İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

wrote a letter   (bir mektup yazdı)

Some did artwork, and she wrote a letter in character.

Wolf wrote a letter to talk about the album.

She wrote a letter to Chadral Rinpoche who confirmed this.

open letter   (açık mektup)

Choksi has protested his innocence in an open letter.

Thirty one of them signed an open letter to Yad Vashem.

In 2015, Gurira signed an open letter begun by the ONE Campaign.

sent a letter   (bir mektup gönderdi)

Not long before Luke had sent a letter to Cora declaring his love.

The Guyanese government sent a letter to Venezuela on 8 January 1969.

Horiuchi sent a letter of testimony that he did not know these facts.

received a letter   (bir mektup aldı)

He received a letter of marque on 8 November 1808.

Rebozo received a letter threatening his life in 1974.

Captain William Clark received a letter of marque on 23 May 1803.

letter written   (yazılı mektup)

The title derives from a letter written by Karl Marx.

Claire gives Christine a letter written to her by Ben.

According to a letter written by Captain D.W. Knox, USN (ret.)

first letter

Eustis had sent his first letter of 18 June by special messenger.

He earned his first letter playing center for the LSU Tigers football team.

Martin finds Max's first letter incomprehensible, as it seems to be in code.

letter dated

wrote Peter in a letter dated 13 August 1710.

The king requested the pope to confirm it in a letter dated May 1253.

His letter of 14 July 1732 was answered by a letter dated 31 October 1732.

letter of marque   (mark harf)

He received a letter of marque on 8 November 1808.

He acquired a letter of marque on 29 October 1805.

That day Robertson also acquired a letter of marque.

signed a letter   (bir mektup imzaladı)

In response, 57 former EPA counsels signed a letter criticizing Pruitt's directive.

In 2018 Merpati Nusantara signed a letter of intent for 10 Irkut MC-21-300 aircraft.

In June, Skyways signed a letter of intent to purchase a number of Avro 748 aircraft.

letter sent   (mektup gönderildi)

They embraced Islam peacefully on 630 AD upon receiving the letter sent from Muhammad through 'Amr ibn al-'As.

The letter sent out to parents saying the school would become and academy on 1 July was sent out on Monday, 4 July.

It was marketed by Zircon as "Channel F Jet-Stick" in a letter sent out to registered owners before Christmas 1982.

placing the letter   (mektubu yerleştirmek)

ATCvet codes can be created by placing the letter Q in front of the ATC code of most human medications.

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Wolf.

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Heis.

letter of intent   (niyet mektubu)

The 1963 letter of intent from Sandys confirmed this in Rhodesia's eyes.

Ebanks signed his letter of intent with Bob Huggins' West Virginia University.

Brown signed a national letter of intent to enroll at UConn on February 2, 2005.

love letter   (Aşk mektubu)

In class she receives an anonymous love letter.

One day, Amalan gives Nivedita a love letter.

Berger calls it a "love letter to European silent cinema."

letter addressed   (mektup alındı)

Back in San Francisco, a letter addressed to Martin is returned stamped "Address Unknown".

Another 1991 letter addressed to Baker used similar language implying Hamas control of the zakat charities.

Rolfe, in a voice over, reads a letter addressed to their only son about his deceased Native American mother.

receives a letter   (bir mektup alır)

Then she receives a letter from Lansquenet-sous-Tannes from Armande Voizin.

His work is going well when in 1909 Stephen receives a letter from Lady Mary Justin.

At the end of the novel, Harry receives a letter from Shiro, postmarked two weeks earlier.

second letter

As a result, JANA Partners and CalSTRS issued a second letter of support.

She wrote a second letter on 4 March 1943, this time to her late husband's parents.

In this second letter, Hopkinson did not mention designing the flag of the United States.

last letter   (son Mektup)

In his last letter, he complained about the way German women dressed.

This was to be his last letter and he did not live to see the city retaken.

In his last letter to her, Vivekenanda wrote, "You have been a good angel to me".

each letter   (her bir harf)

Against each letter was a key that could be pressed.

A pause of 1.5 seconds separates each letter.

He signed each letter with a smiley face.

sign a letter   (bir mektup imzala)

Spain is reportedly planning to join the program in the later stages and is expected to sign a letter of intent in early 2019.

Because of its historical values, The education minister of Gujarat sign a letter for showing the movie to children of Gujarat.

While Allen had verbally committed to Monmouth, he was still available for recruitment as he had yet to sign a letter of intent.

another letter   (başka bir mektup)

However, another letter of the 28th mentioned Voss by name.

Hearing her crying, Jojo writes another letter retracting the first one.

