İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

much lighter   (çok daha hafif)

This allows for simplicity of use and a much lighter weight.

The Ninth Symphony (1945), in contrast, was much lighter in tone.

Farmers then extract the water from the potato, leaving it much lighter and smaller.

lighter and more   (daha hafif ve daha fazlası)

Twenty-first century power supplies are lighter and more efficient.

They also reduced the caliber and made the gun lighter and more balanced.

The battery is 20 kWh lithium ion, lighter and more compact than standard Ego.

lighter weight   (Daha hafif)

This allows for simplicity of use and a much lighter weight.

Advantages included the smaller dimensions and lighter weight.

The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines make them easier to handle.

smaller and lighter   (daha küçük ve daha hafif)

Notably, this variation is smaller and lighter.

Red Snow was smaller and lighter than the earlier warhead proposals.

This permits a smaller and lighter halfshaft and internal drivetrain.

slightly lighter   (biraz daha hafif)

Álvarez weighed slightly lighter at 159.4 pounds.

Some have slightly lighter, amber eyes.

The juvenile is slightly lighter, though retains similar coloring.

cigarette lighter   (Çakmak)

She sells some of her stuff and buys a cigarette lighter.

They are also vulnerable to being cut with wire cutters or melted with a cigarette lighter.

The court confiscated his cigarette lighter with the argument that he clearly was not able to handle it.