links between   (間のリンク)

There are also possibly wider links between the poems.

It forms the links between the main sections of the estate.

The matrix represents a graph with edges representing links between pages.

close links   (リンクを閉じる)

Algebraic graph theory has close links with group theory.

Berthold retained particularly close links with Anna Stiegler.

The college has close links to the Community of the Resurrection.

strong links   (強いつながり)

Ivan Đikić holds strong links to his homeland Croatia.

He is part of a family which has strong links with motorsport.

With Aird’s fluency in Russian, he was able to forge strong links with that country.

transport links

Edogawadai has a variety of transport links.

Taman Midah is well connected by both road and public transport links.

It has good road transport links with easy access to both the A49 and A5.

external links   (外部リンク)

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rail links   (レールリンク)

There are no rail links with adjacent countries.

However: The proposed international rail links are:

It has road and rail links to both Buenos Aires and La Plata.

road links   (道路リンク)

There are four or five other road links to Kashmir and Ladakh.

Internationally, Canada has road links with both the lower 48 US states and Alaska.

This road links many major highways in the country, forming the backbone of the road network in Mexico.

trade links

It had many key trade links and, in particular, needed South Africa's gold.

He forged trade links with France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia and Russia.

China maintains healthy and highly diversified trade links with the European Union.

direct links

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links below

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to June 25, 1980), see the links below"

Smith released production diaries on the "Clerks II" website (see links below).

links to other   (他へのリンク)

The TaxPayers' Alliance has also had its links to other Eurosceptic think tanks based at 55 Tufton Street questioned.

Demonstrating potential links to other regional traditions is the use of the name "Ball" for hobby horses in other areas.

Maison Maquet developed tight commercial links to other Parisian luxury houses for which it created commercial catalogues.