Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

literary critic   (crítico literario)

Married to the literary critic Călin Teutişan.

He is an Iranian writer and a literary critic.

Gur was also a literary critic for "Haaretz" newspaper.

literary works   (obras literarias)

Among his better known literary works are the following:

The literary works composed during Krishna's reign include:

After this, a cowed Cicero concentrated on his literary works.

literary magazine   (revista literaria)

He was founding editor of Pakin literary magazine.

It published the literary magazine "Heretica".

He directed the literary magazine "Letras del Ecuador".

literary work   (trabajo literario)

Kafka had decided not to do literary work there.

In addition, he sent an original literary work.

Wartime themes would also figure in his literary work.

literary criticism   (crítica literaria)

It is opinion masquerading as literary criticism."

He was a reformer in field of literary criticism.

In his literary criticism, Nadel analyzes text content.

literary journal

The "Madonna Muse" is an annual literary journal.

He currently edits the literary journal "Unusual Work".

He edited the literary journal Sanchetna for 5 years (1969–73).

literary career

Simultaneously, Buchan pursued his literary career.

Besik Kharanauli started his literary career in 1954.

His literary career spanned over eighty years.

literary figures

He worked with leading literary figures including William Thackeray.

Smith came into contact with literary figures who would later form part of H.P.

and assumed a place among the world's best-known English-language literary figures.

literary award

The novel won the 2016 Prix Goncourt, a top French literary award.

It also earned him a literary award sponsored by the Romanian Academy.

Until 2009, Grinzane Cavour was also the seat of the eponymous literary award.

literary magazines

He has contributed to several literary magazines as an editor.

His works are published in many major literary magazines and national newspapers.

During the early 1910s, Karnabatt joined several of Romania's Symbolist circles and literary magazines.

literary language

It was a major literary language in the empire.

Kumyk has been used as a literary language in Dagestan and Caucasus for some time.

He published his first book — „Issues about Georgian literary language and style“ (1956).

literary agent

It was founded as a salon by literary agent John Brockman.

Maxim Lieber served as her literary agent, 1933–1937 and in 1941.

The literary agent then sent Benioff the series' first four books.

literary journals

His poems continue to appear in literary journals and anthologies.

He gave lectures in Canada and the U.S. and was the editor of Hungarian literary journals.

Later work was printed in literary journals such as "Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine" and local newspapers.

literary critics

"In America" has been praised by literary critics.

"The Volcano Lover" has largely been praised by literary critics.

In recent years, the play has been re-examined by literary critics.

literary historian

was a lexicographer and literary historian of Yiddish literature.

Janko Kos Janko Kos (born 9 March 1931) is a Slovenian literary historian, theoretician, and critic.

The literary historian Monique Zaini-Lajoubert writes that none of these intermediary versions has been found.

literary scholar   (erudito literario)

Ania Loomba Ania Loomba is an Indian literary scholar.

Among his schoolmates was the famous literary scholar Dušan Pirjevec Ahac.

She is the great-great-niece of historian and literary scholar Joseph Klausner.

literary tradition   (tradición literaria)

The Celtic languages have a rich literary tradition.

Welsh has had a continuous literary tradition from the 6th century AD.

Celtic literary tradition begins with Old Irish texts around the 8th century AD.

literary history

He has authored multiple works on Azerbaijani literary history.

His works show the cross-roads of U.S. and hemispheric U.S. literary history .

He was one of the first to publish a book on Gujarati literary history in English.

literary awards

The book is the winner of several literary awards.

He authored 24 books and received numerous literary awards.

His work has won and been shortlisted for over ten literary awards.

literary prize

He has been awarded a literary prize from a foundation.

Grant has been a six-time nominee for the Pushcart Prize, an American literary prize.

This award is a literary prize awarded annually by the Swedish Crime Writers' Academy.

literary editor

He was made literary editor five years later.

From 1991 to 1997, Geason was literary editor of The Sydney Morning Herald.

