Фразы и примеры предложений

light rail   (скоростной трамвай)

A light rail line known as Metro Riel is proposed.

Together, the two light rail lines run on of route.

A light rail line in Barranquilla is planned.

light years   (световых лет)

Of magnitude 3.85, it is 164 ± 9 light years away.

It is located about 46 light years from the Earth.

It is about 1.2 billion light years (380 Mpc) away.

light brown   (светло-коричневый)

Its head's front vertex and scape are light brown.

Their skins are generally reported to be light brown.

Hens are completely light brown gold brindled.

speed of light   (скорость света)

So, therefore, the speed of light is not constant.

He now can only travel close to the speed of light.

It also does not preserve the speed of light c between frames.

light blue   (светло-синий)

Boys and girls in years 7-9 wear light blue ties.

I had a navy blue suit with a light blue shirt."

Its socks are blue-black with two light blue stripes.

light heavyweight   (полутяжелый вес)

Magalhães is now the TitanFC light heavyweight champion.

He was replaced by light heavyweight winner Corey Anderson.

This was a 10-round light heavyweight eliminator in Doncaster.

light cruiser   (легкий крейсер)

Hood's flagship disabled the light cruiser shortly after 17:56.

These ships were escorted by a light cruiser and five destroyers.

At 11:25, the light cruiser "Southampton" sighted enemy ships ahead.

light infantry   (легкая пехота)

The light infantry skirmished but soon fell back.

Examples are the light infantry in the British Army.

Many awards of honour were given to men serving in the 9th light infantry.

red light   (красный свет)

A red light indicates that the team is out.

Drivers who go past the red light are disqualified from the race.

This fish can be viewed with a red light in a dark room if needed to.

light source   (источник света)

The CRI is determined by the light source's spectrum.

The scanning light source must be brighter than other incident illumination.

It is the number rates the light source’s color revealing ability towards TCS 09.

light aircraft   (легкий летательный аппарат)

Aeronca ceased all production of light aircraft in 1951.

"San Luis Aerodrome" has a fleet of five light aircraft:

The LoCamp is intended to resemble a 1930s style light aircraft.

came to light   (вышел на свет)

The underground movement came to light in the fall of 1988.

Furthermore, in the Ogofau region a number of pits came to light.

Finally, some of Charles's own intrigues opportunely came to light.

light grey   (светло-серый)

London United had an all red livery with a light grey skirt.

The lower part of the beak is dark horn-colored (light grey).

The border of the mantle is light grey.

visible light   (видимый свет)

It lies between violet and green on the spectrum of visible light.

However, near-infrared and visible light more easily penetrate the glass.

It is true that objects at specific temperatures do radiate visible light.

light cruisers   (легкие крейсеры)

Instead he joined the chase with just his four light cruisers.

Beatty's light cruisers entered the minefield channels to search.

In Britain, Fisher's "large light cruisers," were converted to carriers.

natural light   (естественный свет)

It is bathed in natural light due to its skylight roof.

The environment is naturally devoid of natural light and the lighting is constant 24/7.

This arrangement provides all of the offices with sufficient natural light and ventilation.

green light   (зеленый свет)

In 2011, Dark Sky gave the green light for "Hatchet III".

The mushrooms are bioluminescent and emit a pale green light.

After a brief delay of 0.55 seconds, a green light will light up.

shed light   (пролить свет)

The subsequent investigation shed light on the murders.

The remaining objects shed light on everyday life in ancient Egypt.

Each of these historians shed light on the topic from a different perspective.

light green   (светло-зеленый)

Ongoing series are highlighted in light green.

These wasps have light green head and body.

Eggs depressed and light green dome shaped.

ultraviolet light   (ультрафиолетовое излучение)

There is no reaction under ultraviolet light.

It may be used in combination with ultraviolet light therapy.

new light   (новый Свет)

And if they do — I'll get "you" a new light bulb!!"

The new light was commissioned on June 15, 1962.

Finally finding it in themselves to see their problems in a new light.

very light   (очень легкий)

), currently in the very light middleweight range.

The long bones are thin, hollow and very light.

He is not felt as a burden for God is light, very light.

white light   (белый свет)

As he feared, the signal showed a white light throughout.

It was built as a white light, visible for in clear weather.

