public library   (公共図書館)

It was used as a public library from 1946 to 1969.

The public library is also on the Rathbeale Road.

It was opened in 1866 as the city's public library.

new library   (新しいライブラリ)

In August 1972, a fire broke out in the new library.

A new library was constructed at the college in 2003.

The new library stands beside Civil Building.

library system   (図書館システム)

The library system racially desegregated in 1953.

1 library system in the nation in 1999, 2005, and 2008.

It was the first regional library system in Nova Scotia.

library building   (図書館の建物)

The new Carnegie library building was opened in 1905.

The library building is of similar size and height as the town hall.

Construction began on Woodstock's permanent library building in 1959.

main library   (メイン図書館)

Since 2003, automation of the main library processes have started.

Another Robert W. Woodruff Library houses Emory University's main library.

Damage from Hurricane Sandy in late October 2012 closed the main library until the following March.

lending library

They established a lending library.

The town has a lending library, the Alexandria-Monroe Public Library.

Belfry has a lending library, a branch of the Pike County Public Library.

library services

The automation of library services is through an RFID library card.

The Carnegie Colored Library was a turning point for library services in the segregated South.

From 1906 to 1941 she headed children's library services for the New York Public Library system.

school library   (学校図書館)

The present school library was built in 1989.

He has Victoria return Green Eggs and Ham to the school library for him.

The former school library was the oldest high school library in Xinjiang.

university library

The university library houses a collection of 825,000 volumes.

From 1836 onward, he worked as curator of the university library.

The offending spoons are now on display in the main university library.

research library

The research library is available to historians and genealogists.

The Library Company is now a great scholarly and research library.

Lane died in the research library he came to Franklin to establish.

library science

Leibniz also contributed to the field of library science.

Beghtol received a master's degree in library science from the University of Toronto in 1979.

She attended Dawson College and Concordia University in Montreal, where she earned a degree in library science.

central library

There is a huge central library having about one lac volumes.

The former central library opened in 1951 as a memorial to the war dead.

A new central library opened in 1934 at 2090 Kittredge St., where it remains.

personal library

Bond donated her personal library to Goucher College.

Up till now my personal library has a collection of over 50,000 books."

McCord willed more than 200 volumes from her personal library to the center.

library service

The Mehfil-e-Islam runs free library service.

During this time, she implemented county outreach library service.

The subsequent reductions in library service included closing the Lombard Library.

first library

The first library in Bay County was established in 1911.

The first library began from a personal donation of 1500 books from a Mrs. West.

He donated to establish the first library at the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati.

digital library   (デジタル図書館)

The scope of the various items held in this digital library is massive.

The Warsaw Public Library runs the digital library, established in 2011.

It is maintained by "AlmaDL", digital library of the University of Bologna.

library opened

The new library opened on September 16, 1996.

The first Carnegie library opened in 1883 in Dunfermline.

In 1905, Velbert's public library opened.

local library

"For any writer, it all starts at your local library.

She went to her local library to research D.B.

The local library has around 13,000 media at its disposal.

large library

The buildings housed numerous works of art and a large library.

During his busy life, he collected a large library of valuable books.

The home is anchored on either side by a large library and drawing-room.

music library

The station's music library was overhauled and reorganized.

ElectroScapes ", another music library project followed soon.

Upon Drexel's death, he bequeathed his music library to The Lenox Library.

library card

All classes are free with a valid library card.

A library card may be required to access these links.

All residents of Ohio are eligible to get a library card.

extensive library

It has an extensive library on glass blowing and education.

It was an extensive library with at least 25,946 printed volumes.

The society built an extensive library and organized numerous lectures.

library collection

Since 1944, the library collection was rebuilt anew.

The library collection includes LGBT fiction and non-fiction.

Part of the library collection of Petlura was returned to the Ukraine.

library moved

The library moved to its current three floor building in 1954.

In 1879, the state library moved to the new State Capitol in Lansing.

The library moved to a new building in midtown Anchorage, also as part of Project 80s.

private library   (私立図書館)

He acquired a private library of more than twenty thousand volumes.

In 1883, Haukenæs's business went bankrupt, and at the same time he lost his entire private library.

On his deathbed, Origen had made a bequest of his private library to the Christian community in the city.

law library

The law library was renovated in the summer of 2016.

By 1895 the law library contained about 7,000 volumes.

The law library was completely destroyed.

library contains

The library contains photo-books, fanzines and magazines relating to photography.

The universities library contains 1,265,000 books and 1,108,000 electronic books and periodicals.

Now, the library contains an area of , and has nearly 89 miles of shelves and seating for over 1,400 people.

library and information   (ライブラリと情報)

22 out of 62 accredited library and information science programs.

The TFF was formed as a “think-tank” to address issues concerning library and information science education.

Many colleges and universities offer degree programs in library and information sciences which cover records management.

national library   (国立図書館)

In 1880, the Braidense was given the status of national library.

The national library's Black Diamond building on the waterfront was completed in 1999.

The State Library ("Statsbiblioteket") at the university campus has status of a national library.

standard library

The gamma function was also added to the C standard library (math.h).

Phillips subsequently started working on the Scala compiler and standard library.

F supports most of the modules and subroutines found in the Fortran 95 standard library.

branch library

It was transferred to the management as a branch library of Houston Public Library in 1921.

