more or less   (或多或少)

The group escapes shaken, but more or less unhurt.

Requisition was nothing more or less than seizure.

However, Bavaria was more or less ruled by Arnulf.

much less   (少得多)

This recapture is much less popular than 4...dxc6.

The gas conducts heat much less than the solids.

From the 13th century they are much less common.

less likely   (比较不可能)

With each passing week victory became less likely.

Larger mating plugs were less likely to be removed.

Walking hens are less likely to develop this problem.

no less   (不少)

The council can have no less than seven members.

Nominees must have been dead no less than ten years.

Cream must contain no less than 350 g/kg (35%) milk fat.

less common   (不常见)

Consumption of non-vegetarian food is less common.

An alternative, less common term is "encipherment".

The following is a list of less common cousin terms.

far less

In every group, women were far less literate than men.

However the Indian grid transmits far less electricity.

A cable also requires far less maintenance than a chain.

less successful

Orpen's later self-portraits were less successful.

The 2007–08 season proved to be less successful.

However, the character development is less successful.

less expensive   (不会那么贵)

They are less expensive than Holter monitors.

Pulp-based paper made books less expensive to the general public.

However it can be faster and less expensive than non-volatile memory.

less than half   (少于一半)

The entire attack lasted less than half an hour.

It is less than half a mile from U.S. Route 51.

This was less than half the number prescribed in 2014.

less frequently

Today these names are less frequently used.

Somewhat less frequently, they tour Europe in the autumn.

Over time, Bauer used Ellqvist as a model less frequently.

became less

With each passing week victory became less likely.

This became less frequent following the crisis.

Ewing fell ill and became less of a regular presence.

slightly less

The female's crest is slightly less well developed.

There a slightly less Muslims in the southern parts of Ghana.

The vertical drop for a men's course is and slightly less for women.

less important

Other less important modes of action are also known.

This fort is less important fort in Palghar district.

The way these business semantics are described is less important.

become less

In recent decades they have become less frequent.

By 11 January, Besty had become less organized.

Badgers do not hibernate but may become less active in winter.

even less

There is even less enthusiasm for moral reform.

Prices can then drop to 15 euro or even less for longer stays.

Partial tears are seemingly even less common than complete tears.

less effective   (效果较差)

This causes pure blocking strategies to be less effective.

SEGRAMs would likely be less effective in such conditions.

Unresolved class conflict, however, made these laws less effective.

significantly less

Beladiyas have significantly less money than the Amanat.

The last few weeks at Alexanderplatz were significantly less grueling.

Cultivated forms are often significantly less spiny or even spineless.

less well

An amphitheatre, less well preserved, also exists.

The status of other populations is less well known.

The female's crest is slightly less well developed.

not less

This GM announcement gives me greater concern, not less."

Chak Ngaeo has a long history of not less than 200 years.

Each year, not less than two million people make this pilgrimage.

less time

We used machinery, which is why it took less time.

Foragers take less time when food is more abundant.

The alliance completing the task in less time will win 2 immunities.

less commonly

It is taken by mouth, or less commonly by injection.

Women engaged in anal intercourse less commonly than men.

Some forms are less commonly used today.

less so

The climate is more oceanic in the west, and less so in the east.

The females in a group tend to be closely related and males less so.

Its ears are somewhat rounded, but less so than the African wild dog.

less often

It reaches a height of 10–15 cm (less often 25 cm).

It can cause severe and less often fatal strokes.

In addition, rebalancing of the tree occurs less often.

less popular

This recapture is much less popular than 4...dxc6.

At the time, Fox Sports focused on less popular sports.

Some of these changes were less popular.

less and less

They also received less and less support from Poland.

Over time, cattle ranching became less and less profitable.

The process in awarding contracts became less and less transparent.

less frequent

In recent decades they have become less frequent.

Infestations in Western Australia are less frequent.

This became less frequent following the crisis.

considerably less   (少得多)

Such funding was considerably less available in 2008.

This made them considerably less reliable than a standing army.

The other towns of the Grand Harbour were considerably less affected.

somewhat less   (少一些)

His work on Frederick Rolfe had a somewhat less happy ending.

A white that is somewhat less thick or viscous than a firm white.

Control of wholesale distribution is somewhat less stringent than Schedule II drugs.

less powerful   (不太强大)

The Minoans viewed Velchanos as less powerful that the goddess.

gla1ve only had a submachine gun, so he had a less powerful weapon.

