Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

passed legislation   (legislación aprobada)

The Regulation Law passed legislation on 6 February 2017.

Congress rapidly passed legislation that was signed by the president.

On July 15, 2016, Congress passed legislation to extend the FAA's funding.

new legislation   (nueva legislación)

Oral traditions were codified and new legislation enacted.

The reason for his release was new legislation written by California Senator James A. McDougall.

The classification of money-laundering as a crime is one of the novelties in the new legislation.

introduced legislation   (legislación introducida)

The 1908 Children's Act introduced legislation for the use of domestic fireguards.

He introduced legislation to tackle the problem of grease thievery at restaurants.

Comrie introduced legislation that would allow absentee ballot voting without an excuse.

legislation passed   (legislación aprobada)

Subsequently, the legislation passed in 1976.

He then pushed forward and was able to get the legislation passed.

The Senate was expanded from 36 to 60 seats as a result of legislation passed in 1948.

federal legislation   (Legislación Federal)

The policy is in response to state mandates and federal legislation (P.L.

Its goal was to gain state and federal legislation for women's right to vote.

The legislative veto provision found in federal legislation took several forms.

proposed legislation   (Legislación propuesta)

After the proposed legislation was announced, public reaction was split.

In 1850, members of the General Assembly proposed legislation for an elected judiciary.

Under the proposed legislation, a two-thirds majority of students would need to approve them.

piece of legislation   (pieza de legislación)

The act was a very controversial piece of legislation.

The piece of legislation was introduced to the House as H.R.

This piece of legislation paved the way for white GIs to attend college.

pieces of legislation   (leyes)

These pieces of legislation, i.e.

Over the course of his tenure, Runyan had sponsored 15 pieces of legislation.

From time to time the Ombudsman makes submissions to Parliament on proposed pieces of legislation.

pass legislation   (aprobar legislación)

Its aim was to draft and pass legislation to fix the ailing Commonwealth.

The majority of a quorum is needed to pass legislation on the floor of the chamber.

In the absence of such confidence, the Government may fall or prove unable to pass legislation.

legislation was passed   (se aprobó la legislación)

The legislation was passed on 27 June 2002.

In 2002, state legislation was passed to swap NC 3 and NC 136.

Similar legislation was passed in Victoria but was never proclaimed.

rights legislation   (legislación de derechos)

Throughout his senatorial career Green supported civil rights legislation.

The constitution was further modified in 2001 and 2009, codifying various aspects of human rights legislation.

Although he had supported all previous federal civil rights legislation including the 1957 Civil Rights Act H.R.

sponsored legislation   (legislación patrocinada)

He sponsored legislation to aid the Salton Sea restoration.

Johnson sponsored legislation to allow mothers to breast feed their children in public.

In early 2019, Daniels sponsored legislation to requiring schools to teach courses on the Bible.

national legislation   (legislación nacional)

This became the precedent for later local and national legislation.

In 1999, it was fully protected under national legislation in Indonesia.

Nevertheless, it was the first attempt at the creation of national legislation.

state legislation   (legislación estatal)

It exercises the state legislation (legislature).

In 2002, state legislation was passed to swap NC 3 and NC 136.

During the early 20th century in America, gambling was outlawed by state legislation.

such legislation   (tal legislación)

In other countries, no such legislation exists.

Congress refused to pass any such legislation.

I recommend such legislation as will put an effective stop to these abuses."

signed legislation   (legislación firmada)

Sam Brownback signed legislation a month later authorizing fantasy gaming.

Walker also signed legislation increasing funding for peer-run respite centers.

On March 9, 2015, Walker signed legislation making Wisconsin a right-to-work state.

enacted legislation   (legislación promulgada)

Congress enacted legislation requiring all tankers to be double-hulled as of 2015.

The exceptions include Sweden and Finland, who enacted legislation to move the day to February 29.

More than twenty states have enacted legislation to address bullying that occurs through electronic media.

civil rights legislation   (legislación de derechos civiles)

Throughout his senatorial career Green supported civil rights legislation.

Although he had supported all previous federal civil rights legislation including the 1957 Civil Rights Act H.R.

He felt it was willing to allow poorer blacks to receive benefits from civil rights legislation, but not participate in decision-making.

government legislation   (legislación gubernamental)

In other southern states, slave patrols came about from colonial or state government legislation.

This book was one of the first to advocate immigration restriction by federal government legislation.

As the 1970s continued, government legislation began restricting the amount of advertising and sponsorship that tobacco companies were allowed to participate in.

through legislation   (a través de la legislación)

Clodius used the Triumvirate's backing to push through legislation that benefited them all.

