Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

very little   (rất ít)

They have very little future suffering to undergo.

There is very little behavior seen at the surface.

He is given very little role in most of the story.

little more   (hơn chút)

Finishing with 'A little more effort would be nice.

"The Nation" was just a little more vocal about it.

This proved to be little more than a vain hope.

little or no   (một ít hoặc không có)

Also, 2 out of 3 adults did little or no exercise.

It shows little or no Esperanto influence, however.

Today there is little or no evidence of its existence.

little bit   (một chút)

She also defined it as being "a little bit funkier."

When I came out of the army it was a little bit rough.

I think he's been a little bit of a pillock."

little is known   (ít được biết đến)

Very little is known about the Theocracy of Muntab.

Very little is known about his philosophical views.

About egg laying and development little is known.

little girl   (cô bé)

Her family moved to Tokyo when she was a little girl.

The two men smile back at the little girl and nod to her.

I had all the inexperience and the fears of a little girl.

little success   (ít thành công)

However, very little success has been recorded so far.

A number of tenants came and went with little success.

He had little success as a breeding stallion.

little to no   (ít đến không)

They also have little to no presence in television.

Narrow road was of little to no help at this point.

The Refaluwasch have little to no presence in films.

little time   (ít thời gian)

These familial commitments left her little time to paint.

What did he want to get across in as little time as possible?

MIBR wasted little time and started a play to the A bombsite.

little interest   (ít quan tâm)

This species is of little interest to fisheries.

However, he had little interest in military affairs.

Arne showed little interest in writing concert music.

did little   (làm ít)

The next shot hit the walls but did little damage.

Also, 2 out of 3 adults did little or no exercise.

Charles did little to help against Guy, however.

little evidence   (bằng chứng nhỏ)

The Rig Veda provides little evidence of civil law.

There is now little evidence of the former cemetery.

There is little evidence of a standard burial practice.

too little   (quá ít)

He does clean work, but settles for too little.

One day, however, he spent too little on food and died.

There was too little land and the crop was poor quality.

relatively little   (tương đối nhỏ)

Elected politicians have relatively little sway over Algeria.

The Orangeburg killings received relatively little media coverage.

During the firing process, the potter has relatively little control.

little known   (ít được biết đến)

The little flying squid's biology is little known.

He was little known outside his own country.

Today Devagandhari is a rare, little known, ancient raga.

made little   (làm ít)

Such goals made little strategic or political sense.

The attack on the fort initially made little headway.

He made little impact as a breeding stallion.

received little   (nhận được ít)

However, Symond's proposal received little support.

The self-titled record received little recognition or sales.

These events received little attention.

little effect   (ít ảnh hưởng)

The short dry season has little effect on the overall climate.

They had, however, little effect on both Kazanowski and Władysław.

Removal of such factor from the population will have little effect.

little attention   (ít chú ý)

In general the Spanish paid little attention to Corisco.

These events received little attention.

The New Testament also devotes little attention to an immediate afterlife.

little too   (ít quá)

program that month because it was "a little too complex".

Maybe I grew up a little too soon."

The burden of taking care of the family becomes a little too much for Roja.

little boy   (cậu bé nhỏ)

Singh threw javelin and played cricket as a little boy.

He has learned to play guitar since he was a little boy.

"I'm a man; I'm not a little boy," he said.

so little   (quá ít)

It decided so little, and it was such an important case.

Having read so little he is quite at the mercy of his one book!"

I never worked so little on something and I was never congratulated so much."

little impact   (ít ảnh hưởng)

He made little impact as a breeding stallion.

It caused little impact in the island chain.

Aside from rainbands, little impact was reported on Bermuda.

little information   (ít thông tin)

He provides little information, though—only grunts.

There is very little information about him.

Throughout the series, there is a little information about them.

saw little   (thấy ít)

From this time onward, Fichte saw little of his parents.

For 1979, the Bronco saw little change from 1978 models.