Handheld hardware usually is less powerful than PC or console hardware.

less severe

Attacks get less severe and less frequent in middle age.

Nausea and vomiting are less severe and more easily controlled.

General comment was that his cyclone was less severe than the 2005 storm.

less developed

Direct air capture is less developed than other methods.

Agriculture and industry are less developed.

Tectonic parting is less developed.

little less

The distance between these gates was a little less than .

A little less than half of Colorado is flat and rolling land.

"There was a little less screaming and a little more melody, but it was still us.

less than ten

Nominees must have been dead no less than ten years.

The piece lasts less than ten minutes.

If less than ten players are created, the computer provides the rest.

less efficient   (效率较低)

When used in chronic cases it has been much less efficient.

The fate of the less efficient species is local extinction.

EHD thrusters are far less efficient than conventional engines.

generally less

Aliphatic alkynes are generally less reactive.

The hairy stems are generally less than long.

Each flower is generally less than long.

less formal

Dianics may also gather in less formal Circles.

At less formal gatherings, traditional Scottish music is played.

Smaller private businesses are more likely to have less formal procedures.

less fortunate

Later arrivals were less fortunate but was still provided with land.

Other surviving members were much less fortunate; all became fugitives.

He dedicated the majority of his life's work to aiding the less fortunate.

less dense   (密度较小)

Lower protein/lipid ratios make for less dense lipoproteins.

Between 170 and 260 AD, settlement in Pomerania became less dense.

For example, denser material settles faster than less dense material.

becomes less

One becomes less an individual and more part of the mass.

The Lerner index increases as demand becomes less elastic.

Later she becomes less uptight and ends up friends with the two boys.

usually less

The waves are usually less than a meter long.

They also have short breaks between shows, usually less than a week.

Adults may grow to a total length (body + tail) of , but usually less.

less prominent

There are several less prominent variable stars in Carina.

In larger groups, individual whistle sounds are less prominent.

The Kartha surname is still used, although it is less prominent.

less enthusiastic   (不那么热情)

Some other reviews were less enthusiastic.

Others were less enthusiastic.

"Q" was less enthusiastic, awarding the album two out of five upon release.

nothing less

We'd expect nothing less from Laika."

Nothing more, nothing less.

What it all turns upon is nothing less than the composition of the next generation.

received less

They also received less and less support from Poland.

Because workers had less money to spend, businesses received less income, leading to more closures and lay-offs.

The country to receive the second-greatest number of Z1s, Italy, received less than 7% of the total sold domestically.

less power

Nivelle had less power than his predecessor Joffre.

Vertical designs produce less power and are less common.

This results in reduced noise, vibration and less power loss.

less energy

Badgers are also thought to expend less energy while hunting in burrows.

The recoiling electron has much less energy and a jet of particles is emitted.

In a like way, it might use more total energy, while using less energy per instruction.

becoming less

However, by the mid-80s, he was becoming less successful.

Blue eyes are becoming less common among American children.

Beating of prisoners is common, but is becoming less frequent.

less active

Badgers do not hibernate but may become less active in winter.

AMP became less active as U.S. involvement in Vietnam declined.

Riaba is the other port of any scale on Bioko but is less active.

less clear

In general, this would make the law less clear.

Its ideological stance became less clear and consistent.

The intended voting positions of senators are less clear.

lasted less

The entire attack lasted less than half an hour.

Bush started Game 4, and lasted less than an inning.

His entire administration had lasted less than 24 hours.

less serious

The astronauts also engaged in less serious activities on the Moon.

Hydrangeas are another potential pest, but their threat is less serious.

There were also a series of less serious riots in other towns and cities.

less costly   (成本更低)

The less costly barley would feed three people for one day's wages.

The emphasis was on making installation of the cable easier and less costly.

The B-29 and B-50 gave the U.S. Air Force less costly "off the shelf" options.

though less

The Sweden Democrats made gains, though less than anticipated.

In summer, days are very hot, though less so than in the central Sahara.

The terms "Cypriote" and "Cyprian" are also used, though less frequently.

less significant

However, the less significant Moscow Soviet was dominated by the Bolsheviks.

However, in the economic boom of the 1940s, these impositions were less significant than in earlier periods.

However, this division was less significant than it seems, since both the priests and pharaohs came from the same family.

less favorable

It simply makes the third factor less favorable to the defendant.

The concert at the famed Sydney Opera House received a less favorable review.

Fran gradually weakened over the next several days over less favorable conditions.

less stable   (不稳定)

This product is less stable than crème fraîche when heated.