The UK is now looking for options to reduce the levels of their landfill sites through legislation.

It seeks to help the betterment of animal life and human-animal interaction through legislation reform.

reform legislation   (reforma legislativa)

Wexton supports decriminalizing cannabis, while Comstock has voted against cannabis law reform legislation.

Starting in 2009, Rasmussen Reports tracked attitudes about health care reform legislation on a weekly basis.

It included sweeping education reform legislation, which led to the establishment of charter schools in Arizona.

enabling legislation   (legislación habilitante)

The enabling legislation is the Algoma University Act, 2008.

Though the enabling legislation remains in place, the programme was suspended in November 2010.

The enabling legislation consists of Acadia University Act and the Amended Acadia University Act 2000.

introduce legislation   (introducir legislación)

Former Governor Eliot Spitzer stated he would introduce legislation to legalize same-sex marriage.

The British Government initially attempted to introduce legislation to give prisoners the right to vote.

It passes on legislation typically introduced by the president although it also can introduce legislation.

legislation regarding   (legislación sobre)

Mount often sponsors legislation regarding health and public service.

These ethical concerns have prompted several nations to pass legislation regarding human cloning and its legality.

ITV apologised for not having properly advised the contestants of Australian legislation regarding animal cruelty.

similar legislation   (legislación similar)

Scotland is currently planning similar legislation.

His son, Senator Rand Paul, has introduced similar legislation in subsequent sessions of Congress.

It was a contentious issue and was narrowly rejected at the time by the electorate, but the legislature later approved similar legislation in 2003.

legislation requiring   (legislación que requiere)

Congress enacted legislation requiring all tankers to be double-hulled as of 2015.

Modification of the voting system is a significant change of legislation requiring 3/5 of the deputies' votes.

There may be national legislation requiring a certificate of competency or license from the person in command of a dive boat.

legislation enacted   (legislación promulgada)

Oral traditions were codified and new legislation enacted.

Citizens also have the power to overrride legislation enacted by the City Council by submitting a petition of voters.

Croatia has a three-tiered, independent judicial system governed by the constitution and national legislation enacted by the Sabor.

enact legislation   (promulgar legislación)

As such, only the provincial legislature may enact legislation to amend private law.

These are areas in which member states have renounced any capacity to enact legislation.

This distinction gave Congress the power to enact legislation that would reverse the policy.

draft legislation   (proyecto de ley)

He was seconded to Nigeria to draft legislation in 1965 until 1967.

This often includes human rights proofing of draft legislation, or policies.

They prepare draft legislation and exercise parliamentary control over their fields of activity.

legislation allowing   (legislación que permite)

He also secures the passing of legislation allowing mixed-race marriages.

In this capacity, he passed legislation allowing for the province to introduce its own treasury banks.

On December 2, 2009, Monserrate voted against legislation allowing same-sex marriage, which failed to pass the Senate.

primary legislation   (legislación primaria)

In Britain, the Cinematograph Act 1909 was the first primary legislation to specifically regulate the film industry.

The Principal Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, announced on 2 June 2010 of the Government's decision and intention to abolish the General Teaching Council for England by primary legislation.

Legislation that is found to be beyond power will be "invalid" and of no force; this applies to primary legislation, requiring constitutional authorization, and secondary legislation, ordinarily requiring statutory authorization.

supported legislation   (legislación respaldada)

He supported legislation to provide marshals for school security.

During her brief tenure in office, Burdick supported legislation on pay equity and women's rights.

Ryan has also supported legislation that would impose criminal penalties for certain doctors who perform "partial-birth abortions".

legislation creating   (legislación que crea)

The President succeeded in getting legislation creating a system of licensure for nuclear plants by the AEC.

In response to the deaths of Luis Baez, Randolph Evans and Eleanor Bumpers, Green authored legislation creating the Center for Law and Social Justice at Medgar Evers College.

In 2016, Walker signed legislation creating a pair of pilot programs to test alternative-care delivery and payment models for Medicaid recipients who have significant or chronic mental illness.

legislation against   (legislación contra)

Rurua proposed and draft laws legislation against organized crime.

As an abolitionist, he was allied in 1831 with George Stephen in pressing Parliament for immediate legislation against slavery.

Widespread refusal led to legislation against the clergy, "forcing them into exile, deporting them forcibly, or executing them as traitors".

legislation was introduced   (se introdujo la legislación)

The piece of legislation was introduced to the House as H.R.

Implementing legislation was introduced into the U.S. Congress on April 29 by Rep. James C. Wright, Jr. (D–Texas).

After the Rose Revolution a new legislation was introduced that guaranteed free speech and decriminalised defamation.