Although over 100,000 were struck in the first year, the coin saw little use.

little money   (một ít tiền)

Mayra grew up with little money and food was sometimes scarce.

Before the war, he worked as a glazier, making very little money.

After his father's death, the family had little money to live on.

little use   (ít sử dụng)

Prior to Bracton, there was little use of stare decisis.

After a little use, she was renamed "Ocean King" in 1980.

The U.S. Army made little use of the fort and soon abandoned it.

little later   (ít lâu sau)

A little later, Joseph Joachim presented them in public.

A little later, Dismas also joins the group around Manean.

A little later, Merker was also arrested.

little support   (hỗ trợ ít)

However, Symond's proposal received little support.

Unfortunately, the show found little support in Buenos Aires.

He attracted little support, placing ninth with 0.69% of the vote.

little less   (chút ít)

The distance between these gates was a little less than .

A little less than half of Colorado is flat and rolling land.

"There was a little less screaming and a little more melody, but it was still us.

little chance   (Cơ hội mong manh)

It was a situation with little chance for improving one's life.

If this is done by each diver only for themselves, there is little chance of confusion and error.

This move surprised the party, with many commentators giving him little chance of getting elected.

showed little   (cho thấy ít)

Arne showed little interest in writing concert music.

Hitler, however, showed little enthusiasm for the I.R.

His religious work was forceful but showed little bigotry.

little damage   (thiệt hại ít)

The next shot hit the walls but did little damage.

On Montserrat, very little damage was reported.

All of the Roman ships were captured, most with little damage.

little further   (xa hơn một chút)

They had gone only a little further than Franklin.

However, he had little further contact with Athens.

A little further south is the "Cape Motta".

little brother   (em trai)

Cornelius "Neeley" Nolan is Francie's little brother.

Henry Haluki - Crow's friend and Lani's little brother.

Crow - Sky's little brother and a friend of Henry Haluki.

little sister   (em gái)

His parents have split up and he has a little sister, Fiona.

"Hong Jae Hye/Joy Hong": Jay's little sister and an Aboki model.

is Umehito's little sister.

little resistance   (ít kháng cự)

The camp was taken with little resistance.

Smith collapsed in 3 rounds, having offered little resistance.

The Indigenous offered little resistance and casualties were minimal.

little else   (ít khác)

Very little else is known about his personal life.

While Ruth could still hit, he could do little else.

There is little else at surface remaining.

just a little   (chỉ một chút)

"The Nation" was just a little more vocal about it.

1 at El Sauzal Rodriguez, just a little north of Ensenada.

This gives it a barycentric orbital period just a little larger than Sedna.

little doubt   (chút nghi ngờ)

Thirty years on, there is little doubt where "The Hurting" stands."

They had little doubt of their ability to take the Territory over to the South.

There was little doubt that the ship, the American "Harrison Grey Otis" had been mined.

little progress   (tiến bộ ít)

Tuvok attempts to get to know Dalby socially, but makes little progress.

Every year onward there was significant build-up despite little progress.

There was little progress in the local negotiations proposed in the Circular.

found little   (tìm thấy ít)

However, his suggestion found little acceptance.

Unfortunately, the show found little support in Buenos Aires.

Daly's returned to musical comedies but found little further success.

changed little   (thay đổi chút ít)

In this, the Concordat of Worms changed little.

It was initiated in 1865, and has changed little since.

The test has changed little since 1948.

what little   (Ít gì)

Vegetation is quickly taking over the site and hiding what little remains.

He is relentlessly enthusiastic and is proud of what little English he knows.

Don Francesco shared what little food he had with the poorest of his parishioners.

having little   (có ít)

The molars were flat with cusps having little contours.

He is a landowner and gentleman farmer, though "having little spare money".

He worked as a farmer, and having little land, dedicate more time to painting.

little better   (tốt hơn một chút)

He held that the rest of the town was little better.