GPS receivers have clocks as well, but they are less stable and less precise.

The latter is less stable and transforms to the former phase upon heating to about 350 °C.

less positive

However, some critics gave it less positive reviews.

Reviews of the Xbox version were less positive.

Other contemporary reviews were less positive.

less accurate

However, it is also less accurate than MCML near the source and boundaries.

Optical devices when used with rigorous activity can be less accurate or when used underwater.

Although it was less accurate than existing quartz clocks, it served to demonstrate the concept.

less attractive   (缺乏吸引力)

They generally tend to be heavier and less attractive when compared to natural base rock.

Young motherhood seemed to be less attractive and the age of the first birth rose sharply.

It was also meant to make non-reusable beverage containers more expensive and thus, less attractive.

less sensitive

It could have been portrayed in a less sensitive light.

It is less sensitive than pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN).

61 MHz when protium is at 400 MHz) and is much less sensitive.

less able

Specifically, the nucleus becomes fibrous and stiff and less able to bear load.

The regulated person is more stimulus bound and less able to see the "big picture".

As Okko becomes cheerier, though, Suzuki notices that she is less able to see the ghosts.

less money

Pascal said, "People want to work for less money.

Beladiyas have significantly less money than the Amanat.

I'll pay them less money.

other less

Metals can be coated with paint or other less conductive metals ("passivation").

These are mainly produced by Jupiter or Yamaha, but other less expensive versions can be found.

However, there are other less common fibers that can fall into the natural and synthetic categories.

less success

The team had less success on the tour the next season.

Again Klussmann came to the rescue, but with less success.

A second single, "When You Walk in the Room", was released but met with less success.

less complex

Ladies wear a less complex type of their ordinary dress.

The average stage is less complex than a multicycle computer.

PAL and SECAM are less complex and demanding than NTSC for film-out.

less prone   (不那么容易)

This made it less prone to American attack from the sea.

Hydrogenated fatty acids are less prone toward rancidification.

Due to its geometry, the sail is less prone to collapsing than a spinnaker.

less known

Mechanisms of dispersal are less known in these genera.

Mechanisms concerning chemorepellents are less known than chemoattractants.

Many of Majkowski's other, less known, writings were also published or republished.

used less

Another type of driver, used less frequently, is a roller.

The warrior image has been used less frequently since 1999.

Well known Indian spices are used less.

less susceptible   (不那么敏感)

Viruses are less susceptible to this effect than bacteria.

Compared to BICEP2, POLARBEAR focuses on a smaller patch of the sky and is less susceptible to dust effects.

Sterile water samples have been observed to be less susceptible to speciation changes than non-sterile samples.

less reliable

This made them considerably less reliable than a standing army.

in case of some PCBs), less reliable "in vitro" data have been used.

Figures for Scotland are less reliable and should be treated with caution.

less distinguishable

Wrestlers portrayed heroes, villains, or less distinguishable characters in scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

Wrestlers portrayed villains, heroes, or less distinguishable characters in the scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

less attention

Her subsequent books got progressively less attention from reviewers.

Though it receives less attention, an understanding of human visual perception is valuable to rendering.

Oleg Prokofiev said, "he tried to help so many people that ... less and less attention was paid to his pleas."

less obvious

The result is less obvious for cubes of even size.

A less obvious advantage was that of boiler scale.

Beneath they show a less obvious zone of the same color;.

require less

STCs are more efficient and require less maintenance.

Other theories require less common minerals such as mackinawite or greigite.

The F-35 is designed to require less maintenance than earlier stealth aircraft.

less distinguishable characters

Wrestlers portrayed heroes, villains, or less distinguishable characters in scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

Wrestlers portrayed villains, heroes, or less distinguishable characters in the scripted events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling match or series of matches.

less experienced

There is also a Catch-up mode to help less experienced players.

Only South Ridge ("Peasants Ridge") can be recommended to less experienced walkers.

Washington's army of less experienced men were defeated in the pitched battles at Philadelphia.

times less

But costs almost five times less".

In it almost 90 figures, the size of which is 35 times less than human growth.

Pesce's "The Eyes of My Mother" has ten times less gore than this and still managed to be ten times as scary.

up less

By 2007, black players made up less than 9% of the major leagues.

The Latvian community in Maryland in very small and makes up less than 2,000 people.

The path takes up less than half the width of the tunnel, with the rest of the floor uneven rocks.

less restrictive

There are also less restrictive forms of group homes, which often use the house parent model.

