İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

during his lifetime   (Ömrü boyunca)

This order took several forms during his lifetime.

Orpen created many self-portraits during his lifetime.

Deism was an influential worldview during his lifetime.

lifetime achievement   (ömür boyu başarı)

Armand Assante was given a lifetime achievement award.

In 2015, he received the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement.

In 2015 he was awarded the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement.

lifetime achievement award   (Hayatboyu kazanç ödülü)

Armand Assante was given a lifetime achievement award.

Samuel R. Delany has also won the lifetime achievement award twice.

In 2005, Mason was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Remark!

during her lifetime   (hayatı boyunca)

She has recorded more than 30 records during her lifetime.

Cabrera received much recognition for her art during her lifetime.

As a dower land, she received the Duchy of Berry during her lifetime.

during the lifetime   (yaşam boyu)

This puts it during the lifetime of Paul himself.

Charles Martel died young in Naples, during the lifetime of his parents.

As can be seen, genetic transmission can only occur once during the lifetime of an organism.

own lifetime

He was considered a saint in his own lifetime.

Even in his own lifetime, this perspective was prevalent.

Frederick secured in 1486 the succession of the son in his own lifetime.

lifetime best

He set a lifetime best of in his native Prague in 1957.

She achieved a lifetime best of in 1999.

Her 800m lifetime best of 2:01.86 was set on 10 July 1987 in London.

lifetime member

He was a lifetime member of the Balmy Beach Canoe Club.

He was a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

He was a lifetime member of the National Rowing Association and Vesper Rowing Club.

lifetime ban   (ömür boyu yasak)

Previously, Florida had been one of four remaining states that maintained the lifetime ban.

It was later revealed that as part of the agreement, Madoff accepted a lifetime ban from the securities industry.

In July 2008, FINA announced his lifetime ban by the Chinese Swimming Association with a posting on their anti-doping website.

during its lifetime

It sold 3,900 tickets in Chennai during its lifetime.

Several upgrades were available for the Emax during its lifetime.

Several dummies were produced for the 4.85mm during its lifetime.

throughout his lifetime

West was arrested over 20 times throughout his lifetime.

He continued exhibiting his works throughout his lifetime.

Numerous awards were bestowed on Tarkovsky throughout his lifetime.

received a lifetime

In April 2007, he received a lifetime achievement award from the RTNDA for 40 years in broadcasting.

Lackey received a lifetime use permit from the National Park Service that continued until two years after Mrs. J.D.

In April 2019, Magomedov received a lifetime ban from USADA after sustaining his second and third violations under the policy.

during their lifetime

The Romans commonly built tombs for themselves during their lifetime.

It is unknown whether females create more than one nest during their lifetime.

The class were highly successful in service, with only three failing to complete during their lifetime.

lifetime achievements

Governor Burnett credited her with being instrumental in his lifetime achievements.

Dowd received a Grammy Trustees Award for his lifetime achievements in February 2002.

In 2009, she received the UCLA Medal from Chancellor Gene Block for her lifetime achievements.