İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

let go   (bırak)

As a result, Tremaine was let go by the university.

Although he was eventually let go by the school.

Samuel Fisk, who had been let go by the First Church.

not let   (izin verme)

This time, the knuckleballer did not let him down.

I knew that the RPF would not let that stand.

For days the nurseryman would not let him in.

let alone   (bırak gitsin)

4) and is hence not modular, let alone distributive.

In the first phase, the body is let alone to decompose.

"But we didn't have enough for our first album, let alone our second.

refused to let   (izin vermeyi reddetti)

She refused to let Beth out of her sight for a minute.

But Pacha Simalu Hazarika refused to let the conspirators in.

On one occasion both banks in the city refused to let him have money.

let down   (hayal ırıklığına uğratmak)

However, it is let down by a very weak narration".

He also tells Ashoka to never let down his guard.

He's just begging to be let down [from the car roof]."

let him go   (Bırak onu)

But she later realises that she has to let him go.

The Jets let him go and Tampa Bay brought him back.

He tells Sirena to let him go as "it's all over."

refuses to let   (izin vermiyor)

However, Sonny refuses to let them take his niece.

Frank refuses to let Sandra go and instead chains her up.

Carmel is angry and she refuses to let Theresa take her away.

not to let

Spleen is upset but tries not to let his feelings show.

However, Hamdani was told not to let any of the sons die.

Bob promises to do exactly that and for once, not to let him down.

never let   (asla izin verme)

He also tells Ashoka to never let down his guard.

I never let technique get in the way of mood or continuity."

The three hippies never let her alone.

agreed to let

Zeus considered Apollo's words and agreed to let him live.

His family agreed to let him study painting, but only if he also studied medicine.

Shortly thereafter, Wangensteen agreed to let Barnard switch to Lillehei's service.

let her go

Kim convinces him to let her go and he agrees.

To avoid her death, Apollo turned her into a nymph and let her go.

While Vakil Singh agrees to let her go, Lakhna revolts and disagrees.

agrees to let

He agrees to let the teens go if Alex gives him the key.

He agrees to let Thésée marry Églé.

Apollo agrees to let Admète live if someone will die in his place.

then let   (o zaman izin ver)

He then let the music be heard through the words.

With joyful hearts then let us sing, advance Australia fair.

did not let   (izin vermedi)

This time, the knuckleballer did not let him down.

The fever did not let up even after his arrival in the capital.

Higgins' mother was very religious and conservative, and did not let him listen to hip hop.

let loose   (salıvermek)

The sharp edge of the CIA's sword has been let loose with few strings attached.

In some cases the bear was let loose, allowing it to chase after animals or people.

In September, Charles wrote to the queen, "William Murray is let loose upon me from London.

decided to let

They decided to let Caroline Place and find a house near the base.

Then he decided to let some little girls help him with the chore for $10, which made it easier.

Despite returning to the club's practices in recent weeks, Olympiakos decided to let the player go.

let off   (salmak)

The individuals were let off in exchange for the guilty plea.

Bill is let off with a warning not to tell anyone about what happened.

let people   (Insanlara izin ver)

They wanted to let people do their thing."

We added the drums and strings this year and then we thought it might be a good time to let people hear it to see what they thought!"

Brody's profile on the TVNZ "Home and Away" website states that he can occasionally be "a bit gruff" and he struggles to let people in.

let it go   (bırak gitsin)

So just let it go," and the story was killed.

He received no response, but felt reluctant to let it go.

Andy suggests that, after twelve years, it's time to let it go.

let them go

Without any concrete proof the police have to let them go.

There are people who have done a bad job, and I let them go.

Legazpi let them go to demonstrate his confidence in Lakandula.

decides to let

Pugachev decides to let Pyotr go to Orenburg.

Wolf decides to let Jack go free after Jack saves his life.

Since Charlie went through all the trouble, Satan decides to let them go.


And my friend said “You’re right, screw it, let’s do it"."

In the meantime, let’s hope they get together again and tour this.

And if not, let’s move forward."

let s

And my friend said “You’re right, screw it, let’s do it"."

In the meantime, let’s hope they get together again and tour this.

And if not, let’s move forward."

just let   (izin ver)

So just let it go," and the story was killed.

Just let ‘em trip out, just let ‘em talk.

This time, I just let the filter go."

let him know   (ona haber ver)

She also says that she won't let him know about his child.

I just wanted to pay homage through song and let him know, like, 'You’re the shit!'"

Saint Benigne would have let him know that he was quite mourned that his cult was neglected.

let anyone   (kimseye izin ver)

"It's unlikely that we'd let anyone else live there."

Once a horse that would not let anyone even touch his back was brought to him.

The incident makes Alleyn notice how keen Roberts is not to let anyone get too close to the cart.

going to let   (izin verecek)

"It is something that is he not going to let pass."

Are we going to let this narrow water deter us?"

"He's not going to let Georgia beat us."

willing to let   (izin vermeye istekli)

CBS was willing to let WTVJ out of its contract one year early.

She breaks down crying in his arms, and admits that she had been willing to let him die.

The shopkeeper is willing to let Valentin take it without charge, but urges him not to accept the offer.

order to let   (izin vermek)

In order to let Xiangyi enter the Zhao household, Yiqiao let Xiangyi borrow her identity.

In a flashback, we see that Alex actually folded the winning hand in order to let Tommy have the title he wanted for so long.

However, he rings a bell just before he leaves in order to let children know that the Christmas tree and the presents are ready.

let them know

One day I got a six-pack of beer, called the pastor, and let them know I quit.

We were like 'No, it's not about that' and we tried to let them know what it was really about.

He said, "But Steve [Hillenburg] had no interest in that and let them know that in no uncertain terms."