İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

half lengths   (yarım uzunluklar)

He drew away near the finish to win by two and a half lengths from First Lieutenant.

She also finished fourth in the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, beaten one and a half lengths.

He won by one and a half lengths from Never So Bold, with Committed third and Habibti sixth.

great lengths   (büyük uzunluklar)

Jerry goes to great lengths to get a sad-faced handicapped girl to laugh.

He has gone to great lengths to find the right kind of studio production.

He was a paternalistic employer and went to great lengths to improve the situation of his employees.

lengths behind   (arkasındaki uzunluklar)

He finished 38 lengths behind the winner in eleventh.

He finished in second place, 1½ lengths behind Sendawar.

In the race he finished in third, 6 lengths behind surprise winner Mayson.

quarter lengths   (çeyrek uzunluklar)

Triple Crown by one and three quarter lengths.

He won the race by three and a quarter lengths from Tidal Bay.

He took the lead between the last two hurdles and won by two and a quarter lengths from Mossley.

lengths back   (geri uzunluklar)

Bendigo was a further three lengths back in third place.

The winning margin was a head, with three lengths back to Superbe in third.

by a length with a gap of six lengths back to Lord Derby's Toboggan in third.

different lengths

There are also circular walks of different lengths (5 and 8.5 miles).

It is available in different lengths and sizes, and is often colour coded by size.

Other planets and moons have stellar and solar days of different lengths from Earth's.

lengths clear   (uzunlukları temizle)

Queen of the Earth was six lengths clear of the rest in second place.

By the 300 m, Sunline was over three lengths clear as Lonhro settled into his task.

In the latter race she came home ten lengths clear of the Irish Derby winner Wild Bouquet.

varying lengths

Different bath temperatures produced varying lengths of infertility.

The Quran consists of 114 chapters of varying lengths, each known as a sūrah.

The lines are made up of feet of different kinds, and can be of varying lengths.

bond lengths

The buckminsterfullerene molecule has two bond lengths.

Both the M-N and N-P bond lengths are appropriate for double bonds.

These two types of tetrahedra differ with respect to the W-O bond lengths and angles.

focal lengths

Higher focal lengths were less impressive.

Over the range of focal lengths, the minimum and maximum aperture vary.

The aperture stop-down focal lengths make the lens a laggard among wide-angle lenses.

various lengths

That flight time included four runs of various lengths, one of which was 1,400 miles.

Standard track consists of straights of various lengths and corners of different radii and degree of turn.

Dunbar Loop can accommodate both diesel and trolley buses of various lengths, including articulated buses.