real life   (现实生活)

In that, "High Crimes" is too much like real life.

Famous real life arcades are included in the game.

She uses materials and people from her real life.

early life   (早期生活)

Little is known for certain of Cyril's early life.

Little is known about Hussein Nasser's early life.

He spent most of his early life in West Lafayette.

quality of life   (生活质量)

The disease deteriorated his quality of life rapidly.

Education and proper care can improve quality of life.

a better car, bigger house, better quality of life, etc.)

new life   (新生活)

Meanwhile, Matthew sinks deeper into his new life.

The two depart to make a new life for themselves.

The egg is an ancient symbol of new life and rebirth.

way of life   (生活方式)

"Was the Sarmatian way of life worth preserving?

Traditional farming practices are a way of life here.

Gun ownership was a way of life in rural Mississippi.

own life   (自己的生活)

Thus pressured, Ostorius Scapula took his own life.

Rubber is part her own life story and part fiction.

Aged 35, she ended her own life at her apartment.

everyday life

They portray everyday life from the 15th century.

This core is theoretically enough for everyday life.

The salute soon became part of everyday life.

public life

Heyting retreated from public life in his final years.

The Town Hall played a significant part in public life.

Included in public life, such as school and employment.

daily life   (日常生活)

The canvas depicts the daily life of a bygone era.

The Maori's daily life was dictated by the season.

Savitri experiences God in daily life instances.

later life

This degree was rarely mentioned in his later life.

In later life, she stayed close with her mother.

In his later life he returned to his Catholic roots.

life cycle   (生命周期)

The life cycle takes about six months to complete.

The life cycle of "E. bohmi" has not been studied.

These butterflies usually have a 2 year life cycle.

life imprisonment   (无期徒刑)

He was sentenced to life imprisonment in Missouri.

Sergei Dovzhenko was sentenced to life imprisonment.

This sentence was later changed to life imprisonment.

personal life   (个人生活)

Very little else is known about his personal life.

He was a follower of tantra in his personal life.

Abadhuta also practised Tantra in his personal life.

sentenced to life   (被判无期徒刑)

He was sentenced to life imprisonment in Missouri.

Sergei Dovzhenko was sentenced to life imprisonment.

He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

throughout his life

Weber traveled internationally throughout his life.

Reginald Farrer remained close throughout his life.

Tough struggled with alcoholism throughout his life.

life expectancy

The life expectancy in captivity is about 10 years.

It is actually a disability-free life expectancy.

Ecuadorians have a life expectancy of 77.1 years.

human life   (人类生活)

The supreme ideal of human life is to know God.

Burke believed that property was essential to human life.

The severe winters affected human life in ways large and small.

social life

The social life of the adult male is very different.

The hotel was an extension of their social life.

It offers a humorous account of social life in Surat.

family life

Music was a large part of his early family life.

His short stories dealt with contemporary family life.

And then the discord began in the family life.

political life

His political life did not end with his presidency.

It marked the end of her activity in political life.

After this de Chantemerle retired from political life.

loss of life   (失去生命)

She wrecked on 30 September 1819 with loss of life.

She was wrecked in 1836 with some loss of life.

There was no loss of life recorded due to this earthquake.

life insurance   (人寿保险)

The profits are used to pay life insurance claims.

Another example to note would be life insurance.

", life insurance policies—do not abate.

private life

He retired to private life after leaving Congress.

He also prefers to keep his private life "Private".

Even the artist's private life sees important news.

life in prison   (监狱生活)

If convicted, Cadden and Chin faced life in prison.

She was sentenced to 27 years to life in prison.

He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

life and work

In her life and work she is attached to feminism.

Sandler portrayed the life and work of Maurice Chevalier.

Little of his life and work is known today.

later in life

She became estranged from her family later in life.

Yet other puzzles are not solved until later in life.

He received a number of honorary degrees later in life.

entire life   (整个人生)

Dorothea held Lutheran sympathies her entire life.

He was born and lived in Swindon for his entire life.

He expressed transcendental leanings his entire life.

adult life   (成人生活)

In his early adult life, he left for Hollywood.

Even in her adult life, she considered herself small.

He suffered with its effects throughout his adult life.

back to life

"I was dead, and he brought me back to life."

This power also brings David back to life.

Now I must give dreams back to life".

still life

She is best known for her portraits and still life.

Some of his compositions include still life elements.

Van Utrecht was mainly a still life painter.

life story

Rubber is part her own life story and part fiction.

The screenplay is based on a real life story.

The book also re-tells Grogan's journey and life story.

cultural life

It became the focus on cultural life in the city.

Holstebro has a rich and varied cultural life.

Xirivella has a very active cultural life.

religious life

His experiences influenced him to live a religious life.

How and when Ernst entered the religious life is not clear.

Some FJVs have entered religious life.

life and death

McGinn said that life and death were the same thing.

Darwinism really is a matter of life and death."

is about a picnic, "Carousel" is about life and death."

life support

Mason suffers spinal damage and is placed on life support.

On 30 October 1975 he fell into a coma and was put on life support.

He was removed from life support about one week prior to his death.

whole life   (一生)

Trivedi spent his whole life developing the village.

