014.

legally changed   (法的に変更された)

Norman never legally changed his surname to Norell.

By that date, 7,000 persons had legally changed gender.

Loughead legally changed his name to Allan Lockheed in 1934.

legally required   (法的に必要)

Human intervention was still legally required.

Informed consent of her legal guardians (parents) was legally required.

The qualifications legally required for media diving vary considerably across the world.

legally recognized   (法的に認められた)

Same-sex marriage, or civil unions, are not legally recognized.

Same-sex marriages and civil unions are not legally recognized in South Korea.

Since 1984 the Church of the Holy Trinity has been legally recognized as a parish.

legally married

His parents were not legally married.

They held a wedding in 1996 and were legally married in Boston in 2004.

By the end of the book, Mary and Adam are separated but remain legally married.

legally defined

The county was legally defined in 1837 as such:

The route is legally defined as Route 284 in the Minnesota Statutes.

The route is legally defined as Route 244 in the Minnesota Statutes.

legally protected

Dutch academic titles are legally protected.

Both, the bridge and the canyon are legally protected since 1986.

Such economic uses are rights only when they are legally protected interests.

legally allowed

No other political groups are legally allowed to organize.

It seems that Carthage's nobles could afford, and were legally allowed, to sustain their own armies.

Only faster motor vehicles, both "capable" and "legally allowed" to go at least 50 km/h, may use the road.

still legally   (まだ合法的に)

Human intervention was still legally required.

Again a ban was placed on showing the offending paintings and drawings in England, which is also still legally valid.

For many years, Nunn denied that the photos were of her, because when they were taken she was only sixteen and still legally a minor.

legally blind

She is legally blind and discovered the body.

He became legally blind in 1989, at age 80.

In 1960, 50% of legally blind, school-age children were able to read braille in the U.S.

legally adopted

The company legally adopted its new name on January 1, 2011.

She later legally adopted him as well.

On 24 January 1980, she was legally adopted by Tommy and Cindy Thomas.