piano lessons   (ピアノのレッスン)

Her parents had her take piano lessons as a child.

He began taking piano lessons at the age of eight.

She also gave piano lessons to make extra money.

lessons learned   (学んだ教訓)

The lessons learned from Force X and Nenita were combined in the 7th BCT.

Childhood lessons learned from his father, a tanner, now served him well.

However, the lessons learned were considered anticlimactic and dispiriting.

private lessons   (プライベートレッスン)

He did receive private lessons from Diederik Korteweg.

Himmer gave private lessons while he was at high school.

It offered private lessons in piano, violin, music theory and more.

music lessons

Esen began music lessons at the age of 5 in Turkey.

He took his first music lessons from Giovanni Canale.

The teacher found out and banned him from music lessons.

took lessons

Yaron took lessons at the Tel-Aviv Conservatorium.

She also took lessons about musical composition and harmony.

I took lessons from Eugenie Fougère.

singing lessons

At age five her parents enrolled her in singing lessons.

Later he took private singing lessons.

After retiring from opera, she gave singing lessons in Munich.

guitar lessons

He sold seed to pay for guitar lessons as a teenager.

He took bass guitar lessons in his youth.

When he was seven, he took classical guitar lessons at school.

taking lessons

and began taking lessons at the Imperial Academy of Arts in 1809.

He continued with his legal studies, but also began taking lessons from a local artist.

She began playing piano at the age of four and started taking lessons at the age of eight.

art lessons

Despite the hardship, he was able to take art lessons.

However, she was unable to afford the extra fee for art lessons.

He served an apprenticeship as a printer and took art lessons in the evenings.

acting lessons

She also began private acting lessons.

After graduation, she returned to Greenwich Village and took acting lessons with Paul Mann.

She worked for Eileen Ford's modeling agency, Ford Models, and took acting lessons from Stella Adler.

flying lessons

In late 1909, he started taking flying lessons from Glenn Curtiss.

While a student at Wellesley College, Nichols secretly took flying lessons.

He competed in swimming, basketball, and track, while also taking flying lessons.

violin lessons

She also had singing, piano, and violin lessons.

Florizel had his first violin lessons with his mother.

She received her first violin lessons at the age of seven.

dance lessons

Teams hold fundraisers, social events, and ballroom dance lessons.

On the second day, acts were given dance lessons by choreographers.

Activities include magicians, storytellers, and Irish dance lessons.

voice lessons

In 1953, he began voice lessons with Elisabeth Radó.

As a child, she took piano, guitar, and voice lessons.

Born in Braunschweig, Remmert took voice lessons from age 17.

first lessons

It was only in 1948 that she took her first lessons, with Lise Daniels.

His first lessons were from Richard Vincent O'Brien (father of Vincent O'Brien).

It is possible that Legrenzi gave the young Antonio his first lessons in composition.

drawing lessons

However, by 1835, was also taking drawing lessons.

The company paid for his drawing lessons with Carl V. Meyer.

Later he took drawing lessons.

life lessons   (人生の教訓)

Also, on Friday nights Nivonimers have the chance to give "Oh My Lord's" which are short speeches about life lessons usually learned in camp.

The stories revolve around a young robot named Olie learning life lessons and going on wacky adventures (either real or imaginative) while growing up.

"Billboard" described it as channeling "a spectrum of rattling emotions that range from anger and losing a loved one to being inspired and sharing personal life lessons."

took piano lessons

She took piano lessons from an early age.

He took piano lessons when he was young.

Fraser took piano lessons between the ages of seven and seventeen.