The crowd was a little better that day, but not by much.

The crowd was a little better on Saturday, but not much.

little resemblance   (ít giống)

Demian's instrument bore little resemblance to modern instruments.

The film bore little resemblance to any prior film or the original books.

Many microcapsules however bear little resemblance to these simple spheres.

little difference   (ít khác biệt)

However, this fact seemed to make little difference to the play.

An extra 40, he reasoned, would make little difference to the overall strategic balance.

It made little difference, however, as loyal citizens opened the rear gates to Constantine.

little town   (thị trấn nhỏ)

Described as a ″a picture perfect little town,″ works have included

This little town has the biggest market for ornaments in the whole state.

Ucluelet began to grow along with the sealing industry and became a bustling little town.

little change   (sự thay đổi nhỏ)

For 1979, the Bronco saw little change from 1978 models.

It has seen little change since then, except for shoulder widening.

A December 2011 photo shows little change from the 2008 image (left).

only a little   (chỉ một chút)

They had gone only a little further than Franklin.

Both film versions used only a little of Friml's original score.

This time, the cent was reduced in size, only a little larger than a dime.

little effort   (nỗ lực nhỏ)

When they challenge him, he kills all three with little effort.

The FBI initiated an investigation, but little effort was put into it.

Adjusting the height of this platform is very easy and takes very little effort.

little in common   (ít điểm chung)

The members of the band had little in common.

"This was strange, because we really had very little in common.

They have very little in common but are intensely attracted to each other.

little room   (căn phòng nhỏ)

The supply plan was simple, but finely tuned, with little room for error.

Peak demand stood at 350 megawatts, leaving very little room for flexibility.

Gordon's orders, by his own request, were unequivocal and left little room for misinterpretation.

how little   (nhỏ như thế nào)

The origin of a futakuchi-onna's second mouth is often linked to how little a woman eats.

On 24 May 1816, Fresnel wrote to Young (in French), acknowledging how little of his own memoir was new.

The story also shows the affection between Ambroise and Frau Leitner, and how little time they had left.

little used   (ít sử dụng)

The "La Pared" beach is pleasant and little used.

It was little used, except by golfers, and closed in 1966.

Ruth lost his second start, and was thereafter little used.

little remains   (hài cốt nhỏ)

Very little remains of the former Fern Hill Station.

The church foundation is medieval but little remains.

Very little remains of Western Aramaic.

little influence   (ít ảnh hưởng)

It was not widely read and had little influence.

Disraeli was early to call for peace, but had little influence on events.

The United Kingdom felt it would have little influence with just one vote.

little choice   (ít lựa chọn)

On completing his education, he had little choice but to follow his father into the family firm.

They were left with little choice - every shareholder with a German-sounding name was bought out.

an individual who is labeled has little choice but to conform to the essential meaning of that judgment.

little value   (ít giá trị)

However, in the long-term, the new territorial gains were of little value to Spain.

Without direct ranging capability, however, the military found the "RUS-1" to be of little value.

William left Peter land of little value; Birmingham was one of the poorest manors in Warwickshire.

little bit more   (Thêm một chút nữa)

It's going to be a little bit more soul."

I feel like my name is a little bit more familiar than it was before.

A little bit more, and both would open fire with their 12,7 mm (0,50") machineguns.

little experience   (Một chút kinh nghiệm)

Moon-Boy has little experience with civilized culture and/or behavior.

With little experience of such conditions, MacLaren had a succession of failures.

Ear cleaning in general may also be ineffective when used by one with little experience or guidance.

little finger   (ngón tay út)

In other primates, the thumb is short and unable to touch the little finger.

Another dive to stop a leg glance resulted in a severely bruised left little finger.

The hold too was changed by the late legend to enable the little finger to reach this hole.

little different   (ít khác nhau)

In the quarter finals the rules are little different.

But, importantly, it is a little different."

I’d like to think I’m a little different.

little action   (hành động nhỏ)

This produced many ideas and proposals, but little action.

