Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

libel suit   (demanda por difamación)

Light's subsequent libel suit against Groth was eventually dismissed.

Martin initiated a libel suit.

At 1 a.m on October 27, O'Hara was arrested in another libel suit by Quinn.

libel case   (caso de difamación)

The libel case ended with the BCA withdrawing its suit in 2010.

A libel case against the Rev.

This article was the subject of a successful libel case against editor John Stephens in March 1850.

blood libel   (libelo de sangre)

The Massena blood libel drew national attention.

He urged people not to succumb to "myths" such as the blood libel.

There were at least six blood libel persecutions in cities between 1870 and 1892.

sued for libel   (demandado por difamación)

West denied the story and sued for libel and defamation.

Ramsay sued for libel, resulting in a trial in July 1941.

Other exhibitors feared being sued for libel by Hearst and refused to show the film.

libel action   (acción por difamación)

The latter, which aired on January 23, 1982, was the subject of a libel action brought by General William Westmoreland.

In 1898 he was threatened with a libel action by Charles Goss, over a polemic defending open access, and he was forced to apologise.

Comyns Carr’s reputation as a barrister was confirmed in a libel action brought by Horatio Bottomley against an associate named Reuben Bigland.