legislative assembly   (立法议会)

Khan was member of Bihar legislative assembly twice.

He may also prorogue or dissolve the legislative assembly.

In the Andhra Pradesh state legislative assembly elections 2004.

legislative election   (立法选举)

The previous legislative election took place in 2009.

The next legislative election took place in January 2012.

Much to his surprise, the left won the legislative election.

legislative elections   (立法选举)

Local and legislative elections were delayed until 1996–97.

Tsao defeated Lin Hui-kuan in the 2008 legislative elections.

Local and legislative elections were delayed until 1996-1997.

legislative session   (立法会议)

The legislative session began on January 19, 1891.

Those changes were eventually made in the 2002 legislative session.

The first legislative session in the new capital met in December 1847.

legislative body   (立法机关)

The parliament is a unicameral legislative body.

The Parliament of Croatia () is a unicameral legislative body.

The House of Representatives is the principal legislative body.

state legislative

In the Andhra Pradesh state legislative assembly elections 2004.

In 1912, Walsh won a state legislative election for U.S. Senate.

In 1983, Leach sought to regain his former state legislative seat.

legislative district

Combs' first electoral outing was for the 47th legislative district, in Travis County.

He said Biñan has met the population and revenue requirements to be a legislative district.

The city of Iloilo has only one legislative district and is subdivided into 180 barangays (barrios).

legislative branch   (立法部门)

The City Council serves as the legislative branch.

The LGUs have control of the executive and legislative branch.

The legislative branch includes the National Assembly and the Senate.

legislative power

A unicameral parliament ("") holds legislative power.

One aspect of federal jurisdiction is the extent of legislative power.

Federal legislative power is vested in both the government and parliament.

legislative districts

As of 2018, all six of Austin's state legislative districts are held by Democrats.

It had not changed legislative districts to reflect the decennial censuses, either.

Voters in each of New Jersey's 40 legislative districts elected two General Assemblymen.

legislative council

It had won 10 of 25 elected seats in the legislative council.

The federal cabinet agreed on the condition that the legislative council be abolished.

Prior to Ghana's independence, the Governor of Ghana presided over the legislative council.

legislative powers

The Shura Council's legislative powers were limited.

The Estates of Aruba has legislative powers.

The two legislative powers of the OLP are directives and regulations.

legislative process

"Terry Bracy is a true master of the legislative process.

The act had strong bipartisan support at every stage in the legislative process.

Both men and their staffs allowed Kaiser an inside view of the legislative process.

executive and legislative

The LGUs have control of the executive and legislative branch.

The council served as the executive and legislative branch of Dahomey.

Still, limited control by the executive and legislative bodies exists.

legislative constituency

In 2013 Karnataka elections, Yavagal again won the election to become the MLA of Nargund legislative constituency for the fifth time.

Corrèze's 2nd constituency The 2nd constituency of the Corrèze is a French legislative constituency in the Corrèze department (Limousin).

Loire-Atlantique's 3rd constituency The 3rd constituency of Loire-Atlantique is a French legislative constituency in the Loire-Atlantique "département".

legislative bodies

Still, limited control by the executive and legislative bodies exists.

Runde’s role in policy design also includes public testimonies to national legislative bodies.

Elections in Belgium Elections in Belgium are organised for legislative bodies only, and not for executive functions.

legislative and executive

A battle of wills took place between the legislative and executive branches.

This form of government blends legislative and executive branch functions in the same body.

In 1818, the court became a separate entity, independent of the legislative and executive branches.

legislative bureau

Both of them were also made "Zhongshu Shilang" (中書侍郎), the deputy head of the legislative bureau (中書省, "Zhongshu Sheng").

Later in 787, Emperor Dezong summoned Li Bi back to Chang'an and made him "Zhongshu Shilang" (中書侍郎), the deputy head of the legislative bureau.

He made Dou "Zhongshu Shilang" (中書侍郎), the deputy head of the legislative bureau (中書省, "Zhongshu Sheng") as well as the director of financial affairs.

legislative authority

It is the supreme legislative authority in Finland.

The Parliament () is the representative legislative authority of the Republic of Estonia.

These do not have any legislative authority, and are wholly dependent upon ecclesial support.

state legislative assembly

In the Andhra Pradesh state legislative assembly elections 2004.

The city elects one member in the Sikkim state legislative assembly, the Vidhan Sabha.

Roy stood as the Left Front candidate in Town Bardowali in the 2003 state legislative assembly elections.

first legislative

The first legislative session in the new capital met in December 1847.

This was the first legislative body in the Oregon Country selected in a regular election.

The first legislative and presidential elections were held in 1996; the first local elections in January–May 2005.

legislative action

I want to emphasize again that now is the time for legislative action.

Some individual states have also taken legislative action to recognize this day.

As a result, reforms essential to peace implementation await legislative action.

legislative assistant

Racine worked as a legislative assistant for Senator Patrick Leahy.

Afterwards, he became a legislative assistant to Robert F. Drinan, a member of Congress.

Lewis was a legislative assistant to Senator Edward Brooke and Delegate Walter E. Fauntroy.

legislative history

Further, the dissent cited the Reconstruction Era legislative history pointing towards a narrower interpretation.

As the legislative history for the SCPA explained, patent and copyright protection for chip layouts, chip "topographies", was largely unavailable.

The relator's share is determined based on the FCA itself, legislative history, Department of Justice guidelines released in 1997, and court decisions.

legislative sessions   (立法会议)

The first full legislative sessions were held in San Jose (1850–1851).

He served in the Oregon House for the 1939 and 1941 legislative sessions.

Most of Patton's proposals failed in the 2000 and 2001 legislative sessions.

legislative changes

In 2013 that were legislative changes.

These legislative changes were not well received by the legal community.

This case, along with others of this type paved the way for major legislative changes.

legislative agenda   (立法议程)

As such, it asserts control over the legislative agenda.

Hence, it is the Cabinet that drives Parliament's legislative agenda.

Participatory governance and transparency were major thrusts of Robredo's legislative agenda.

legislative aide   (立法助手)

Trimpa's political start was as a legislative aide for U.S.

Boulanger was also a legislative aide to Senator Bob Smith.

He then served as a legislative aide to Massachusetts Governor Endicott Peabody.

legislative committee

As of now, however, he is not a part of any legislative committee.

In April 1988, he became a minister - the chairman of the legislative committee.

It was killed in a Kansas legislative committee, a second attempt was also rejected in 1962.

legislative act

In 1970, the center received its current name by legislative act.

The membership of the court was increased by legislative act from three to five justices in 1919.

On 28 November 2016, the university came into existence via a legislative act of Haryana Vidhan Sabha.

legislative assemblies

There were two kinds of taxes, those levied by the Crown and those levied by legislative assemblies.

The state legislative assemblies also play a key role in electing the ceremonial president of India.

A total of 505 seats from 12 state legislative assemblies are contested in the 14th general election.

legislative proposals   (立法建议)

Rémy Jacques published many legislative proposals and reports.

François Deloncle submitted numerous legislative proposals and reports.

He was active in budget debates and submitted various legislative proposals.

legislative branches

The judiciary is independent of the executive and legislative branches.

All members of the executive and legislative branches are directly elected.

The government of the City of Chicago is divided into executive and legislative branches.

legislative term

During Fang's legislative term, on 15 August 1984, Lin Yi-hsiung was released.

The House is composed of an odd number of members elected for one legislative term of five years.

He was a member of the Parliamentary Committee for Employment and Labour until the end of the 5th legislative term.