The east side of Ventura had been without a branch library since the 2009 closure of the H.P.

It later became a branch library and an office structure for the city Department of Parks and Recreation.

reference library

It continues to house a local history reference library and museum.

The third houses the adult library, reference library and computer laboratory.

It includes the Braithwaite Hall (the former reference library - named after the Rev.

municipal library

Next to the Museum there is a municipal library.

Berkeley Public Library serves as the municipal library.

The municipal library is located in the central square, "Piazza Santo Stefano."

public library system   (公共図書館システム)

Houston's public library system was desegregated in 1953.

Berkeley Public Library The Berkeley Public Library is the public library system for Berkeley, California.

Santa Barbara Library The Santa Barbara Public Library is the public library system of Santa Barbara, California.

small library

It is also equipped with a small library.

Also a small library is in the village.

Although he did own a ""house clock, a small library of books.

library was built

The first part of the town library was built in 1900.

The present school library was built in 1989.

The library was built by King Rama III.

film library   (フィルムライブラリー)

Johnson notably set out to acquire the film library of Japanese anime director-animator Hayao Miyazaki.

The deal also included the Rogue film library, featuring such films as "Assault On Precinct 13" and "The Strangers".

In 1955, RKO sold the American television rights to its film library, including "Citizen Kane", to C&C Television Corp.

library is located

In the lower square's center, the library is located.

The library is located along the Chattahoochee River in West Point.

The municipal library is located in the central square, "Piazza Santo Stefano."

mobile library

The borough of Croydon has 14 libraries, a joint library and a mobile library.

Library services in Gowrie Junction are provided by the Toowoomba Regional Council's mobile library service.

The Central Public Library of Serres also has a mobile library, to serve citizens from the prefecture of Serres.

own library

The New York Headquarters and Academic Center also has its own library.

Snarøya formerly had its own library, as a branch of the municipal public library service.

As well as housing numerous students, it also contains the hall's own library and the Junior and Senior Common Rooms.

library located

Watts Free Library The Watts Free Library is a historic library located on Third Street in Leonard, North Dakota.

Medicine Hat Public Library Medicine Hat Public Library is a public library located in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

Central Public Library of Serres Central Public Library of Serres is a public library located in Serres, Macedonia, Greece.

library systems

School and library systems frequently have used them for bookmobiles, when bus bodies are not preferred.

It is one of the 23 public library systems serving New York State's public libraries, and was established in 1958.

Eastern Shores Library System The Eastern Shores Library System (ESLS) was one of 17 public library systems in Wisconsin.

library collections

After removal of the library collections, Memorial Hall was converted to office and classroom space.

The building was complete by the end of the year, and most of the university's library collections were moved in over Christmas break.

He was a leader in the movement to increase library collections of Latino literature and Spanish-language materials in the United States.

first public library   (最初の公共図書館)

The building was home to the city's first public library from 1941 to 1976.

He constructed the ducal palace and opened the first public library in the city.

The Chidsey Library opened in May 1941 as the City of Sarasota's first public library building.

free library   (無料の図書館)

The Mehfil-e-Islam runs free library service.

In Northwich he provided a free library and re-endowed Sir John Deane's Grammar School.

But the design of the idealized free library was the subject of prolonged and heated debate.

library holdings

Assigned volume numbers sometimes vary in catalogued library holdings.

Overall, she has 41 works in 84 publications in 3 languages and 1,075 library holdings.

All together he translated 18 works in 27 publications in 2 languages and 537 library holdings

largest library

It opened in 1966 and is the largest library facility at ASU.

The Royal Library of Alexandria, in Alexandria, Egypt, was once the largest library in the world.

North Bengal State Library North Bengal State Library is the largest library in the North Bengal region of India.

software library

Functionally, this gave the ColecoVision the largest software library of any console of its day.

Oculus has also licensed software library RealSpace3D, which is expected to provide the Rift with HRTF and reverb algorithms.

Berkeley DB Berkeley DB (BDB) is a software library intended to provide a high-performance embedded database for key/value data.

city library

The city library of Balmazújváros, his native town, was named after him in 2004.

Sigüenza managed to salvage the city library from the fire, avoiding a great loss.

The building name "Neuer Portikus" is derived from the porticus in front of the old city library at the Obermainbrücke ("upper Main bridge").

library was established

The library was established after the French Revolution.

A library was established, and in 1924 a museum was opened.

A library was established at Shimla.

library provides

Scan, Print and Copy Services: McLennan library provides scan, print, and copy services.

While the materials do not circulate, the library provides copy services as well as reference services.

A transportation library provides resources related to policy, regulations, operations, and other aspects of transportation.

library staff   (図書館員)

The original library staff only had three trained employees.

The station's library staff included:

All branches still also offer checkout from library staff at circulation desks.

college library

In 1999, 400 books were bought for 3075 taka for creating a college library.

CCRLS membership includes 16 public libraries and one community college library:

The college library also provides Book Bank facility to degree college students in first-cum-first-served-basis.

library holds

As of December 2011 the library holds some 72,300 titles.

The library holds many special collections, including audio and print collections.

The museum library holds about 24,000 volumes and a small collection of manuscripts.

academic library

The very first academic library in Canada was opened in 1789 in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

In 2018, ANRT became a digitization unit of the academic library of the new University of Lille.

It is the largest academic library in Atlantic Canada with over one million books and 40,000 journals.