He was the literary editor of the "Oxford Mail" newspaper from 1958 to 1969.

literary circles

This change proved controversial in literary circles.

He was surprised to find himself well known in literary circles.

Introduced into the literary circles of First-Republic-Vienna, he started writing.

other literary   (otro literario)

Many other literary allusions add depth to the story.

The society organizes programs in which students present their poems and other literary work.

Karnabatt still worked at "Minerva" newspaper, earning the sympathy of other literary reviewers.

literary events

The centre also hosts and arranges various public literary events.

2009 in literature This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 2009.

2005 in literature This article presents lists of the literary events and publications in 2005.

literary society

In 1893, he formed another literary society, the .

In 1818, he established the first Azeri literary society "Golestan-i Iram".

DeMille's parents met as members of a music and literary society in New York.

literary world

This series had a big influence on the literary world.

Urdu literary world was shocked when he used the theme of sex in his poems.

In 1957, Ginsberg surprised the literary world by abandoning San Francisco.

literary movement

The trial did not, however, discourage the underground literary movement.

He is one of the pioneers of the dalit literary movement" in Maharashtra.

In the late 1910s, Under was involved in the influential Siuru literary movement.

literary sources

The term 帝 ("mikado", Emperor) is also found in literary sources.

Many of Chaosium’s product lines are based upon literary sources.

The literary sources give the name of Novae or in Accusative form Novas (Itin.

first literary

The first literary work is "Rāmacaritam" (12th century).

Zālīte’s first literary works were published in the early 1970s.

A 9th-century treatise on poetics, the "Kavirajamarga", is the first literary work.

literary theory   (teoría literaria)

From 1970, he has taught literary theory at the University.

Few examples of their use survive outside texts on literary theory.

This fallacy would later be repudiated by theorists from the reader-response school of literary theory.

literary debut

He made his literary debut in 2007, with the novel "Gud er norsk".

He made his literary debut in 1895 with the poetry collection "Melodier".

Tulli made her literary debut in 1995 with the prose poem "Sny i kamienie".

literary scene   (escena literaria)

The work criticizes plagiarism and authorship in the early-19th-century literary scene.

Eun made her entrance to the Korean literary scene in 1995 with her short novel "Duet".

Gloag's first novel was an unexpected success and launched him onto the 1960s literary scene.

literary style

Thoreau called his literary style ""sublimo-slipshod"".

His literary style is also a mixture of fantasy and realism.

Churchill modelled much of his own literary style on Gibbon's.

literary and artistic

The portraits were of New York literary and artistic figures of the time.

In Leningrad, Ivashintsova joined the city’s literary and artistic underground.

Nicolaides' literary and artistic workshop gave a significant impetus to this evolution.

many literary

He translated many literary and political works.

He also proved in many literary forums that Sambalpuri is a separate language.

The book was the recipient of many literary honors, and was a finalist for the National Book Award.

literary figure   (figura literaria)

Thus, the unknown author was a literary figure.

Joseph Walser concludes that this Mahādeva was most likely a literary figure.

The boy was Jeong Cheol who later became a politician and famous literary figure.

literary genre

He made his life’s work the transformation of haikai into a literary genre.

Each prize is awarded in a different literary genre between various works entered in the competition.

Epigram became a literary genre in the Hellenistic period, probably developing out of scholarly collections of inscriptional epigrams.

literary and cultural

Special emphasis is being given on literary and cultural activities.

Krishnakumari has been an active participant in literary and cultural events.

Bhisham Sahni was associated with several literary and cultural organizations.

literary studies

After the war, and graduated in literary studies from the University of Belgrade.

Mujāhid was a patron of theological and literary studies, especially of "kirāʾāt" (recitation).

Grabowicz writes that its importance for both American and general literary studies is "indisputable".

literary prizes

The novel won five French literary prizes.

He received several literary prizes.

Welsh's first novel, "The Cutting Room", won several literary prizes.

several literary

The book is the winner of several literary awards.

He has contributed to several literary magazines as an editor.

