poverty line   (貧困ライン)

Population below poverty line:: 46.7% (2011 est.)

Population below poverty line: 47% (2006 est.)

Population below poverty line: 38% (2008 est.)

railway line   (鉄道線路)

The old railway line was serviced by steam trains.

There are no railway line passing through Melukavu.

The trail is located along the former railway line.

main line   (本線)

It is a station on the New Delhi–Mumbai main line.

(The main line was not electrified until 1937).

The Morristown & Erie's main line diverges at this point.

line between   (間の線)

She led the Overhead line between Euston and Rugby.

In 1890 a second line between Cairo and Tura opened.

There is not a defined line between these disciplines.

rail line   (鉄道線)

A light rail line known as Metro Riel is proposed.

The plan for the rail line was first proposed in 1879.

A light rail line in Barranquilla is planned.

branch line   (支線)

The branch line was graded against loaded traffic.

The branch line opened in 1890 and closed in 1948.

It lay on a branch line from Sandbach to Northwich.

state line   (州境)

It heads northwest to the North Carolina state line.

The State River is between NC-281 and the state line.

The road traveled from north of Amory to the state line.

front line   (前線)

Crocetta found itself on the front line of World War I.

Galvin spent 280 days as a tank officer on the front line.

The regiment never saw front line action.

line up

The original line up formed sometime around 2006.

They may also line up to tip popular performers.

All the detected edge points would line up as edges.

new line

There was now no possibility of making the new line.

In 1996, Akris introduced a new line called Akris Punto.

The new line proved an immediate success with the public.

first line

The first line was electrified on October 28, 1925.

Intravenous furosemide is generally the first line.

In the first line were the 132 Missouri volunteers.

product line   (生産ライン)

The product line has sold 200 million units worldwide.

Coop also has a low-cost product line, "Prix garantie".

This product line consists of original Commodore products.

finish line   (ゴール)

Dibaba coasted across the finish line with the win.

The first person to cross the finish line wins.

Finally, the rider must race back to the finish line.

defensive line   (ディフェンスライン)

He was used at all defensive line positions.

The defensive line lines up in front of the offensive line.

Botha retreated to a new defensive line 60 miles to the north.

straight line   (直線)

Initially, the highway heads east in a straight line.

Points in this straight line run into the fixed point.

The pattern can be straight line, circular, or serpentine.

offensive line   (オフェンスライン)

The Chargers' offensive line grew weak in 2012.

The Iowa offensive line was awarded the Joe Moore Award.

The defensive line lines up in front of the offensive line.

line through

Cilia fulvous, with a black line through them.

The entry has a line through it and the notation "Lost".

The first rail line through the city opened in around 1870.

county line   (郡線)

SR 616 runs along the county line at the top of the ridge.

Part of NY 227 straddles the Schuyler–Tompkins county line.

The roadway ran northeast to the Muskegon–Newaygo county line.

line opened

The branch line opened in 1890 and closed in 1948.

The line opened to Texas Street on Oct 8, 1885.

The tunnel and the whole line opened in 1876.

along the line

It also serves many online customers along the line.

Traffic along the line was regulated by block working.

Just along the line was the long 17 arch Hewenden Viaduct.

line coach   (ラインコーチ)

In 2007, Bedenbaugh joined Arizona as offensive line coach.

He is currently the defensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons.

In 1984, he joined the Ball State staff as the defensive line coach.

second line

The numerators of the second line are preceded by 0.

In 1890 a second line between Cairo and Tura opened.

The second line, "That saved a wretch like me!"

railroad line   (鉄道線)

The bridge formerly carried a railroad line.

Note: The first railroad line built is the first one named.

The hotel was frequently used by carpenters working on the railroad line.

line was extended   (行が延長されました)

The line was extended all the way to Tokyo in 1991.

By 1928 the line was extended to Hermannstrasse.

In September 1908, the line was extended to Fernhill.

line was opened

In 1904, the South Western railway line was opened.

Finally the line was opened on 15 December 2017.

The line was opened in 1910 and closed in 1978.

long line   (長蛇の列)

He is coming from a long line of master cabinetmakers.

Triratna Man belonged to a long line of Lhasa Newar merchants.

There's a long line behind this one."

line runs

The line runs both underground and on the surface.

The line runs across much of coastal Xihai'an.

