Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

total length   (largo total)

This annual killifish grows to a total length of .

They are small fish, no more than in total length.

The bridge has three spans and a total length of .

entire length   (longitud completa)

The river is navigable for its entire length of .

The entire length of the highway is within Nayarit.

full length   (longitud total)

The full length of the R619 is within County Cork.

The full length of the court is 13.4 metres (44 ft).

It was a full length role along with N. T. Rama Rao.

overall length   (longitud total)

The overall length rose by and the wheelbase rose by .

The overall length of the railroad was about 11.5 miles.

They had an overall length of , a beam of and a draught of .

length of time   (período de tiempo)

This length of time the construction required.

Minimizing the length of time spent in this phase is essential.

The enrichment must be varied to remain effective for any length of time.

body length

It is also one of the largest (body length 10 mm.).

It has a head and body length of and with a tail.

"Neoscona theisi" females have a body length up to .

maximum length   (longitud máxima)

The tawny nurse shark grows to a maximum length of .

The fish grow to a maximum length of 40 cm (15.8 in).

Purple tangs grow to a maximum length of near .

reach a length

Shells of "Gyrineum perca" can reach a length of .

This species can reach a length of in total length.

Stems reach a length of more than and in thickness.

cm in length   (cm de longitud)

This angelfish grows to a size of 50 cm in length.

The Agulhas long-billed lark is 18–20 cm in length.

It grows to an average size of 16.6 cm in length.

along the length

Low benches were built along the length of the walls.

It runs along the length of the Santa Lucia Highlands AVA.

Thus illumination was restricted to a belt along the length of the canal.

focal length   (longitud focal)

The normal focal length is at about 25 millimetres.

MAHLI has an focal length and a 33.8–38.5° field of view.

It is the change in focal length that then affects the DOF.

mm in length

Adults of the species grow to 180–260 mm in length.

The shells of adults vary from 20 to 60 mm in length.

It reaching 40 mm in length at its last instar.

same length

Not all plant cells will grow to the same length.

It is worn on the same length at the front and back.

They are about the same length as the palm.

half a length

She finished second, beaten half a length by the colt Catchpole.

Ridden by Thierry Jarnet, she won by half a length from Alice Springs.

As they crossed the line, Ryland took the victory, but by only half a length.

snout–vent length

Adult males measure and females in snout–vent length.

Adult males measure and adult females in snout–vent length.

minutes in length

Each Season 3 episode is now 60 minutes in length.

Most videos are around five to ten minutes in length.

Each Season 2 episode is 30 minutes in length.

short length

His record belies the short length of his tenure.

Leggings also come in capri length and bike short length.

The first short length film (2017.

feet in length

It is expected to weigh 785lb and be 15 feet in length.

It is 135 feet high and 845 feet in length at the crest.

It was 175.6 feet in length and had a breadth of 34 feet.

along its length

Its width varies along its length.

The rhomboidal head shows large compound eyes set midway along its length.

Instead of being split along its length, it is now split across its width.

standard length

This species grows to a length of standard length.

The white suckerfish can reach in standard length.

They grow to around to about 25 cm standard length.

average length   (longitud promedio)

The bird's average length is , with a wingspan of .

The average length of unemployment was 20.4 months.

The queens have an average length of , and a wingspan of .

km in length

The lagoon is 21 km in length and just under 1 km wide.

There are around 600 plants over an area 1.2 km in length.

It was originally about a km in length.

hull length   (longitud del casco)

She had a total length of , a pressure hull length of , a beam of , a height of , and a draught of .

pressure hull length   (longitud del casco de presión)

She had a total length of , a pressure hull length of , a beam of , a height of , and a draught of .

whole length

It's a four-lane motorway in its whole length.

The whole length can be more than five feet.

The long hood ran the whole length of those locomotives.

shell length   (longitud de la carcasa)

The maximum recorded shell length is 7.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 4.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 33 mm.

length between

The bond length between the carbon atom and the oxygen atom is 112.8 pm.

The ships had a length between perpendiculars of , a beam of and a deep draught of .

The maximum overall length of "Fennica" is and her length between perpendiculars is .

meters in length

The Ganges river dolphin ranges from 2.3 to 2.6 meters in length.

The fish has been known to reach 1.5 meters in length and weigh 1.4 kilograms.

This perennial herb has twining or trailing stems which can reach 1.2 meters in length.

maximum total length   (longitud total máxima)

The reedfish reaches a maximum total length of .

This hawkfish reaches to a maximum total length of about .

Adult females are smaller with a maximum total length of .

centimeters in length   (centímetros de longitud)

This species reaches about 38 centimeters in length.

There are ochrea up to 12 centimeters in length.

It grows to a size of 29 centimeters in length.

recorded shell length

The maximum recorded shell length is 7.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 4.5 mm.

The maximum recorded shell length is 33 mm.

metres in length

The Detached Mole is 800 metres in length.

It measures 138.5 metres in length and 22.6 metres in width.

The dam's earth embankment is 38 metres high and 550 metres in length.

half the length

The palea is over half the length of the lemma.

Inferior appendages are about half the length and thick at base.

The aperture is white within and measures over half the length of shell.

feature length   (largometraje)

In 2017 Bulajic began filming what is believed to be his last feature length film.

So I don't really, even though it runs feature length, I don't sort of think of it as a feature film.

In 2018/19 he is directing/producing documentary "Spank the Banker' and developing feature length script.

path length

It has a 1,877 meters of path length and 1,925 meters of total length.

It is due to the 1.5 µm path length through water, which is very short.

The "internal path length" is the sum of the lengths of all unique internal paths.

tail length

The head-and-body length slightly exceeds the tail length.

The tail length is between 13 and 16 cm and the weight is about .

The tail length for the model species for "O. nigripes" is 10.5 cm.

reaches a length

Thereby the river reaches a length of approximately .

It reaches a length of at least 50 mm.

This species reaches a length of TL.

equal length

An equilateral pentagon is a polygon with five sides of equal length.

The two outer bars are of equal length, and are longer than the middle bar.

Blunt cuts of the late 1980s brought long hair to an equal length across the back.

approximately in length

The zenaida dove is approximately in length.

The range is approximately in length with a width of about .

The river is approximately in length.

vowel length   (longitud de la vocal)

It bears a strong relationship to vowel length.

/a/ has contrastive vowel length.

No two words differ in both the nasality of the vowels and vowel length.

miles in length

The channel's waterway is three and a half miles in length.

The longest run is .9 miles in length.

This is the longest R.J. Corman owned line, at over 300 miles in length.

m in length

Fronds are pinnate and usually 0.5–1 m in length.

Fronds may be bi- or tripinnate and 2–3 m in length.

Fronds may be bi- or tripinnate and 1–2 m in length.

runs the length

The building now there runs the length of the block.

A gable roof runs the length of the structure.

The Ribble Way runs the length of the dale.

length of approximately

Thereby the river reaches a length of approximately .

The avenue has a length of approximately 2,700 metres.

It has a length of approximately .

first full length

He also starred in Ron's first full length feature, "Grand Theft Auto".

He filmed his first full length documentary, "Quinta Plata", in New York in 2016.

April 30th 2019 the band's first full length in nine years, Kiss Off was released.

bond length

Its average bond length is 1.4 angstroms.

The magnitude of the bond order is associated with the bond length.

Molecular GeS in the gas phase has a Ge-S bond length of 201.21 pm.

inches in length

Most species are less than 5 inches in length.

Adult angels of this species can reach 9.8 inches in length.

Adult redlip blennies can reach two to four inches in length.

running the length

When ripe the husk splits into two halves along a ridge running the length of the fruit.

There is a purple, deep red or black stripe running the length of the aboral surface of each arm.

A 6,000-seat double-decked grandstand running the length of the field is situated along one side.

length album

They released one full length album, "Justice", in 1987.

They released a full length album, "Surprise Surprise", in December 1984.

They released one full length album, "Push Push One Day Too Far", in 1987.

length of up

The Japanese sawshark reaches a maximum length of up to .

Garda lake trout reach a length of up to .

Females grow to a standard length of up to , while males only reach .

full length album

They released one full length album, "Justice", in 1987.

They released a full length album, "Surprise Surprise", in December 1984.

They released one full length album, "Push Push One Day Too Far", in 1987.

great length   (gran longitud)

The Old Testament is frequently quoted, and often at great length.

Historians have presented the description of this battle at great length.

His will, of great length, was written on 16 August and proved on 6 December 1735.

down the length   (por la longitud)

That color slowly darkens down the length of the plant.

The keel is a strong median ridge running down the length of the sternum.

Ideally, the bore must be cylindrical and the rifling geometry the same down the length of the bore.

length and width   (largo y ancho)

Shapes are limited to two dimensions: length and width.

Like a shape, a form has length and width, but it also has depth.

xanthostoma" females have a mean head length and width of 104 mm and 104 mm.

length and breadth   (largo y ancho)

He would travel with it across the length and breadth of Sindh.

It is of medium size, eight square parasangs in length and breadth.

Love is said to be “ equal in length and breadth ” to the others, and Strife is described as equal to each of them in weight (fr.

length overall   (longitud total)

Her length overall was 56 feet, with a draft of 8 feet.

They had a length overall of , a beam of , and a draught of .

10 inches in length overall.

length of each

The length of each cell can vary from 10 to 21 mm.

