currently lives   (現在住んでいます)

Vos currently lives in Noordbeemster, Netherlands.

Fletcher currently lives in Durham, New Hampshire.

She currently lives in Tulsa and has two daughters.

now lives   (今生きている)

Pooley now lives with his wife and three children.

He now lives and works near Blackpool, Lancashire.

Wu now lives in California in the United States.

lives and works   (生活と仕事)

Yevgeny Mironov lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

Since 1991, she lives and works mainly in Germany.

Ruscha lives and works in Culver City, California.

lost their lives

All three brothers lost their lives for this cause.

Ten personnel lost their lives during these missions.

Ten Macedonian soldiers lost their lives in the attack.

daily lives   (毎日の生活)

BONZZO is the ambassador of our daily lives.

And if so, can we not conclude the same in our own daily lives?

The show follows Pernilla Wahlgren and her family in their daily lives.

still lives   (まだ生きている)

She was born in Barcelona, where she still lives.

He was born in Brezno and still lives there.

Kiran also has a sister, Aarti who still lives in jungle.

population lives

Most of the population lives along the coast.

About one-third of its population lives in the capital.

60% of the population lives within the city of Palermo.

own lives

She points out that "15 members of my group have taken their own lives.

The brotherhood saved their own lives by hiding in the surrounding woods.

It is said her servants Eiras and Charmion also took their own lives to accompany her.

personal lives

Little is known of their personal lives.

Moreover, they will be able to use their newfound skills in their personal lives.

I said, 'The song's called Lolita; - this is our personal lives, we are living this.

whose lives

He shows deep emotions for his modern family members, whose lives he longs to be part of.

Student portrayed soldiers, Iraqis, and others whose lives had been altered by the conflict.

It tells the story of a group of strangers whose lives intertwine following a devastating car crash.

everyday lives   (日常生活)

Earth science affects our everyday lives.

The authors expressed humor through the everyday lives of Surati people.

"Evidence-based faith is the normal concept on which we base our everyday lives."

many lives

Kiviuq has lived a long time and has had many lives.

His actions were responsible for the saving of many lives.

The town of Chapais was deeply hurt by the loss of many lives.

follows the lives

first scripted series follows the lives of a fictional British Monarchy.

The show follows the lives of the band as they try to become better musicians.

It follows the lives of five trans women in the New York ballroom scene in 1987.

improve the lives   (生活を改善する)

Instead, they believe things should be done to improve the lives of the people within the industry.

She was placed in the "Advocates" section, which means that she works to improve the lives of other women.

The foundation's mission is to improve the lives of underprivileged children through organizations already established to help others.

claimed the lives

It claimed the lives of hundreds of people, mostly civilians.

The Uprising claimed the lives of 17 police officers, 21 rebels and 61 innocent bystanders.

Ultimately, the rebellion had claimed the lives of over 1 million people, a majority of whom were Jewish.

lives of people

I'm committed to it, and have seen it borne out in the lives of people around me".

The film shows the lives of people who depend on the strip club and what the lack of money does to them.

In addition, the HIV epidemic in Zambia also has a significant impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

family lives   (家族生活)

His family lives in private family house in Tuzla.

The family lives in Park City, Utah, United States.

The aiga or extended family lives and works together.

lives were lost

One hundred lives were lost on "Lord William Bentinck".

Six lives were lost and the remainder rescued by "Guardfish".

No lives were lost, but it was a disaster for the young city.

private lives   (私生活)

House later pays Douglas to look into the private lives of his team members and Cuddy.

Atatürk's enlightened authoritarianism left a reasonable space for free private lives.

Although private lives continued to be segregated, feminist coalitions became integrated.

save lives

Damage control surgery is meant to save lives.

Geiger once said "To save lives, you must risk your own."

It will save lives."

lives during

Ten personnel lost their lives during these missions.

It is estimated that over 150 people lost their lives during the violence.