The line runs on a platform 8 at the station.

story line   (ストーリーライン)

The 2003 Built To Rule followed the "" story line.

The story line begins during the time of British Raj.

The novel's story line and characters twist and turn.

male line

The House Thurzó extinct in the male line with him.

In 1309 the male line of this family also died out.

This mediatized branch died out in 1824 in the male line.

goal line

It hit the crossbar and then fell to 9 cm inside of goal line.

A rectangular goal is positioned at the middle of each goal line.

An in-goal area extends six to eleven metres beyond each goal line.

line was built

The line was built by Von Roll and opened in 1969.

The line was built on private right of way wide.

- A line was built from Mori 9.4 km south to Sunahara in 1928.

line of succession   (後継者)

These relationships implied a line of succession.

He is fifth in the line of succession to the British throne.

She is tenth in the line of succession to the Swedish throne.

transmission line   (送電線)

A "double-circuit transmission line" has two circuits.

The transmission line is yet to be approved.

An overhead power line is one example of a transmission line.

production line

In August 2014 the first TL50 rolled off the production line.

Another production line was opened in 1983 to build the Fiero.

BZ was susceptible to accidental ignition on the production line.

town line   (タウンライン)

The stadium itself sits just over the town line in neighboring Hadley.

The Genesee River defines the western town line, and Conesus Lake defines the eastern town line.

single line

This will be a surface except along a single line.

The platform with a single line continued till the 70's.

The single line is more popular in Cuba.

gauge line   (ゲージライン)

This 610 mm gauge line lasted from 1889–1984.

The two-foot gauge line ran intermittently after the Second World War and finally closed in 1962.

Hagaribommanahalli was one of the railway stations on the Hospete-Kotturu railway meter gauge line.

assembly line   (組み立てライン)

The final MU rolled of the assembly line in June 5, 2004.

She worked as a commercial artist and assembly line worker.

an assembly line, a storage or warehouse, a transport route etc.

line along

A white line along the stomach is also present.

Line 21 is an express suburban metro line along with Line 14.

Metrolinx is building the line along Eglinton Avenue from to .

line running

towards a line running south of Les Rues Vertes.

They may have formed an inland stop line running north to south.

On the mission maps Pelly had noticed a rail line running in to Eindhoven from the south.

line of duty   (職務)

Probation Officer killed in the line of duty.

Newton was killed in the line of duty serving as a Deputy U.S.

In 1871, the first MPD officer was killed in the line of duty.

tram line   (路面電車)

The first tram line entered service on 7 January 1890.

The DPTI also owns and operates the Glenelg tram line.

The Glenelg tram line is still in operation.

line connecting

SDG&E has a 500 kV line connecting to Arizona Public Service.

In 1908, the CPR opened a line connecting Toronto with Sudbury.

There is also a 230 kV line connecting to Imperial Irrigation District.

line of sight   (視線)

Once line of sight is restored, charging resumes.

The area typically has a clear line of sight to the main stage.

NGC 691 itself is a spiral galaxy slightly inclined to our line of sight.

line ran

The last such line ran to Cabin John, Maryland.

A spur line ran along the South Kaibab Trail to the Tipoff.

The line ran from Yatton to Wells.

when the line   (時ライン)

The shed was closed in 1960 when the line was electrified.

The station was opened on 27 October 1983 when the line was upgraded.

command line

This was a DICOM Validation tool with a command line interface.

The register calling convention may be selected by command line switch.

It could be scheduled using a Maintenance Wizard and supported command line switches.

yard line   (ヤードライン)

On first down, Dorsett gained 12 yard to the 33 yard line.

However, the Pirates drove 98 yards to the UCF 1 yard line.

After the kickoff the Cowboys took over at the 21 yard line.

boundary line

The boundary line between Rice and Scott counties is near Webster.

The boundary line between the upper part and lower part is the MTL.

The boundary line between Koochiching and Saint Louis counties is nearby.

line closed

The line closed when the mine closed in 1972.

The line closed to freight traffic in 1964.

The line closed in 2006 and the tracks removed thereafter.

down the line   (行を下る)

On 6 November 1975 the last steam train ran down the line.

But here I am 25 years down the line considering the thing."

Somewhere down the line, he fell out with his club's management.

line near   (近くの線)

The away/alternate t-shirt had a red v shaped line near the collar.

