lift hill   (リフトヒル)

This is in place to line up with the chain on the lift hill.

After dispatch, the train is pulled backwards up the lift hill.

Trains then make a left hand turn and climb the second lift hill.

lift the siege   (包囲を解除)

This will lift the siege on Fancheng."

The next day, three Malian army units gave up trying to lift the siege.

The defeated Manchu lift the siege the following month (on 3 April 1655).

lift up   (持ち上げる)

Visitors rode the ski lift up from the base of the adjacent Ski Beech.

Hatch covers can slide forwards, backwards, or to the side, lift up or fold up.

The nose did lift up however with the tail of the plane nearly struck the ground.

ski lift   (スキーリフト)

The force reached the lower ski lift at around 21:00.

Israel also constructed an approach road and a ski lift.

The first ski lift was launched in 1984.

heavy lift   (重いリフト)

It was the world's largest heavy lift shipping company.

These included heavy lift vessels, ferries, and offshore vessels.

Built as one of four early heavy lift ships for DDG Hansa, she was designed to carry locomotives and other large cargo.

lift bridge

The high-level bridge was preferred to a low-level lift bridge.

One other bridge spanned the C & D Canal before the lift bridge.

A new four-lane lift bridge was completed in stages from 1975 to 1982.

gondola lift

A gondola lift runs 2100 m and surface lifts support skiers.

The gondola lift has four stations:

In 2013 the "Auenfeldjet", a gondola lift for 10 persons, was linked to it.

lift irrigation

Kunitomo developed agricultural applications of these technologies, such as a giant pump powered by an ox, to lift irrigation water.

Currently the world's largest multi-stage lift irrigation project, its farthest upstream influence is at the confluence of the Pranhita and Godavari rivers.

Yediyurappa’s statement about releasing Krishna waters from Tubchi-Babalad lift irrigation scheme to Maharashtra, and yet again, raised the demand for separate Statehood for north Karnataka if the region is neglected.

vertical lift

It included a long vertical lift span.

A vertical lift bridge over the Red River connects Selkirk with the smaller town of East Selkirk.

able to lift   (持ち上げることができます)

These would be lighter than the displaced air and able to lift an airship.

In her transformed state, Molly is incredibly strong and is able to lift skyscrapers.

He lifted 70 kg on his first bench press attempt and within six months he was able to lift 115 kg.

lift off

CC1 was the "second" hovercraft to lift off in 1960.

On 2 May the pilot let the aircraft lift off to under low thrust.

To lose enough weight to lift off, the cast jettison their bodies.