It stands tall, with a white light flashing every 10 seconds.

light novel   (легкая новелла)

Two light novel spin-offs were released on 2019.

The episodes are named after various light novel series.

"; or Izaya Orihara in the light novel series "Durarara!!".

light weight   (легкий вес)

Gram's marketing is held with the light weight of it.

It uses Multi-point fuel injection, VVT-i and light weight, cast rods.

Low cost, light weight, and a flat, low loading floor were the main consideration.

light bulbs   (лампочки)

The sign included 75,000 incandescent light bulbs.

It is lighted from above by electric light bulbs.

To install the printer, the lamp cover and light bulbs had to be removed.

light cavalry   (легкая кавалерия)

Another two types of cavalry were dragoons and light cavalry.

Jovan Popović vojvoda of Tököl commanded the Serbian light cavalry.

The stratioti were pioneers of light cavalry tactics during the 15th century.

light years away   (световые годы)

Of magnitude 3.85, it is 164 ± 9 light years away.

They both lie about 350 light years away.

It lies 490 million light years away in the constellation Hercules.

light tanks   (легкие танки)

All of the 19 German tanks were lost, as well as 81 of the R-2 light tanks.

Littorina mounted two dual 7.92mm MG13 machine gun turrets from Panzer I light tanks.

In some nations, light tanks such as the M551 Sheridan and AMX-13 are also used by scout platoons.

light machine   (легкая машина)

It initially produced AK-47 automatic rifles and light machine guns, as well as maintenance.

The fishing boats were armed with light machine guns concealed inside oil drums placed on deck.

Laborers practised shooting with Sten submachine guns and Bren light machine guns in the cellar.

light rail system   (легкорельсовая система)

It is served by all four lines of the MAX light rail system.

The light rail system had its grand opening on December 27, 2008.

The city is considering designing and building a light rail system ().

traffic light   (светофор)

After this traffic light, the road begins to narrow.

The title of the game may reference to a traffic light.

In Churubusco, the route has a traffic light with SR 205.

brought to light   (выявлено)

It brought to light the fairy-tale interest that he has.

The pairing brought to light themes of "sexuality, death, and sin."

Chang's restaurant was brought to light by various sources, and later confirmed by P.F.

light welterweight   (полусредний вес)

Additionally, he held the WBA interim light welterweight title in 2002.

In 2015, he won gold at light welterweight at the Commonwealth Youth Games.

Bergman had previously challenged Kostya Tszyu for the IBF light welterweight title.

light bulb   (лампочка)

I placed a light bulb in it and saved up for film.

And if they do — I'll get "you" a new light bulb!!"

He describes the light bulb as a medium without any content.

blue light   (синий свет)

Magenta is a color made up of equal parts of red and blue light.

It is made by a mixture of red and blue light at equal intensity.

Each panel can be independently lit with white, red, or blue light.

light sources   (источники света)

The moth is nocturnal and is attracted to light sources.

Most light sources are mixtures of various wavelengths of light.

This permits the definition of a standard by which light sources are compared.

light industry   (легкая промышленность)

It boosted light industry in Bandung.

There is some light industry in the southeastern part of the neighborhood.

Main econoımic activities are agriculture and light industry based on agriculture.

first light   (первый свет)

They were forced to remain in position until first light.

The first light used was a kerosene lamp.

The telescope saw first light in 1987.

light and dark   (светлый и темный)

On playback the PCM adapter converted the light and dark regions back to bits.

Sharpless 2–115 is another emission nebula with a complex pattern of light and dark patches.

The Witchblade is a male entity of both light and dark which represents both order and chaos.

bright light   (яркий свет)

A bright light explodes throughout the "Flyer".

All of a sudden a bright light flashed, and the demons ran away.

Such eyes are common to all Chupwalas, and are entirely blind in bright light.

light rail station   (станция легкорельсового транспорта)

Birkelunden is a light rail station on the Grünerløkka–Torshov Line of the Oslo Tramway.

The Angle Lake light rail station is named for the lake, and is located to the southwest.

Glenridge station Glenridge is a light rail station that is currently under construction.

light up   (загораться)

Two narrow slot windows light up the upper part of the nave.

After a brief delay of 0.55 seconds, a green light will light up.

The buttons also light up on the front, providing easy navigation.

light tank   (легкий танк)

F Troop consisted of five light tank companies.