He spent his whole life in King William's Town.

Easterbrook was sentenced to whole life imprisonment.

life sentence   (无期徒刑)

Soon after his arrest, he received a life sentence.

Cefili received a life sentence for the murders.

It was like her life sentence was reprieved."

marine life

The extinction seems to have only affected marine life.

The SMR protects all marine life within its boundaries.

The waters of the islands support a rich variety of marine life.

s life

", features prominently in the protagonist’s life.

A story that will change Curtis’s life forever.

Fate does not play havoc in anyone’s life as shown in Parattai.

s life

", features prominently in the protagonist’s life.

A story that will change Curtis’s life forever.

Fate does not play havoc in anyone’s life as shown in Parattai.

working life

Mooney began his working life as a butcher in Dublin.

In her early career, she researched the working life.

Dutton began his working life in a socialist bookshop.

normal life   (正常生活)

After the accident, he tried to live a normal life.

When it was pronounced dead, she restored it to normal life.

Now retired, Triton finds it hard to settle back into normal life.

life when

He saves her life when the chip van gets burnt down.

Guy still saved Conrad's life when he was surrounded by the enemy.

Yasha took his own life when he was caught in a tragic love triangle.

civilian life   (平民生活)

In civilian life, Acevedo worked as an engineer.

The behaviour is more common in the military than in civilian life.

He then returned to civilian life and worked as a charter pilot in Kenya.

professional life

In his professional life he worked as an economist.

Gao was a big name in his professional life as a footballer.

These last writings presented the fruits of his professional life.

life and career

The film is about the life and career of Hondros.

Throughout his life and career, Walker has opposed abortion.

The Persian Wars played a large role in the playwright's life and career.

life sciences   (生命科学)

Some 20% are international life sciences clients (June 2018).

Ute Deichmann Ute Deichmann is an historian of modern life sciences.

Biology and life sciences

better life

Maise is looking to find a better life in singing.

They drive away towards a better life away from Sin City.

They were mainly newly married who were seeking a better life.

all his life

His father worked in a phosphate mine all his life.

Mykle also had an avid interest in music all his life.

De Barrios remained in poor circumstances all his life.

long life

He continued to work right up to the end of his long life.

The brown bear has a naturally long life.

long life compact semiconductor lasers.

life member

Walker is a life member of the Alpha Phi Alpha..

He was made a life member by the club in 2007.

In 2014, she was made a Tennis New Zealand life member.

life span   (寿命)

The life span is estimated to be about 8–10 years old.

The adults have a life span of about one year.

"Note: The dates signify reign not life span."

plant life

This would affect plant life and solar energy.

It can also damage plant life on land and in the ocean.

The latter is needed to encourage plant life and insects.

service life

It has an anticipated service life of 15 years.

This also extends the monitor's service life.

Structures made of concrete can have a long service life.

walks of life

Nepalese of all walks of life worked together in harmony.

The program is open to individuals from all walks of life.

People from all statuses and walks of life cross paths at the coffee shop.

life during

Most animal life during the Cambrian was aquatic.

He did not lose his life during the Anglo-Nepalese war.

However, little is known of Eugene's life during these early campaigns.

all life

during a time that half of all life is still dead.

Not all life cycle stages have been observed.

uncompromising reverence for all life.

whose life

It is the story of an Arab girl whose life has many adventures.

She's a terribly damaged woman whose life stopped the day her child died.

His songs were about the fate of a deprived man whose life was very hard.

life peer   (同伴)

He was created a life peer as Baron Rees, of Goytre, in 1987.

He is the eldest son of the cricketer and life peer, Colin Cowdrey.

Later, he sat in the Senate as a life peer until his death in Madrid.

battery life   (电池寿命)

The player has a battery life of up to 20 hours.

The battery life is 1200 cycles at 80% capacity.

However, it more than doubles the battery life.

life without

There was no way to return to a life without them.

The shuttle's slogan was "Imagine life without us."

"I help them and I get life without parole," he said.

throughout her life

She continued practising yoga throughout her life.

Mable was politically active throughout her life.

Bolden has suffered from asthma throughout her life.

life through

The words have lost meaning and life through years of repetition.

Myths and characters came to life through different materials and gave them a unique interpretation.

Phase I also allowed for up-close examination of the African manatee's way of life through field work.

married life

How will Rohini lead a good married life?

"Künstlerehe" (1828, with deep insights into married life).

He and Lincoln seem to have consulted each other about married life.

life forms

Glucose is an energy source in most life forms.

The film is set on a future Earth invaded by alien life forms.

In 2065, Earth is infested by alien life forms known as Phantoms.

during his life

Miłosz received numerous honors during his life.

Abid accumulated great wealth during his life.

This was the last story published by Twain during his life.

life experiences

He also emphasized early life experiences as a predisposing factor.

Agoha's songs are inspirational and stems from personal life experiences.

rural life

Pirosmani was fond of nature and rural life.

Their paintings depict problematic aspects of farming and rural life today.

It stresses the superiority of a simpler rural life as opposed to the complexity of city life.

life before

History knows little of his life before 1683.