Once the regular season began, Rodgers saw very little action that year.

The Marines saw little action for the rest of the operation, sweeps uncovered more PAVN.

met with little   (gặp ít)

However, they met with little success.

Chryses pleaded with Agamemnon to free his daughter but was met with little success.

The Mk.I met with little success in its initial tune for the 1964 and 1965 Le Mans races.

little significant   (ít quan trọng)

During the mid-1980s to the late 1990s, little significant development influenced the area.

According to Barry, "The restoration revealed relatively little significant damage or deterioration not previously visible.

In contrast to the 1960s and 70s, the 21st century has seen little significant political lobbying for an end to hunger within America, though by 2012 there had been an increase in efforts by various activists and journalists to raise awareness of the problem.

little hope   (chút hy vọng)

Towards the end, she contracts stomach cancer with little hope of survival.

Doctors believed there was little hope of survival, and recovery was unlikely.

The men realize they have little hope of finding other humans, let alone women.

little village   (làng nhỏ)

Until 1891, it was a little village outside the city.

The little village stood on a crossroads with a few houses and a church.

A small kavu dedicated to lord Shiva is also a part of this sleepy little village.

little help   (sự giúp đỡ nhỏ)

The kidnapped McDonald is rescued, with a little help from Joey McDonald.

The skater will go and do the jump with very little help from their coach.

The Joker tells Batman that it was made "with a little help from the Dollmaker."

little man   (anh bạn nhỏ)

Mr. Travnicek is a typical "little man" character, mostly in a bad mood.

The stepmother sends her own daughter, who acts rudely to the little man.

Despite this, he was described as a "sallow, baldish, unhealthy looking little man."

little by little   (từng chút một)

As a result, the line was closed little by little.

The goals went up and little by little "Ballycomey" started to come to life.

"Let Christmas come into our hearts little by little, day by day and by night.

little longer   (lâu hơn một chút)

Today, the pageboy is generally shoulder-length or a little longer.

The petals are shorter than the sepals or a little longer and are deeply divided.

He had red eyes during birth as he remained in his mother’s womb a little longer.

little water   (IT nươc)

Dry Lake was named for the fact it often contained little water.

Today it is kept with little water, for public access inside the space.

After soaking the ribs are steamed over a little water in a large saucepan.

little work   (việc nhỏ)

Very little work was done in the following decade.

He did very little work for the kingdom.

Although he did little work in this post, it shielded him from ideological attack.

little changed   (ít thay đổi)

Many of the other services were little changed.

Until the 1960s, little changed in the yard.

The actual language of the 1662 revision was little changed from that of Cranmer.

little formal   (ít trang trọng)

Husarik grew up in poverty and has little formal education.

He received little formal schooling prior to entering the workforce.

He learned to play several more instruments with little formal training.

little girls   (cô gái nhỏ)

David animated the little girls in "Cockaboody".

Sixty little girls tried out for the part of Savannah.

These words are familiar to all little girls.

little knowledge   (hiểu biết hạn hẹp)

Prior to coming on board, she had little knowledge of the "Mana" series.

Cecil was a good soldier, but he had little knowledge of nautical matters.

Extremely skilled at his job, he has little knowledge of Western Civilization.

little power   (ít năng lượng)

They typically operate on 5 VDC and draw very little power.

Before the Revolution, the people had little power or voice.

In its early years, FIDE had little power, and was poorly financed.

little opposition   (ít phản đối)

Meanwhile, Suchet's main attack rolled up Blake's left with very little opposition.

Edmund came to the throne upon the death of his half-brother in 939, apparently with little opposition.

There was little opposition to the demolition of most of the block, which included the Old Ebbitt Grill site.

little regard   (ít quan tâm)

At the time, there was little regard for historical heritage.

Cyclopes and cyclopskin have very little regard for other life.

Individuals often make poorly thought out decisions with little regard to the consequences.

little contact   (ít liên lạc)

The Yanomami had had little contact with the outside world.

During the first days sweeping the Zone the U.S. forces made little contact with the VC.

The Sentinelese are generally hostile to visitors and have had little contact with any other people.

left little   (còn lại một chút)

He had worked in the city as an architect, but left little mark.

Tropical Storm Beryl made landfall on Nantucket, but left little impact.

Another dive to stop a leg glance resulted in a severely bruised left little finger.

often little   (thường ít)

Initially when websites were visited there was often little content available from other Third Voice users.

Coding reliability approaches have the longest history and are often little different from qualitative content analysis.

He did well for an independent with the first-past-the-post system, having limited resources and often little time to campaign.

took little   (lấy ít)

General Conference in 1884, but took little part.

The construction took little more than a year.

The Company took little notice of him.

received little attention   (ít được chú ý)

These events received little attention.

During Rand's lifetime, her work received little attention from academic scholars.

The album received little attention, but was received well by critics who reviewed it.

little commercial   (ít thương mại)

It is of little commercial value.

She continued to record until the mid-1970s, but with little commercial success.

On February 10, 1968, "The Bonniwell Music Machine" was released with little commercial success.

little opportunity   (cơ hội ít)

Belgium still had economic power and independence gave little opportunity for improvement.

He returned to his hometown for a short time before realising that he would have little opportunity in Parakan.

Large, well-established companies, for instance, may offer dependable dividend income, but little opportunity for growth.

little or nothing   (ít hoặc không có gì)

Many of them, like Arthur Griffith, had little or nothing to do with the Rising.

From the standpoint of yield, there is little or nothing to choose between the two approaches.

He had little or nothing" in his review of the game, headed "Nothing but luck saved the Phillies."

knew little   (biết ít)

Nirenska knew little of Karski's war-time work.

The priest knew little about the terrain so he asked a native the name of the place.

However, at this point in Alexander's career, he still knew little about being a general.

made little impact   (ít ảnh hưởng)

He made little impact as a breeding stallion.

She made little impact as a broodmare and ended her days in Poland.

She made little impact in the race and finished seventh behind La Roche.

offered little   (cung cấp ít)

The redoubts were incomplete and offered little protection.

Smith collapsed in 3 rounds, having offered little resistance.

The Indigenous offered little resistance and casualties were minimal.

little difficulty   (khó khăn một chút)

Otherwise, Parra experienced little difficulty in retiring hitters.

Mahias's battalion attacked and took this fort with little difficulty.

1 seed, dispatched Polgar and Grischuk with little difficulty to reach the final.

paid little   (trả ít)

In general the Spanish paid little attention to Corisco.

Unfortunately, this job was not very exciting and paid little.

The charge against Hicks that he paid little attention to Keynes's dynamics is defensible.

little part   (một phần nhỏ)

General Conference in 1884, but took little part.

It also played no little part in motivating Italy's revanchist adventure in 1935".

This credit consisted mostly of Wära, and only a little part of it was in Reichsmark.

little research   (nghiên cứu ít)

Consequently, very little research has been published regarding this dialect.

There is little research into the primary causes of the Anti-AQP4 auto-antibodies.

Even with the little research done on it, CAM has not been proven to be effective.

little children   (trẻ con)

Except the refrigerator which just becomes normal size and the fairies which turn into little children.

To interest little children about the game of chess, she wrote a book called 'Thumula and his strange army'.

And they held up their little children --children who couldn't have been more than a couple years old – to claw his face.

played little   (chơi ít)

Gytha played little role in Vladimir’s rule.

Due to illness she played little tennis in 1935 and the first half of 1936.

Following this, the central party apparatus played little practical role in Soviet affairs.

achieved little   (đạt được ít)

The Crusade itself achieved little.

This action was perceived by many as heavy-handed and achieved little.

Poorly conceived and badly coordinated, these attacks achieved little.