lightly armed   (軽く武装した)

T-Force units were lightly armed and highly mobile.

Iranun penjajap were usually lightly armed compared to the lanong.

The vessel was lightly armed with a 3-inch gun and two .30 caliber machine guns.

only lightly   (軽くだけ)

In the pelvis, the front blade of the ilium only lightly bends to below.

The rim is circular and only lightly worn, with a notch along the southeast.

The Corps was only lightly engaged at Perryville, however, and the entire Army wasn't even present.

lightly built   (軽く建てられた)

In the lower arm, the ulna is long and lightly built.

She was very lightly built and was reputedly very fast.

It was lightly built, with a thickness of perhaps , reinforced by rectangular towers.