"The length of each tributary is given in parentheses:"

In particular, the length of each base pair is the same.

mantle length   (longitud del manto)

The males grow to at least 333mm in mantle length.

The largest specimen taken had a mantle length of 620mm.

Females become sexually mature at a mantle length of 130mm.

barrel length   (longitud del cañón)

The weights and overall and barrel length of the H.E.T.

No barrel length restrictions apply to the scope class in Nordic field biathlon.

A second authority held that the width of the bore was and the barrel length was .

around in length   (alrededor de longitud)

Their antlers are around in length, and in girth.

Current estimates put "Kronosaurus" at around in length.

Sea caves are generally around in length, but may exceed .

variable length

In practice, variable length keys may be employed .

The "TSS" variable length intake ducts system was used.

A variable length space can be inserted between the code words.

track length   (longitud de la pista)

Any block size could be specified up to the maximum track length.

The track length through Westchester County was measured at around .

The three subway lines operating in Nuremberg cover a track length of 36 km.

length of around   (longitud de alrededor)

Females have a body length of around , males around .

Females mature at a body length of around .

"Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis" grow to a maximum length of around .

measures in length

The Orange Line measures in length and counts 31 stations.

The male has been identified and typically measures in length.

The mosque measures in length along its north-south orientation.

original length

The total original length was in 1960 estimated at , compared to with "B. altithorax".

The original length of copyright in the United States was 14 years, and it had to be explicitly applied for.

Most of the remixes featured on the compilation are edited down from their original length to be able to fit on the physical disc.

unit length

Then take any formula_23 of unit length.

The related "weight per unit length" is usually measured in tex or denier.

Second, let be the external force per unit length acting on a small segment of a chain as a function of .

length and wide

At its maximum extent, the lake is in length and wide.

The hairy brown pods are in length and wide.

It is in length and wide.

vary in length

Polydesmids have no eyes, and vary in length from .

Double bass bows vary in length, ranging from .

They vary in length, from one centimeter in diameter upwards.

pages in length

Over 20,000 pages in length, it is divided into 22 volumes, with 676 index pages.

The edition was 44 pages in length, with 2,000 index entries, and was printed in 200 copies.

More than 400 pages in length, the evaluation was the first of its kind in the history of the Organization.

length of service

Due to his length of service, he was given a furlough home.

The length of service for the auxiliary policemen is 21 months, which is identical to that of ROK Army enlistments.

It is believed that, combined with his length of service, contributed to Maine voters approving legislative term limits in 1993.

edge length

This can be represented by a cube with an edge length of about 21 meters.

The distance from the solid's center to its vertices is equal to its edge length.

If the original cube has edge length 1, its dual polyhedron (an octahedron) has edge length formula_6.

similar length

The film consists of two parts of similar length.

The lateral sepals are a similar length to the dorsal sepal but only half as wide.

Overall the thorax and abdomen appear to be of similar length as the prothorax and head.

arc length

arc length of the curve.

The circle is the plane curve enclosing the maximum area for a given arc length.

Alternatively, inversion of the arc length series may be used to avoid iterations.

route length

The highway has a total route length of .

The route length was designated at , with nine new stations.

At this time total route length was .

current length

PA 926 was extended to its current length in 1937.

It was extended to its current length in 1963.

The current length is .

unit of length

A pole is also a unit of length in surveying, equivalent to a rod.

In it, he defined the fundamental unit of length as the thickness of "Mad" No.

Since 1983, the SI unit of length (the meter) has been defined using the speed of light.

length scale   (escala de longitud)

BAOs set up a preferred length scale for baryons.

Here formula_11 is a convenient meniscus length scale.

This choice for this length scale makes formulas simpler.

twice the length

This length may have been chosen because it's twice the length of a violin string.

The petals are white, clawed, and 3 to 5 mm long, about twice the length of the sepals.

The illicium is twice the length of the second dorsal spine and its often darkly banded.

times the length

four times the length of the pipe).

The females are often seen carrying these materials which can be many times the length of the bee.

It is typically directed straight behind the cell and is about 2 to 4 times the length of the cell.

measuring in length

The African scops owl is a small owl, measuring in length.

They are the size of a large rat, measuring in length, not counting the tail.

"Dinoponera" contains one of the largest species of ants in the world, with female "Dinoponera gigantea" specimens measuring in length.

varying length

Options are octet strings of varying length.

The futtocks were of oak and of varying length averaging .

Each episode is divided into various shorts of varying length.

greater length

However, many Alaskan highways of greater length than the Klondike Highway remain unnumbered.

Another insulated wire of much greater length was let down to a greater depth into a colder stratum of water.

It looks very similar to the rock-boring urchin "Echinometra lucunter", but the dark tips and the greater length of the spines are distinctive.