Simple adoption is less restrictive in its requirements and less radical in effects than plenary adoption.

His successors Nerva and Trajan were less restrictive, but in reality their policies differed little from his.

died less

Herndon's wife Anna died less than two years later.

He died less than four years later.

He died less than a year later.

often less

Online music magazines and blogs were often less kind.

CAM is also often less regulated than conventional medicine.

Lag due to network delay is, in contrast, often less of a problem.

considered less

As lepers, they are considered less than human.

It is considered less difficult than a 360 degree spin.

The flora is similar to that found on Juniper Hill, though considered less abundant.

less well known

The status of other populations is less well known.

A bit less well known were the Classic series of 1:25 scale vehicles offered by Jo-Han.

Tian Zhuangzhuang's films, though less well known by Western viewers, were well noted by directors such as Martin Scorsese.

typically less

The puparium is typically less than 2.3 mm long and 0.75 mm wide.

These all have a relatively low alcohol content, typically less than 15%.

D in the expression is between 1 and 2, for coastlines typically less than 1.5.

use less

Using carbon fiber allows simpler designs that use less raw material.

If you use less than your Entitlement of units, you can sell your surplus.

The DDR5 ram would use less power and would have double the bandwidth compared to the DDR4 RAM.

less water

However, this leaves less water in fishing areas.

Less and less water flowed down the Uzboy.

This is attributed to less water discharging into the lake.

less toxic   (毒性较小)

but is less toxic in comparison, despite still being a toxic drug.

It pointed out that wind farm waste is less toxic than other garbage.

In humans, it is quickly converted to urea, which is much less toxic, particularly less basic.

less aggressive   (不太积极)

They are smaller and less aggressive than other members of the family Acanthuridae.

Between his stints in Static-X, he formed another, less aggressive band called Revolve.

The reduced costs and crashes mean it is a safer and less aggressive environment for drivers, but not as popular with fans.

less pronounced   (不太明显)

The influence of the French, Irish, and Carib seems less pronounced.

Since the Renaissance the "S"-shape is generally much less pronounced.

However seasonal extremes are less pronounced than those in inland Poland.

located less

Centerville Cemetery is located less than a mile northeast at (NAD27).

The village of Ormiscaig is located less than one mile along the coast road.

Chalai Bazaar, one of the busiest market in the state, is located less than a mile from Thampanoor.

cost less

This kind of radar can cost less than $100 (2012).

Though noisy, they usually cost less than regular taxis.

In the United States condoms usually cost less than US$1.00.

much less common

From the 13th century they are much less common.

It is much less common in Caesar than in Livy.

Total color blindness is much less common than partial color blindness.

requires less

Water stored in bulk containers requires less space than water stored in smaller bottles.

This flange is less expensive than a weld neck and requires less accuracy when cutting pipe to length.

In defense of APL use, APL requires less coding to type in, and keyboard mappings become memorized over time.

having less

They had relatively small horse herds, thus having less impact on their ecosystem.

He was sent for flight training, but washed out due to having less than perfect eyesight.

Most of these Institutes did not have large libraries, usually having less than 1,000 books.

smaller and less

The male is smaller and less colorful than the female.

Honduras' infantry was smaller and less well equipped.

Already there was a desire for smaller and less power-hungry machines.

less emphasis

The new program continued in the same format as his previous show, with less emphasis on politics.

Compared to its predecessor, the action is considerably smoother, with less emphasis on difficulty and more on speed.

There is no statistical equivalent in cricket for the fielding error and thus less emphasis on personal responsibility in this area of play.

less affected

Thus, mishits are less affected by the newer clubheads.

The other towns of the Grand Harbour were considerably less affected.

In the early 1840s the UK was relatively less affected than the rest of Europe.

less desirable

in eastern Nigeria, although the L-dopa content makes it less desirable.

Chemical means are overall a less desirable method of control because of the side effects and cost.

This produces "pink" veal which grows more slowly and is less desirable to the continental customer.

paid less

There were also 45 that paid less than the minimum wage.

Tina Brown asked Pascal to explain why actresses did not realize they were being paid less than male actors.

Champenois vineyard owners found themselves in a situation where they were being paid less for fewer grapes.

although less

This time it was rebuilt by more modern although less picturesque standards.

", although less prevalent versions of the story gave credit to his wife Mary Jo.

It is still being practiced, although less and less, today, by specialists such as Dana.