He received several literary prizes.

literary form

The Warsaw dialect did not develop a literary form.

He's everywhere, in every literary form you can think of.

She identified the latter as its "most important literary form."

important literary

She identified the latter as its "most important literary form."

The first important literary author also important to existentialism was the Russian Dostoyevsky.

They introduced such important literary forms as epic and lyric poetry, history, tragedy, and comedy.

literary fiction

Chaplin has also been characterised in literary fiction.

So genre-busting within the publishing world has become a type of literary fiction.

New Island publishes literary fiction, poetry, drama, biography, politics and social affairs.

major literary   (mayor literario)

It was a major literary language in the empire.

His works are published in many major literary magazines and national newspapers.

Several major literary, music, and artistic figures have lived or worked in the Culture Coast.

various literary

Mangyan poems have been preserved in various literary sites in the Philippines and the United States.

Grazzini was temperamental, his life consequently enlivened or disturbed by various literary quarrels.

He also had good literary sense and was actively involved in various literary organizations and functions.

literary executor

His literary executor was his private secretary, Lord Rowton.

She was the wife and literary executor of Canadian novelist Robertson Davies.

She is also the literary executor of her father, the economic historian Karl Polanyi.

literary circle

The Thompsons were considered members of the "Ink Slingers" literary circle in Los Angeles.

In El Salvador, Castillo met Salvadoran poet Roque Dalton and founded an influential literary circle.

Years later, in 1845, Poe used "Al Aaraaf" to hoax members of the Boston literary circle during a reading.

literary texts

The same goes for readings of literary texts, says Pommier.

Yet, they cannot be changed to "oe" and "ae" in formal and literary texts.

Furthermore, national and international writers are discussed, also the translations of literary texts.

literary output

Tytler is most noted for his literary output.

Both his education and literary output were broad and varied.

Also, he reacted to his 1911 bankruptcy by increasing his literary output.

literary group

He is associated with the Asturian literary group of the 1990s.

In early 1900s Goslavsky became a member of the literary group Sreda.

He has managed literary group such as Mijlas and Brihaspatisabha for years.

literary culture

The Order's religious networks helped to develop Danzig's literary culture.

One of Rugero's career goals has been to promote literary culture in Burundi.

Characters such as Sancho Panza and Don Quixote's steed, Rocinante, are emblems of Western literary culture.

literary activity   (actividad literaria)

Away from the royal court her literary activity dried up.

The main concern of the newspaper was the literary activity in the city of Bârlad.

Of the extensive literary activity of Eusebius, a relatively large portion has been preserved.

literary societies

It is one of Erskine's four literary societies today.

There are other cultural, literary societies and interest groups.

He became noted as a writer, and was a member of several literary societies.

literary life   (vida literaria)

He was prominent in the literary life of New York City after 1845.

They moved to New York in 1876, and there she began her literary life.

In 1828 we find him in Paris, determined to run the risks of literary life.

new literary

Dorfman's new literary fame helped him secure a passport from Argentina.

The introduction of new literary forms and styles, as well as many new ideas sweeping Europe, reached Armenians living in both regions.

At the beginning of 1940, the first edition of Connolly's "Horizon" appeared, and this provided a new outlet for Orwell's work as well as new literary contacts.

number of literary   (número de literario)

A number of literary figures of Bengal contributed to the Desh magazine in his editorship.

Empedocles' death was mythologized by ancient writers, and has been the subject of a number of literary treatments.

The Booker judging process and the very concept of a "best book" being chosen by a small number of literary insiders is controversial for many.

literary merit

"The Rise of Iskander" quickly slipped into obscurity despite some literary merit.

Modern critics have generally made moderate claims for "Troy Book"’s literary merit.

Norman Mailer, for instance, said "There is no question that "Hogg" by Samuel R. Delany is a serious book with literary merit."

literary pursuits

She never married but rather devoted her life to literary pursuits.

On obtaining this appointment, he devoted himself to literary pursuits.

