maximum likelihood   (最尤)

The MNL approach is to make a maximum likelihood estimate of this functional form.

This estimator is found using maximum likelihood estimator and also the method of moments.

The most common used model based approach in signal processing is the maximum likelihood (ML) technique.

increase the likelihood   (可能性を高める)

The condition plantar fasciitus may increase the likelihood of rupture.

Chemotherapy can also increase the likelihood of developing vaginal stenosis.

This upgrade will greatly increase the likelihood of planet detection in the system.

all likelihood   (すべての可能性)

Eventually a second atom is deposited; in all likelihood it will eventually meet the first atom.

Altos knows that, in all likelihood, Imperial Security is waiting for them at their destination.

In Hindu literature, the earliest Upaniads — the and the — in all likelihood predate the advent of Buddhism.

reduce the likelihood   (可能性を減らす)

Condoms are also used during fellatio to reduce the likelihood of contracting STIs.

Automated testing and well-written test cases can reduce the likelihood of a regression.

Ivory poachers and rhino horn poachers have thus targeted vultures to reduce the likelihood of being caught.

increases the likelihood   (可能性を高める)

Political conflict strongly increases the likelihood of state repression.

This is more time-consuming and increases the likelihood of the artist getting caught.

It increases the likelihood of the infant developing T2D, and giving birth to high body-weight baby.

likelihood function

The likelihood function is: we solve for the estimated parameters that max "L"*.

The likelihood function for n independent observations in a logit model is where: "Y" = 1 or 0 (choosing e.g.

EL estimates are calculated by maximizing the empirical likelihood function subject to constraints based on the estimating function and the trivial assumption that the probability weights of the likelihood function sum to 1.