By 4 April the division had taken over a section of the front line near Cassel.

A link line was built from the Leven nos 1 and 2 pits branch to join the new line near Methil.

last line   (最終行)

The porcupine's last line of defense is to climb a tree.

On 3 July, the last line of Soviet defense was breached.

The last line closed on 2 March 1957.

each line

The action statement prints each line numbered.

This station has an island platform with two tracks for each line.

There were two stations south of Aynho Junction, one on each line.

power line

This power line serves one major purpose.

An overhead power line is one example of a transmission line.

It is fed by a 2.1-kilometer overhead radio frequency power line.

clothing line   (衣料品ライン)

Kebede launched Lemlem, a clothing line, in 2008.

She worked on a clothing line inspired by Jackson Pollock.

In July 2012, Ryan started work on a clothing line for 2013.

line became

This line became known as Barberini-Colonna.

At the end of World War II the line became part of Deutsche Bundesbahn.

The Packers' defensive line became short-handed in 2013 due to injuries.

entire line   (行全体)

Line printers print an entire line of text at a time.

It closed on 31 March 2007 when the entire line was closed.

The entire line 3 was canceled because of the 1985 Algarrobo earthquake.

bass line

Presley played the bass line including the intro.

The following example shows the and forms of the bass line.

The song contains a heavy bass line.

dividing line

The Tsaritsa gully in Stalingrad was the dividing line.

A dark dividing line is located at the apex.

Where remains the dividing line between creator and created?

line was closed

As a result, the line was closed little by little.

The only remaining line was closed in December 2005.

The line was closed to passengers during the war in WW2.

direct line

This provides a reasonably direct line from the west.

The title of the song is a direct line from "Boomerang".

Murial was the last of the Calder chief's family in the direct line.

offensive line coach   (オフェンスラインコーチ)

In 2007, Bedenbaugh joined Arizona as offensive line coach.

Fangio was chosen over Mike Munchak, the Broncos' offensive line coach.

He later served as an assistant offensive line coach for the Chicago Bears.

same line

In the same line it removed the words "the power of".

This Diet generally took the same line as the previous one.

And they still continue to perform, with the same line up in 2018.

original line

The original line up formed sometime around 2006.

The original line of business was optical products (LEDs).

The original line to Pythio is still used for connections to Greece.

streetcar line

Another streetcar line was proposed for Maine Avenue SW.

The 4.7-mile streetcar line is expected to cost $138.5 million.

A streetcar line between Wiesbaden and Dotzheim was also established.

bus line

In 2013 OLEV launched a bus line in the city of Gumi.

At night Gazdagrét is served by bus line 908.

It is the main hub for intercity bus line Lasta Beograd.

bottom line   (ボトムライン)

The game ends when the balls reach the bottom line of the screen.

The bottom line is in the tenor range using an instrument such as the crumhorn .

The bottom line is that I want to make great art, but most of all I want to be honest.

line before

She was ordered by the line before being acquired by Wilhelm Wilhelmsen.

In Time Attack, the vehicle has to cross the finish line before a timer runs out.

The Hogs drove to the one-yard line before the first quarter ended tied scoreless.

lateral line

The lateral line system has prominent open canals.

The lateral line is only present on the eyed side.

There are 5-8 rows of scales above the lateral line.

crossed the line   (一線を越えた)

Simpson himself stated, "It crossed the line.

McKinzie crossed the line a head in front, but was disqualified to second.

As they crossed the line, Ryland took the victory, but by only half a length.

own line

Berk currently has his own line of Wallpaper, Furniture, and Art.

She also has her own line of beauty care products called Nurse Jamie.

Scholz also started his own line of guitar effects under the name Rockman.

railway line between

Slonim is on the railway line between Baranavichy and Vaukavysk.

It is a station on the railway line between Lida and Maladzyechna.

In 1885, the railway line between Dhaka and Narayanganj was built.

white line

A white line along the stomach is also present.

These were blue with a white line painted around them.

Dynastic changes are marked with a white line.

line of scrimmage

The defending team must stay a yard or more back from the line of scrimmage.

It will then be returned to the original line of scrimmage for the next down.

Arkansas won the game 31–14, predominantly by controlling the line of scrimmage.

line services

It is serviced by V/Line Traralgon line services.

It is serviced by V/Line Maryborough line services.

line was completed

The line was completed on December 25, 1856.