It was more like life before his accident.

In human form, Miranda thanks Tom for giving her life before dying.

life sentences

On December 28 of the same year, he was sentenced to two life sentences.

I got niggas in jail who got life sentences, they might as well be dead.

In addition to 19 life sentences, he was sentenced to 189 years' imprisonment.

spiritual life   (精神生活)

Certainly, Marx did not object to a spiritual life.

They experience no emotions, love, beauty or spiritual life.

The Hajj represents the culmination of the Muslim's spiritual life.

began life

Dear Enemy began life as a covers band called Stonewall.

The main Victorian building began life as St Michael's Orphanage.

For a protocol that began life in the 1980s, DPNSS is natively a long way from VoIP.

eternal life

Daily life rather than eternal life became the focus of board games.

The 2nd millennium BCE text Vedas describe a connection between eternal life and gold.

(YLT) Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.

monastic life

She entered monastic life between 1217 and 1220.

It prescribes some rules pertaining to monastic life.

His pre monastic life was Suresh Chandra Bhattacharya.

shelf life   (保质期)

This is done in order to increase their shelf life.

Curing extends the shelf life of the pork products.

This expands the shelf life of the meat product.

short life

Compared to females the males have a very short life.

After a relatively short life a new bridge was needed.

This turbo alternator had a short life and was replaced.

student life

She won the Dean's Cup for contributions to student life.

Strict rules govern student life at BJU.

During his student life he formed various youth organizations.

life history

Little is known about their life history as well.

The life history of "T. scissaria" is still uncertain.

It has been argued in a study of the life history of "Ar.

life force

Every time Morbius's life force weakens, they take more of Straxus's.

He added that one will be "awed by Madonna's palpable life force and intelligence.

That mate, Eve (Marie Wallace), had the life force of Peter's evil lover from the 18th century.

life together

Thérèse and Laurent find life together intolerable.

The women reportedly enjoyed life together as family.

They are pleased to know the two led a happy life together.

lost his life

He lost his life whild defending his capital.

Muhammad ibn Humayd lost his life.

Rivers lost his life, while Schmid and Diamond suffered horrendous wounds.

early in life

Washington was a talented equestrian early in life.

In addition, it can present early in life or later.

From early in life, Gerard Ekdom had the ambition to become a DJ.

animal life

Most animal life during the Cambrian was aquatic.

There is much plant and animal life throughout the Dighty Burn.

Fauna (disambiguation) Fauna is a collective term for animal life.

home life

Gospel music was a big part of the Fowlers' home life.

Rita comes from a wealthy family and her home life is unhappy.

followed her home life on the estate.

aspects of life

It takes into account all aspects of life," she explains.

During that period, some aspects of life remained unchanged.

He began to focus on more important aspects of life in his poetry.

love life

Stacy had a tumultuous love life as a young man.

This song is about a love life of In-grid.

His love life is nonexistent (at least in a romantic sense).

urban life

In the Republic of Ireland ground rents have been a feature of urban life.

Crime and violence were a reality of urban life and culture in Sophiatown.

In particular, Browning often painted New York City and scenes of urban life.

past life

Something from my past life, unbidden, some foreign language words ...

Now free from his stale past life, Rimuru embarks on a quest to prove his worth.

Connor, now torn between his past life and his new one with Jane, decides to stay.

save his life

She explains she is trying to save his life.

Even though Burns did not want to, he agreed to save his life.

To save his life, he fled to a refugee camp in Carinthia, Austria.

aquatic life   (水生生物)

The spill destroyed all aquatic life for .

Phocids are more specialized for aquatic life than otariids.

The North American river otter is physically well-equipped for aquatic life.

modern life

The castaways are at first confused by modern life.

Hamilton disliked many aspects of modern life.

During this time Monet painted various works of modern life.

city life

Crime was a prominent feature of city life.

The crossings have been a part of city life for many years.

Public services improved city life.

economic life

Surviving records provide a glimpse of the kingdom's economic life.

Short took an active part in the early political and economic life of Kentucky.

Cattle raising dominated Botswana's social and economic life before independence.

community life

Many clubs promote the town's community life.

Ciokaraine remained active in community life even after retiring.

Many of her drawings reconstruct traditional Inuit community life.

life skills

They are dependent on them for food and for learning life skills.

The candidates will learn life skills and obedience during the training.

It’s a group of youth that I’m trying to teach life skills through music.

school life

Johnson's school life was quite traumatic as well.

The school positions community service as a “vital part of school life”.

Koperu experiences and observes various events in school life with friends.

musical life

Jesse began his musical life at an early age.

From 1966 onwards, teaching became part of his musical life.

He began his musical life on accordion but later switched to piano.

saved his life

One projectionist says Yuri saved his life twice.

Skalić saved his life by flight, but Funck was executed.

This saved his life, but he was imprisoned.

come to life

Charlotte - Her curse is when her china dolls come to life.

They perform a ritual on the doll and watch it come to life.

I just watched this thing come to life.

life events

The film focuses on the real life events of the director, François Truffaut.

Each episode of the show reflects a different story based on real life events.

Agnes has self stated that many of her lyrics are inspired by real life events.