ban was lifted   (禁止が解除されました)

When prices went down, the ban was lifted.

The ban was lifted 35 years later in 1989.

The ban was lifted shortly thereafter.

lifted off   (リフトオフ)

They lifted off the surface on July 21 at 17:54 UTC.

"Apartment" was the only single to be lifted off Circular Breathing.

So the ascent module, the part we lifted off the lunar surface with, was short-fueled.

lifted up   (持ち上げた)

It can be lifted up into the case when in very shallow water.

The daughter was actually lifted up in the vortex of the tornado but survived.

RDT lifted up the banners at Press Club to stop toy guns and to save children.

lifted the ban   (解禁)

On 30 October, shortly after the removal, a court lifted the ban.

Ericsson eventually lifted the ban and re-hired Armstrong in 2004.

Murarirao Yeshwantrao Ghorpade lifted the ban on women in October 1996.

lifted the siege

Hearing the news, Ma Shi lifted the siege on Bei Prefecture and joined forces with Zhu.

On the 18th they got word of reinforcements from Santander arriving to the city and lifted the siege.

Reinforcements lifted the siege in early 47 BC and Ptolemy XIII died shortly afterwards in the Battle of the Nile.

lifted the trophy

Niculae lifted the trophy along with Dănciulescu.

The match ended with a win for Benfica, who lifted the trophy for the first time in 21 years.

In the final, City beat local rivals Manchester United over two legs, and as captain it was Redmond who lifted the trophy.