He took an interest in social and literary pursuits apart from science.

annual literary

The "Madonna Muse" is an annual literary journal.

The large annual literary festival Lit.

Algoma also publishes an annual literary journal, "Algoma Ink".

literary community   (comunidad literaria)

In the literary community, rumor spread that she was also hypersexual.

"Stuart Little" initially received a lukewarm welcome from the literary community.

He was associated with the utopian and Symbolist artistic and literary community Abbaye de Créteil between 1907 and 1908.

numerous literary

He authored 24 books and received numerous literary awards.

He also sits on the board of numerous literary and educational bodies.

Of his numerous literary productions the following may be mentioned: Attribution:

literary genres

It also appears in an array of literary genres.

The book spans three literary genres: the epistolary, the apocalyptic, and the prophetic.

He's dedicated himself to several literary genres like novel, storytelling, short-story, etc.

made his literary

He made his literary debut in 2007, with the novel "Gud er norsk".

He made his literary debut in 1895 with the poetry collection "Melodier".

He made his literary debut in 1955 with the publication of his story "Ghost" (Gwisin).

artistic and literary

It represents Parajanov's diverse artistic and literary heritage.

Currently, BBM has a multipurpose room aimed at showing artistic and literary expositions.

Early artistic and literary portrayals of Aphrodite are extremely similar on Inanna-Ishtar.

literary arts

"Carpe Dictum", the literary arts festival.

In the summer semester 1903, he was appointed as rapporteur of the literary arts section.

Dada was not confined to the visual and literary arts; its influence reached into sound and music.

literary festival

In June 2013, SAC held a literary festival.

The large annual literary festival Lit.

The festival is the oldest living literary festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

literary production

Under the pseudonym Elias Kræmmer, Nilsen had a sizeable literary production.

The bulk of Syriac literary production dates to between the 4th and 8th centuries.

However, he largely ceased his literary production after his 1830 appointment as Supreme Court Assessor.

cultural and literary

Communists became prominent in trade unions as well as cultural and literary circles.

A majority of artists within the neofolk genre focus on archaic, cultural and literary references.

Full-fledged Public Library in Varappetty leads various cultural and literary activities across the Panchayath.

literary device   (dispositivo literario)

Sells also addresses the much-discussed repetitiveness of the Quran, seeing this, too, as a literary device.

The epistolary form literary device was used to give the reader a personal and intimate impression of the manifesto.

If it does, the literary device it uses is not considered "ullurai", but is classified as some other type of simile ("uvamai").

literary review

Between 2002 and 2007 he directed the literary review "Ajos & Zafiros".

He co-founded the quarterly literary review "X magazine" which he co-edited from 1959 to 1962.

His poetry was hosted by the Transylvanian literary review, "Gândirea", in its Issues 1, 2, 4 and 5 for 1921.

literary activities

Meanwhile, continued his literary activities.

On his return to Vietnam, to the South, avoiding politics and concentrated on literary activities.

He remained in Switzerland until his death, living a modest life, and greatly reducing his literary activities.

literary translator   (traductor literario)

Linda Coverdale Linda Coverdale is a literary translator from French.

Charlotte Mandell Charlotte Mandell (born 1968) is an American literary translator.

Nanette McGuinness Nanette McGuinness is an American soprano and literary translator.

literary talent

She was forced to support herself and decided to do so through her literary talent.

Hu Zong's son, Hu Chong (胡冲), was known for his literary talent and peaceful temperament.

He was known for his literary talent and was employed by the regent Cao Shuang as a secretary.

literary references

Passing literary references to others has allowed their tentative reconstruction.

A majority of artists within the neofolk genre focus on archaic, cultural and literary references.

In the words of Martin's biographer William Feaver, he "turned literary references to visual reality".

literary forms

They introduced such important literary forms as epic and lyric poetry, history, tragedy, and comedy.

At present, Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is also used in modernized versions of literary forms of the Quran.

The introduction of new literary forms and styles, as well as many new ideas sweeping Europe, reached Armenians living in both regions.