well liked   (よく好き)

The series was well liked but lasted only one season.

On a personal level he was well liked by both officers and men.

Because of his craftsmanship, he was well liked and widely known.

liked the idea   (アイデアが気に入りました)

I liked the idea of getting rid of the credits at the beginning of the movie.

Smith liked the idea and West Sussex County Council officially recognised the day in 2007.

MeccaWorld liked the idea of meeting interesting and strange creatures just like in the novel.

really liked   (本当に好き)

I really liked ... his mindset, I liked his irreverence.

Describing the recording of the album, Talbot said "I really liked it.

Sae meets another guy named Shinji but realizes he never really liked her.

never liked

Schur said of this, "I've never liked mean-spirited comedy.

Bricklin said that as a child, he never liked to eat; "stopping to eat meant I had to stop playing."

Well, I never liked you, either" and about Robert Orr, an American UN official, that "I really don't like him."

liked the film   (映画が好きだった)

However, 69% of audiences liked the film with an average rating of 3.9/5.

Benjamín Ávila invited the band to provide the soundtrack if they liked the film.

Most of the critics at the preview said that they liked the film and gave it good advanced reviews.

always liked

She herself had "always liked "Atlantic Crossing"."

A person she has always liked is Michelle Obama.

Leandersson has always liked to dance and play theatre.