Char D1 The Char D1 was a pre-World War II French light tank.

Armoured support was to be provided by Type 95 Ha-Go light tank among other types.

light yellow   (светло-желтого)

The foot is light yellow or light orange.

It is a colorless to light yellow liquid.

Dorsal and lateral surface of head are light yellow to green.

light industrial   (легкий промышленный)

The goods yard is now in light industrial use.

It is a residential, retail and light industrial suburb.

There are also light industrial units.

electric light   (электрический свет)

It is lighted from above by electric light bulbs.

They found nothing, installed an electric light, and resealed it.

Daylight focusing on the altar is supplemented by 803 electric light bulbs.

come to light   (выявляться)

Nakoula claimed that he was creating an epic, two-hour film but no such film has come to light.

From time to time his works come to light at auctions or in consequence of an unexpected event.

A number of the unpublished documents discussing and justifying the changes have recently come to light.

light rail line   (скоростной трамвай)

A light rail line known as Metro Riel is proposed.

A light rail line in Barranquilla is planned.

The light rail line has 18 stations: two terminals and 16 intermediate stations.

light middleweight   (полусредний вес)

), currently in the very light middleweight range.

(Link to – United States national amateur boxing light middleweight champions).

In 1990 Vaden became the United States national amateur light middleweight champion.

more light   (больше света)

The floodlights threw much more light on Governor Smith.

Let there be more light and more Education.

"Any thing more light or worthless cannot well be imagined."

positive light   (позитивный свет)

The woman is not portrayed in a positive light.

Amateurism can be seen in both a negative and positive light.

Goldman initially viewed the Bolshevik revolution in a positive light.

light of day   (дневной свет)

Only 6 issues of the magazine saw the light of day.

I do not recollect ever seeing my mother by the light of day.

To bomb the target accurately, the raid was made in the light of day.

amount of light   (количество света)

More elaborate designs use the amount of light produced.

Supplemental lighting can be added to make sure that the plants receive the correct amount of light.

The size of the transparent window in the bulb can be adjusted to change the amount of light emanating from the lure.

low light   (Приглушенный свет)

Both adults and larvae prefer low light conditions.

For example, low light environments tend to have a lower C:N ratio.

Rick undergoes corneal surgery to accommodate the low light on Titan.

light novels   (легкие романы)

The series adapts the first four volumes of the light novels.

The light novels are written by Seiichi Takayama and illustrated by Yukisan.

A series of four light novels was published by Shogakukan between 2007 and 2008.

laser light   (свет лазера)

A laser light is trained on the aircraft to measure the settlement rate.

Helium–cadmium lasers are a common source of blue-ultraviolet laser light.

Some use infrared radiation or laser light; these are usually called LIDAR.

negative light   (отрицательный свет)

These statements further cast Gore in a negative light.

Some critics viewed "Paranoid" in a more negative light.

Due to their dietary habits, bald eagles are frequently viewed in a negative light by humans.

light gray   (светло-серый)

Its cheeks are light gray with a pale moustache.

It has a stem diameter, with light gray bark.

It had a light gray colour and was very strong and hard.

light pollution   (световое загрязнение)

Narrowband filters may also be used to minimize light pollution.

Human health is also adversely affected by the effects of light pollution.

This light is the source of light pollution that burdens astronomers and others.

relatively light   (относительно легкий)

suffered only relatively light losses to its fleet during World War II.

Both Denmark and Norway were occupied by Germany with relatively light casualties.

Winds were relatively light, with gusts between along the northern shores of Lake Okeechobee.

light intensity   (Интенсивность света)

The formula_1 is the incoming light intensity field.

The effect is not dependent on the light intensity (photon flux).

A practical setting is in the range of 3 to 999 ms depending on the light intensity.

light fixtures   (светильники)

Metal light fixtures hang from the top of the walls.

, replacement of the light fixtures was still ongoing.

They'll hang the curtains, bring in furniture, light fixtures.

polarized light   (поляризованный свет)

This pressed amber yields brilliant interference colors in polarized light.

An optical voltage transformer exploits the Faraday effect, rotating polarized light, in optical materials.

Using probes such as polarized light, photoluminescence and cathodoluminescence, a series of growth zones can be identified in diamonds.

light machine gun   (легкий пулемет)

Kalashnikov started work on a submachine gun design in 1942 and with a light machine gun in 1943.

As well as the mounted gun, it carried a variety of light arms including a Bren light machine gun.

Using a light machine gun salvaged from the discard pile, Wantuck stuck to his position through the night.

light curve   (кривая блеска)

In a February 2013 study, 1,897 observations were used to create a light curve.

The light curve revealed the second minimum and the reflection effect between the two stars.

Its light curve varies on a short time scale, and there has been at least one observed flare.

light flyweight   (легкий вес)

A light flyweight, she won silver at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

He won the silver medal at 2018 Commonwealth Games in the light flyweight category.

He started competitive boxing in the light flyweight division and started to win matches.

light gun   (световой пистолет)

Typically, this test is the "color vision light gun test".

The L118 light gun is a 105 mm towed gun.

The Dendies with a P suffix in their name include a light gun.

light music   (легкая музыка)

It aired light music and had the slogan "1,000 Beautiful Watts".

As a composer, she began to write songs and light music for the piano.

The light music in Swedish-speaking areas has more influences from Sweden.

infrared light   (Инфракрасный свет)

The c-Si layer can absorb red and infrared light.

The telescope images infrared light onto an array of solid-state detectors.

A pulse oximeter works by beaming red and infrared light through capillaries.

light railway   (легкая железная дорога)

In 1902 a light railway was built from Pogegen to Schmalleningken.

Prater Liliputbahn The Prater Liliputbahn is a gauge light railway in Vienna, Austria.

The city built three light railway lines to connect to Biarritz at the beginning of the 20th century.

beam of light   (луч света)

Assume that a beam of light enters a material sample.

The length over which the phase in a beam of light is correlated, is called the coherence length.

Dramatist William Young suggested a solution to represent Jesus with a beam of light, which impressed Wallace.

light through   (свет через)

A pulse oximeter works by beaming red and infrared light through capillaries.

Writing that "Despite the weight, Segio transits light through the entire film."

The manuscripts came to light through the antiquities trade, from the 1700s onward.

only light   (только свет)

They escape with only light damage.

Ultimately, Dog dissipated and produced only light rainfall on the island.

By 2000 hours the Monaldini farm had been taken, with only light casualties.

incandescent light   (лампа накаливания)

The sign included 75,000 incandescent light bulbs.

Lewis Howard Latimer invented an improvement for the incandescent light bulb.

Lamps are commonly called light bulbs; for example, the incandescent light bulb.

light show   (световое шоу)

It has musical, dancing water, and light show.

One large event was a light show around the Lviv Opera House.

For the tour, the band added lasers to their light show, for which they became known.

light horse   (легкий конь)

In 1498 he took part in the siege of Pisa with 100 men-at-arms and 100 light horse.

Italy entered the war in 1915 with thirty regiments of line cavalry, lancers and light horse.

This force included a composite regiment of Australian light horse and the horse transport of the 1st Division.

other light   (другой свет)

McDonald shirt factory and other light industrial uses for 80 years.

Kerosene, fuel oil and other light oil products were used to break down foam.

In some stores they also sell wraps, parfaits, fruit salads, soup and other light options.

light entertainment   (легкие развлечения)

More recently he became a light entertainment presenter on the Seven Network.

The studio was also used for light entertainment programmes such as "McKeever" and May McFettridge specials.

Booklist said it "is light entertainment, short on characterization but full of myriad awkward moments in romance" and "will please middle-school girls.

reflected light   (отраженный свет)

He was the first to explain that the moon shines due to reflected light from the sun.

Dierkes said his initially white shirt reflected light that appeared to glow when viewed on screen.

formula_19 is the phase integral (the integration of reflected light; a number in the 0 to 1 range).

light chain   (легкая цепь)

The approximate length of a light chain is 211 to 217 amino acids.

The light chain contains the Gla- and EGF-like domains and the aromatic segment.

A light chain has two successive domains: one constant domain and one variable domain.

light trucks   (легкие грузовики)

Subsequently, buses, light trucks and cars would be assembled at the same plant.

The precursor of the Minica was the Mitsubishi 360, a series of light trucks introduced in April 1961.

Hyundai H-100 Hyundai H-100 is a name used by Hyundai Motor Company in export markets for two related light trucks:

light bomber   (легкий бомбардировщик)

The squadron flew the British Boston III light bomber.