The line was completed on 30 October 2013.

The line was completed and opened for traffic in June 1899.

supply line   (供給ライン)

Whatever else might happen, they had succeeded in disrupting Rosecrans' supply line.

With his supply line lengthening, Bonaparte created a new center of operations at Palmanova.

To cut off the Chinese supply line, the Imperial Japanese Army began to plan the invasion of Burma.

line north

Efforts are being made to extend the line north to Slaggyford.

Smaller sawmills were common along the line north of Picture Rocks.

CSX operates the line north of Cranbury to South Amboy via Jamesburg.

cell line

BEnd.3 bEnd.3 is a mouse brain cell line derived from BALB/c mice.

caused by abnormalities in the eosinophil cell line; b) Secondary, i.e.

VG-1 VG-1 is a B cell line which was derived from primary effusion lymphoma (PEL) .

defensive line coach   (守備線コーチ)

He is currently the defensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons.

In 1984, he joined the Ball State staff as the defensive line coach.

He left for Central Michigan in 2002 to be their defensive line coach.

third line

Finally, the army line formed the third line of defense.

However, in May 2009 a third line was brought into operation.

De Mibielle's 3rd Algerian Rifle Battalion formed a third line.

toy line   (おもちゃのライン)

Cepia later released a toy line for the second film.

The toy line received a new logo design for its sixth year.

Joe Kre-O toy line as part of the Check Point Alpha playset.

line south

In 1919, M-69 started at the state line south of Crystal Falls.

It would later be extended in 1932 to the state line south of Kingsford.

The British line south of Ladysmith ran along a ridge known as the Platrand.

real line

Consider the real line with its ordinary topology.

Let the real line have its standard topology.

Lebesgue measure on the real line, R, is a regular measure.

line began

Work on the line began at the end of September 1961.

Construction of this line began on 18 December 2014.

Construction on the line began on July 1, 1867.

subway line   (地下鉄線)

The title refers to Berlin's subway line U1.

The preferred route of the subway line is from Pape station to .

transit line

Furthermore, it is the first driverless rapid transit line in Turkey.

He also vowed to oppose the city's new southwest bus rapid transit line.

It also offers connections to the Insurgentes Metrobús bus rapid transit line.

forward line   (フォワードライン)

Healy had a good game in the forward line.

The full forward line operates around the opposition's 21-metre line.

tree line

Above this tree line only alpine vegetation grows.

Around 47% of the land is located above the tree line.

Marmots live almost exclusively above the tree line as high as .

telephone line

All medical emergency calls were received through the PRPD's telephone line.

Several different telephone line modulation techniques are used by fax machines.

The phone company traces the calls to a telephone line that has fallen in a cemetery.

line passes

The Burke Railway line passes through the parish.

The northeastern railway line passes through it.

Tropic of cancer line passes through Pratappur.

line of defense

The porcupine's last line of defense is to climb a tree.

Finally, the army line formed the third line of defense.

In addition elephants were deployed as first line of defense.

line when   (ときに行)

As a result, they are visible only as a thin line when seen from Earth.

The observer can see the solution line when it is in his room, but not otherwise.

CTR also briefly controlled the Arborfield branch line when CN placed it up for sale.

light rail line   (ライトレールライン)

A light rail line known as Metro Riel is proposed.

A light rail line in Barranquilla is planned.

The light rail line has 18 stations: two terminals and 16 intermediate stations.

line was electrified

In 1926 the line was electrified as far as Oatley.

The first line was electrified on October 28, 1925.

The line was electrified at 25 kV AC in 1961.

score line

A 5–7 to 5–2 score line gave Smyth his second All-Ireland medal.

The game saw Cork win convincingly on a score line of 3–16 to 0–12.

A 2–8 to 0–9 score line resulted in defeat for the north Tipp club.

party line

He could not be trusted to toe the existing party line.

Camus was expelled from the PCA for refusing to toe the party line.

As a result, he was warned not to contravene the party line in future.

starting line

A young man on horseback waits at a starting line.

Each driver then backs up to and stages at the starting line.

When a car leaves the starting line, a timer is started for that car.

line then

The line then passed through Grenofen Tunnel (374 yards).

This watershed line then turns towards village Bhura Hayal itself.

The line then advances eastwards from Melissiatika ending at Volos.