Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

electric lighting

In 1924 electric lighting was installed.

In 1893, after its opening, it was also fitted with electric lighting.

Doors were provided at the ends of the cars and electric lighting was installed.

lighting system

There is also a new lighting system of 1000 lux.

The Amerks were able to purchase a lighting system from a circus.

A complete overhaul of the lighting system debuted in the spring of 2008.

street lighting

Coal gas street lighting was introduced in 1838.

Electric street lighting replaced gas lights.

His lamps were successfully used in many cities for street lighting.

lighting design

Kenneth Pogin: Production Manager and lighting design.

The lighting design was by Jean Rosenthal.

Scenic, costume, and lighting design were by Robert Edmond Jones.

lighting effects

Some guitar players have used LEDs in the fretboard to produce unique lighting effects onstage.

Elsheimer's lighting effects in general were very subtle, and very different from those of Caravaggio.

The Regina Theatre even boasted Saskatchewan's first dimmer board, which made possible elaborate lighting effects.

lighting designer

was the scenic and lighting designer.

Generally, a lighting designer chooses a pattern from a manufacturer's catalog.

The creative team included costume designer Theoni V. Aldredge and lighting designer Martin Aronstein.

gas lighting

In 1841 the theatre was fitted with gas lighting.

By this era, gas lighting became accepted.

new lighting

There is also a new lighting system of 1000 lux.

The bridge received new parapets made of sandstone, and a new lighting equipment.

Briarwood received a major renovation in 2013 with new flooring, new lighting and redesigned mall entrances.

lighting systems

Bac Kan province has invested in lighting systems and roads to the cave.

Electricity, sound systems (emergency) lighting systems an alarm systems are built into the ceilings.

The auditorium, equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, has a seating capacity of over 800 people.

lighting conditions

Leaves lay horizontally under proper lighting conditions.

Eye colour also varies depending on the lighting conditions, especially for lighter-coloured eyes.

The launch time of Apollo8 had been chosen to give the best lighting conditions for examining the site.

lighting fixtures

The interior floors and walls are clad in granite and marble, and all the common-area lighting fixtures are of bronze.

In March 2011, it became known that senior MassDOT officials had failed to disclose an issue with the lighting fixtures in the O'Neill tunnel.

Her architectural commissions include friezes, ornamental grills and screens, and lighting fixtures for locations such as the Hotel Vancouver and Pier B.C.

stage lighting

Similar lenses are used in "Fresnel lanterns" for stage lighting.

He would do this so that when he shot his work it would look like natural lighting, not stage lighting.

It is manufactured by Neutrik and is designed for professional audio and stage lighting network applications.

natural lighting

he preferred to paint outdoors with natural lighting.

Clerestory windows provide natural lighting.

According to Chopra, the use of natural lighting was a way for them to function on a limited budget.

artificial lighting

At the time, Owen Field did not have permanent artificial lighting sufficient for television broadcasts at night.

Some artificial lighting is provided within the cave, but flashlights are recommended for personal use in darker areas.

During the 2008–09 season, ground staff introduced an artificial lighting system that has finally reduced this problem considerably.

fluorescent lighting   (iluminación fluorescente)

In 1966, the cross was placed on a platform and illuminated with fluorescent lighting.

Argon is also used in incandescent, fluorescent lighting, and other gas-discharge tubes.

White-balancing is necessary especially when indoors under fluorescent lighting and when moving the camera from one lighting situation to another.