A musical tone every few seconds served as a signal to add another letter.

write a letter

He had heard that anyone could write a letter to the emperor now, and he did so before leaving.

With Kralahome still plotting to over throw the king, he write a letter to the British claiming Anna is in danger.

Top Rank's Bob Arum stated he would write a letter to the WBA informing them Bryant Jennings would be available and not skipped.

published a letter

In 1989 magazines published a letter by Gilman Louie, head of Spectrum Holobyte.

Richardson published a letter in 2014 in "The Huffington Post" defending himself against the accusations.

Following his release, Nyrabia published a letter of thanks to everybody who participated in the campaign

letter of resignation   (istifa dilekçesi)

Therefore, when the secretary called him he carried a letter of resignation with him.

Tanjim Ahmad Sohel Taj submitted a letter of resignation from parliament on 23 April 2012.

Raya's letter of resignation declared that the Church hierarchy forced his decision to leave his post.

acquired a letter

He acquired a letter of marque on 29 October 1805.

That day Robertson also acquired a letter of marque.

He acquired a letter of marque on 28 March 1809.

letter published

At age 20, he had an early letter published by "The New York Times" in 1903.

A letter published in the "Novascotian" in 1835 led to charges of libel against Howe.

In July 1907, a letter published in "The Times" called the case against Haffkine "distinctly disproven".

same letter

Dr. Askeland also found it suspicious that the author of the fragment wrote the same letter in different ways.

Martin deliberately ignored the writing rule of never giving two characters names starting with the same letter.

It is not uncommon for all lines in a verse to begin with a word starting with the same letter or a similar-sounding letter.

writes a letter   (bir mektup yazar)

If a girl writes a letter, it will only be to a male.

In September 1895, Lenin writes a letter to Lalayants about his .

He writes a letter: "Dear Helen, you will be better off without me.

letter of recommendation   (tavsiye mektubu)

The winners are given a letter of recommendation and a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh (USD 1500 approx.)

On their way to Moscow, Lalayants meets with Lenin and receives a letter of recommendation from him.

Dutton wrote Henderson a letter of recommendation to Yale School of Drama where Henderson graduated in 2011.

writing a letter   (mektup yazmak)

Others may feel fine writing a lab report, but writing a letter to loved one triggers the anxiety.

At this time, 17 prominent members left the Congress, writing a letter of succession detailing why.

The film included a scene in which Mussolini appeared writing a letter and summoning a man to post it.

single letter

Less commonly, a single letter can represent multiple successive sounds.

A single letter may even fill multiple pronunciation-marking roles simultaneously.

However the Scottish Gaelic name of the island of Iona comprises a single letter, Ì.

anonymous letter   (isimsiz mektup)

After the wedding, however, an anonymous letter exposed her.

Pritchard was apprehended after an anonymous letter was sent to the authorities.

In the summer of 1855, an anonymous letter signed simply "A Miner" appeared in the "Oregon Statesman."

personal letter

President Reagan was not there but wrote Schuur a personal letter afterwards.

John received a personal letter from Sir Alex Ferguson thanking him for the song.

Butt did intend to meet with Pius, and he carried with him a personal letter from Taft.

pastoral letter   (pastoral mektup)

In 1962 he issued his pastoral letter "Ut Unum sint".

Dobbs wrote his first pastoral letter to CANA on January 24, 2014.

He condemned the Nazi "worship of race" in a pastoral letter on 29 January 1934.

capital letter   (büyük harf)

The origin is often labelled with the capital letter "O".

He signed his work “beltran” without a capital letter or accent mark.

A corresponding capital letter is at U+01A6 Ʀ, called "Latin Letter Yr".

resignation letter   (istifa mektubu)

Maria even got ready his resignation letter in disgust.

Saavedra was given a period of 72 hours to present his resignation letter.

She had already handed in her resignation letter shortly before her wedding.

issued a letter   (bir mektup yayınladı)

On 25 February, Pack issued a letter to Amnesty members and staff.

He was issued a letter of marque on 16 July, i.e., after he had left.

Two days later, Dupont announced that he had issued a letter of accreditation to Reedman for presentation to Nogueira.

letter signed

A letter signed by renowned business leaders sent to all U.S.

Openshaw subsequently also received a letter signed "Jack the Ripper".

In the summer of 1855, an anonymous letter signed simply "A Miner" appeared in the "Oregon Statesman."

letter of introduction

His letter of introduction to Monsieur de Tréville, the commander of the Musketeers, is stolen.

Tucker arrived in Richmond with a letter of introduction from St. George to Governor James Monroe.

A letter of introduction from David Stirling said of him at the end of this period: "He has done well on our raids.

public letter   (genel mektup)

The first public letter boxes (post boxes) in Russia appeared in 1848 in St. Petersburg.

That same year, Marshall penned a public letter of encouragement to his Hollywood colleagues serving overseas.

Though La Monte did not campaign actively for his candidacy, President Wilson wrote a public letter warmly endorsing him.

letter stating

They had wrote him a letter stating your arrival.

He did, however, write at their request a letter stating that the laws forbade coinage of silver provided by the public.

The Bogd Khan dispatched a delegation of lamas to Beijing with a letter stating that the people of Mongolia did not want to abolish autonomy.

letter he wrote

Endless letters, and I mean when he wrote you a letter he wrote pages."

According to a letter he wrote in 1897, he flew the British Merchant Navy's Red Ensign flag over his house.

Thayer, in a letter he wrote in 1905, mentions Kelly as showing "impudence" in claiming to have written the poem.

letter writing

In her view letter writing as an art "has only just come into existence".

The society has long conducted letter writing campaigns to influence legislation.

This rapidly changed, however, as petitions and letter writing campaigns got nowhere.

letter was sent

This advice was rejected, and a further letter was sent to Herennius.

The third letter was sent from Lisbon after the completion of that voyage.

Pritchard was apprehended after an anonymous letter was sent to the authorities.

private letter   (özel mektup)

In a private letter, Schellenberg dismissed Jenkinson as "an old fossil".

The term "post box" can also refer to a private letter box for incoming mail.

He states that "a private letter may have a signatory—it does not have an author".

letter of apology   (özür mektubu)

In 1990, surviving internees began to receive individual redress payments and a letter of apology.

The execution was said to have been conducted quite poorly by Ketch, who later wrote a letter of apology.

Sources told technology news website "The Verge" that he had been fired for refusing to sign Tim Cook's letter of apology.

letter asking

Wedding invitation A wedding invitation is a letter asking the recipient to attend a wedding.

Cross was expecting Kyle Craig, who had faxed Cross a letter asking for help with the Mr. Smith case.

The main character receives a letter asking for assistant from an old friend named Ardo, now living in Ferdok.

letter of protest   (protesto mektubu)

Bardot wrote him a highly critical letter of protest.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors was outraged and sent a letter of protest to CBS.

The pope soon learned of this and sent a letter of protest to Pedro II who disregarded it.

letter saying   (mektup söyleme)

Kellaghan submitted a letter saying the offence had not happened.

John sends Charlotte a letter saying he hopes to meet with her when she's ready.

Few days ago, the Pune police had received a letter saying Qateel's death would be avenged.

long letter   (uzun mektup)

Upon Carter's 1980 defeat, she sent him a long letter thanking him for his efforts.

"So Long a Letter", Mariama Bâ's first novel, is literally written as a long letter.

A long letter written by Harrison from Utrecht to Swift on 16 December 1712 is in the latter's works, 1883 ed., xvi.

send a letter

Hence Pontius was persuaded to send a letter to his father, Herennius.

And now send a letter to that man [whom you have bought the slave from] and ask him whether he has another female slave.

On three leaves of absence he managed to craft the logs, send a letter from Lhasa with his new intended schedule, and send off the logs.

written a letter

Low had written a letter saying that he had had "a good time with "ANIMAL FARM"—an excellent bit of satire—it would illustrate perfectly."

In July 1939, Leo Szilard and Albert Einstein had written a letter warning the President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, of the danger.

Krogstad informs Nora that he has written a letter detailing her crime (forging her father's signature of surety on the bond) and put it in Torvald's mailbox, which is locked.

official letter   (Resmi mektup)

Later, Pirlot received an official letter thanking him for the suggestion.

In January 1906 she wrote an official letter to Princess Beatrice proposing the match.

Goldstein also says that a 1943 British official letter "reconfirmed that Britain considered Tibet as part of China."

final letter

The final letter from Pascal, in 1657, had defied Alexander VII himself.

Most tellingly, Meck asked Tchaikovsky, in her final letter, not to forget her.

Exceptions to this rule are some words with the final letter ( in the reformed orthography) () and sometimes the ordinal numerals (, etc.

letter winner

He was also a two-year letter winner in basketball.

With University of Arizona, he was a letter winner in both 1985 and 1986.

Rathman was a three-year letter winner in football at the University of Nebraska.

letter stated

The letter stated the Land Board had taken the liberty of refusing bids other than the Jaycee’s.

The letter stated that the appeal was "not arguable" due to the nature of the "deeply unpleasant offence".

The rejection letter stated, "The University of Maryland does not admit Negro students and your application is accordingly rejected."