Aircraft included the Vickers Vincent light bomber of No.

There he accrued another 414 hours of combat time in 127 missions, mostly in a Martin B-57 Canberra light bomber.

sheds light   (проливает свет)

An olden phrase sheds light on kinship - blood is thicker than water.

Fifty years later, the filmmaker sheds light on the events of the day.

This dichotomy sheds light on the negative connotations that Belial held at the time.

light conditions   (условия освещения)

Both adults and larvae prefer low light conditions.

In light conditions, a kellet will reduce the swing of the vessel considerably.

Prescription lenses and various tints to suit different light conditions are available.

light machine guns   (легкие пулеметы)

It initially produced AK-47 automatic rifles and light machine guns, as well as maintenance.

The fishing boats were armed with light machine guns concealed inside oil drums placed on deck.

Laborers practised shooting with Sten submachine guns and Bren light machine guns in the cellar.

use of light   (использование света)

Her drawing skills and use of light were also viewed as strengths.

One of its key elements is the effective use of light and shadow (chiaroscuro).

The portrait makes use of light and dark colors coupled with broad brush strokes to model the boy's face.

light novel series   (серия легких романов)

The episodes are named after various light novel series.

"; or Izaya Orihara in the light novel series "Durarara!!".

The light novel series has over 4.5 million volumes in print.

light artillery   (легкая артиллерия)

The fort's air tower took fire from light artillery.

In addition, some quantities of mortars and aerial bombs were produced and light artillery rebuilt.

Defending this portion was a company of light artillery under the command of Captain Arthur Emmerson.

light commercial   (легкий коммерческий)

Highview is primarily residential with a light commercial and industrial base.

That year production of full flex-fuel reached 39,853 automobiles and 9,411 light commercial vehicles.

The area is currently undergoing redevelopment to add single family homes and light commercial premises.

light and shadow   (свет и тень)

One of its key elements is the effective use of light and shadow (chiaroscuro).

He further noted that the interplay of light and shadow further brought the visuals to life.

Koppitz's work is marked by a pronounced awareness of form, line, and the surface play of light and shadow.

light when   (свет, когда)

Roberta and her mother would tend the light when her father was away.

Dicks Arm was also used for recreation for the men on the light when they could get off.

"P. atlanticum" is bioluminescent and can generate a brilliant blue-green light when stimulated.

saw the light   (увидел свет)

Only 6 issues of the magazine saw the light of day.

God saw the light was good.

Only when the driver told Clemens to look up and he saw the light towers did he realize he was in the right place.

light bombers   (легкие бомбардировщики)

A major task was escorting the light bombers of No.

13 Squadron which operated Lockheed Hudson light bombers.

The ship was unsuccessfully attacked by several Bristol Blenheim light bombers of No.

light levels   (уровни освещенности)

Single sensors may detect overall light levels.

This system allows the shutter speed to be completely step-less and to adapt to changing light levels.

However, this appears to be an adaptation to low light levels rather than representing true trichromatic vision.

light scattering   (рассеяние света)

In this case, the photon density wave becomes diffusive due to light scattering.

Another example illustrates the details of the calculation of a simple light scattering model obtained by a reduction of the dimension.

The stability of emulsions can be characterized using techniques such as light scattering, focused beam reflectance measurement, centrifugation, and rheology.

artificial light   (искусственный свет)

Bernard preferred a moderate use of artificial light.

He creates artificial light, and finally seals the Vara with a golden ring.

For several centuries rushlights were a common source of artificial light for poor people throughout the British Isles.

see the light   (увидеть свет)

The horse wins, but it takes a car accident for Martin to finally see the light and the error of his ways.

The wind grew stronger and the snowfall increased in intensity making it impossible to see the light house at Cape Spear.

Bennett further noted that the Burns and Schreiber guest performances involved "routines that would never see the light of day on U.S.

ambient light   (окружающий свет)

For example, one's eyes automatically adjust to dim or bright ambient light.

This wing was designed to allow as much natural ambient light in as possible.

Its infrared optical system automatically turns on when ambient light is low.

incident light   (падающий свет)

If the incident light is coherent, these sources all have the same phase.

What gets directly measured by a light meter is incident light on a sensor of finite area, i.e.

The response of film when the incident light is near the white level of the film is more gradual.