İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

lieutenant colonel   (Yarbay)

He was a lieutenant colonel of the State Militia.

By April 1945, he was an acting lieutenant colonel.

A year later he was promoted to lieutenant colonel.

second lieutenant   (Teğmen)

On 1 March 1940, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant.

He was commissioned a brevet second lieutenant in the 4th U.S.

He resigned from the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant in 1835.

lieutenant governor   (Vali Yardımcısı)

In 2005, Taft appointed him lieutenant governor.

His first year as lieutenant governor was turbulent.

The lieutenant governor is Bethany Hall-Long.

promoted to lieutenant   (teğmen terfi etti)

He was promoted to lieutenant on 17 December 1793.

He was promoted to lieutenant on 28 January 1969.

He was promoted to lieutenant on 2 February 1912.

rank of lieutenant   (teğmen rütbesi)

In 1955 he was awarded the rank of lieutenant general.

He was awarded the rank of lieutenant general in 1988.

lieutenant general   (Korgeneral)

He was promoted to lieutenant general on July 7.

In 1923, he was promoted to lieutenant general.

In 1955 he was awarded the rank of lieutenant general.

first lieutenant

He was appointed first lieutenant, June 24, 1861.

Jewett was promoted to first lieutenant in May 1863.

He was promoted to first lieutenant on May 29, 1987.

lieutenant commander   (teğmen komutanı)

He rose to the rank of lieutenant commander in the Navy.

He left the navy as lieutenant commander.

In January 1863, Terry was promoted to lieutenant commander.

flight lieutenant   (pilot yüzbaşı)

McGhee later became a flight lieutenant in the RAF.

He was promoted to flight lieutenant on 20 January 1943.

He was promoted to flight lieutenant on 3 September 1940.

became a lieutenant

In 1911, he became a lieutenant in the Cadet Corps.

He became a lieutenant in the Royal Horse Guards.

In 1890, he became a lieutenant general.

promotion to lieutenant

While in command, he received a promotion to lieutenant colonel.

He entered the Naval Air Corps at Ōmura, receiving promotion to lieutenant in December 1936.

After returning to Annapolis, Maryland in September 1855, he received promotion to lieutenant.

deputy lieutenant   (teğmen yardımcısı)

From 1588 he was a deputy lieutenant for Montgomeryshire.

In 1702 he was made a deputy lieutenant for Buckinghamshire.

He was High Sheriff of Hampshire in 1839, and was appointed a deputy lieutenant in 1846.

promoted lieutenant

He was promoted lieutenant on 15 April 1920.

In 1892 he was promoted lieutenant general.

He was promoted lieutenant and captain on 10 January 1814.

appointed lieutenant

On 29 October 1797, he was appointed lieutenant field marshal.

He was appointed lieutenant in 1664 by the Admiralty of the Maze.

He was appointed lieutenant colonel in the 25th U.S. Infantry Regiment on October 1, 1895.

lieutenant governors

Subsequently, lieutenant governors served in Gibraltar until the duke's death in 1820.

In late 2012, Pete Snyder left the Fox Channel to focus on his lieutenant governors' campaign.

The Spanish group would work with external situations and comprised a governor, two lieutenant governors, and a council.

became lieutenant

The next year, Eaton became lieutenant governor of Montana under Frank Henry Cooney.

Carpelan became lieutenant two years later and attended the Gymnastical Central Institute from 1920 to 1922.

Menin to Louis, Dauphin of France (1661–1711), he entered on a military career and became lieutenant général.

police lieutenant

At the time of his arrest, he had the rank of senior police lieutenant.

She again played a police lieutenant, in a major supporting role on Showtime's series "Dexter".

Marie Kermeur, a young police lieutenant, returns to the island to marry her childhood love, Christian Bréhat.

served as lieutenant

She served as lieutenant governor until September 7, 2006.

He served as lieutenant in the expedition against Cartagena.

He served as lieutenant during the first siege of Louisbourg in 1745.

temporary lieutenant   (geçici teğmen)

On 5 July 1945, he was appointed temporary lieutenant colonel while employed with the British Forces.

As a war substantive major and temporary lieutenant colonel, he was promoted to major on 1 November 1943.

On 5 December 1916, as a temporary major, he was appointed wing commander and made a temporary lieutenant colonel.

former lieutenant

His cousins are former lieutenant governor is Kaleo Moylan and Kamaka Moylan Alston a realtor.

A former lieutenant of the Royal Navy, Andrew Robertson Gordon, was placed in command, and a suitable ship was sought.

Catherine's aid is Horst Neumann, a former lieutenant in the paratroopers and later on in the Abwehr, a trained assassin.