Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

literal translation   (traducción literal)

The literal translation of Toombeola is "Tomb of Beola".

A literal translation of "crème fraîche" is "fresh cream".

The literal translation of the French title is "Wasp's Nest."

literal meaning   (significado literal)

The literal meaning of Purakkad is "out of forest".

Their literal meaning is "sandalwood mountain".

The literal meaning of Korkeasaari is "Tall Island/Islet".

literal interpretation   (interpretación literal)

(Not all interpreters agree with this literal interpretation of the chronology of Revelation, however.)

This perception is based on a literal interpretation of Dyson's original short paper introducing the concept.

Calvin took a literal interpretation of chapter 1, but allegorical view of chapter 2, a position echoed by some modern interpreters.

literal sense   (sentido literal)

A monarchy, in its most literal sense, means 'the rule of one'.

For example, the adjective in its literal sense of "higher" (e.g.

In the literal sense, "conscientia" means knowledge-with, that is, shared knowledge.