city limits   (市域)

The 56.2 km road straddles the Minsk city limits.

The Lake Cadillac is entirely within the city limits.

It serves a section of the Mount Pleasant city limits.

term limits   (期間制限)

He voted against term limits for certain officials.

House members serve two-year terms without term limits.

His term ended due to term limits in 2010.

speed limits

Motor vehicle speed limits are measured in kilometres per hour.

The main roads usually have speed limits of either 100 km/h or .

On motorways the speed limits are 120 and 100 km/h respectively.

within the limits

California public treasurers must abide within the limits of this code.

It is partly within the limits of Pierreville and across the river from Saint-François-du-Lac.

town limits   (町の限界)

Among the churches within the town limits are:

Route 146A is completely within the town limits of Uxbridge.

Pleasant Road, and therefore, not in "corporate" town limits.

time limits

These cheques also carried time limits and limited security features.

Certain time limits can be defined to reach the necessary energy level.

There are time limits to stop a player stalling when choosing their stats.

off limits

Both are off limits to the public.

In July 2007, DEP officials made "the Rocks" off limits to beachgoers.

Whilst soldiers were training there, the moor were off limits to locals.

within city limits

After this instance, variolation was banned within city limits.

Evers then outlawed the carrying of firearms within city limits.

The city also established an extensive system of reservoirs within city limits.

beyond the limits

Russell's fervor stretched beyond the limits of his own pastorate.

It was considered to be a suburb beyond the limits of the Maratha Ditch.

"Jews are never to be burdened beyond the limits of the present constitution.

no limits

On this album there are no limits.

Believing that there should be no limits in experimenting with the human gene, Donovan has given birth to countless genetic experiments.

This unusual designation was required because construction of new capital ships had been placed on hold, while there were no limits on light cruiser construction.

village limits

There are three water bodies all within the village limits.

It is within the village limits and postal delivery zone of Lemont, Illinois.

The depth of the soil varies from few centimeters to 20 meters within the village limits.

municipal limits

The VVMT operates inter-city services to three different areas beyond the municipal limits of Vasai-Virar Town, i.e.

This body is represented by elected representatives with a Chairperson and councilors representing the 30 wards within the municipal limits.

Songjiang Songjiang, from the Chinese for "Pine River" and formerly romanized as Sungkiang, usually refers to one of the following areas within the municipal limits of Shanghai: It may also refer to the following locations in China: