lie within   (内にあります)

They lie within a large area of mixed woodland.

The of US 33 that lie within Indiana serve as a major conduit.

The of US 31 that lie within Indiana serve as a major conduit.

lie between   (間にある)

They lie between Lough Melvin, Lough Gill and Lough MacNean.

The intercrater plains lie between and amidst large craters.

Most estimates lie between 50 and 200.

lie down   (横になる)

They speak of all that has befallen them, lie down and make love.

They lie down to sleep deeply.

After a while, Ānanda took a break and decided to lie down for a rest.

not lie   (うそじゃない)

We therefore conclude that habeas corpus does not lie herein."

why people should not lie.

Washington could not lie.

lie along   (横になる)

Only small settlements lie along its track.

No notable craters lie along its rim or the flat, level interior.

Several craters lie along the western rim, most notably Chebyshev U.

origins lie

His origins lie at Ticinum in Transpadane Italy.

The term's origins lie in the word for the followers of the skeptic Pyrrho in ancient Greece.

The company's origins lie in the founding of the Rhino Group by Terry Norris and Bev Ripley in 1992.

lie detector   (嘘発見器)

He refused to take a lie detector test.

He also claimed to have invented the lie detector and black light.

Zaid al-Hilli claimed he was not guilty of the shootings and offered to take a lie detector test.

lie outside   (外にある)

A stadium and a theatre lie outside the walls to the south.

However, since it is not breaking up, it must still lie outside its rigid Roche limit.

Free trade agreements forming free-trade areas generally lie outside the realm of the multilateral trading system.