state legislature   (州議会)

In 1797, the state legislature elected him as U.S.

In the state legislature Shasta is in , and .

In 1867 the state legislature approved funds for the school.

legislature passed   (議会が可決)

However, in 1998, the legislature passed a law reorganizing the department.

The Connecticut legislature passed a resolution praising the crew of "Dexter".

provincial legislature   (州議会)

He is one of four openly gay members of the provincial legislature.

It was established on October 27, 2017 by law of the provincial legislature.

It had been passed unanimously (by all parties) in the provincial legislature.

territorial legislature   (領土議会)

The party disbanded in June 1891 prior to elections for territorial legislature.

Nonetheless, Liberals captured one third of seats in the territorial legislature.

The academy was officially chartered by the territorial legislature on September 29, 1849.

bicameral legislature   (二院制議会)

Bihar is one of the seven states where bicameral legislature exists.

Gabon has a bicameral legislature with a National Assembly and Senate.

It stipulated a bicameral legislature, both houses of which were elected.

unicameral legislature

१ प्रदेश सभा) is the unicameral legislature of Province No.

It was the fourth unicameral legislature in Philippine history.

The junta would also appoint a 250-member unicameral legislature.

national legislature   (議会)

Since November 9, 2017, Hammerschmid has been serving in the national legislature.

capital cities there are distinct government districts centred on the national legislature.

Lee became the second Korean, and first Korean woman, to win election to a non-Korean national legislature.

state legislature passed   (州議会が可決)

In 2006, the state legislature passed a bill to return "Nanih Waiya" to the Choctaw.

The state legislature passed a law that requires doctors to reveal information about the mental state of persons applying to buy guns.

Prior to the initiative's passing, the state legislature passed a law in 1971 defining legislative records as "correspondence, amendments, reports, and minutes of meetings".

legislature created

Territorial legislature created what would become the game department in 1903.

A new source of funding was opened up when the legislature created the state's Environmental Protection Fund.

In 1933, the state legislature created the Overseas Road and Toll Bridge District to seek federal funding to extend the roadways.