She finds out that he saved people's lives during an expedition on the Chungawat in the Himalayas.

lives of many

The result was a swift victory and the lives of many people were also saved.

This generosity has made an immediate impact on the lives of many individuals.

The resulting attacks blast a hole in the Swamp Thing's head and destroys the lives of many of his friends.

lives near   (近くに住んでいます)

This octopus lives near cold seeps and seamounts.

It lives near the shore at depths down to about .

He now lives near Swansea, and travels widely.

lives up

"Guitar Moods", which lives up to its name, is recommended".

Opening scenes promise much, and it lives up to expectations.

It grows to long and lives up to deep.

throughout their lives

Beavers continue to grow throughout their lives.

The two brothers remained close throughout their lives.

FGM harms women's physical and emotional health throughout their lives.

past lives

Buddhist legends mention stories about Ashoka's past lives.

The recipients reflect on their past lives while they try to identify the culprit.

The art at Sanchi also depicts the Jataka narratives of the Buddha in his past lives.

species lives

This species lives in the Eastern Pacific.

This species lives from deep on rock and coral sea floors.

The species lives in the Indo-pacific region of the world.

human lives

During the Nazi occupation of Hungary he saved human lives.

It was the worst naval disaster of World War I in terms of human lives lost.

Can Ender uncover the truth before another species and more human lives are lost?

lives alone

Sanju and Komali live happily, while Akanksha lives alone.

He lives alone, explaining: "I'm not at all easy to live with.

Liujin — A character who lives alone and sells cloth at the market.

saved the lives

He saved the lives of some five thousand Hungarian Jews from deportation to Auschwitz.

Joe saved the lives of the inhabitants of the village and of the British troops occupying it.

The wagons were left behind to be plundered, which may have saved the lives of the retreating soldiers.

save the lives

Westgarth was a registered organ donor, and as a result, his organs were used to save the lives of seven people.

Model's chief of staff Karl Wagener urged him to save the lives of German soldiers and civilians by capitulating.

Sanz Briz himself tells how he was able to save the lives of so many Jews, in Federico Ysart's book "Los judíos en España" (1973).

gave their lives

Nearly 500 graduates gave their lives in World War II.

Both Cristóbal and Tomás Mendoza gave their lives on the battlefields of Cuba.

Batcombe has a war memorial dedicated to those who gave their lives in World War I.

lives lost

The ship arrived in Charles Town on 2 October 1684 with no lives lost.

It was the worst naval disaster of World War I in terms of human lives lost.

When the vessel struck it had been in ballast and was salvaged with no lives lost.

saving the lives

He is credited with saving the lives of the entire rescue team.

The treatment is credited with saving the lives of two aid workers.

Instead, he destroyed the community records, thus saving the lives of thousands of Athenian Jews.

lives of women

It presents web series, short films and documentaries about the lives of women.

According to Lovelace, this series aims "to show the rich inner lives of women with a focus on our hidden everyday struggles."

This emphasizes the telephone's impact on the social lives of women in the domestic sphere, reducing both isolation and insecurity.

lives through

Connecting and enriching lives through innovative experiences.

In elaboration, the crane lives through various ecosystems such as Yellowstone.

They created their own lives through social development and their own knowledge and ability.

new lives

Many recovered and went on to new lives, but more than 800 died.

children to new lives."

From Paris the Sterns moved to Blois in May 1933 and started to build new lives.

improving the lives

In 2014, it spent £3.3 million improving the lives of 2,505 musicians.

"Altruism" refers to improving the lives of others—as opposed to egoism, which emphasizes only self-interest.

As founder and longtime director of the Fort Worth Boys Club, she devoted her life to improving the lives of boys in Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

lives of several

It celebrated the lives of several bombers and assassins as heroes of anarchism.

The series chronicles the lives of several women and men in the Atlanta area, involved in hip hop music.

Inspired by the Ingmar Bergman film "Smiles of a Summer Night", it involves the romantic lives of several couples.

lives and property

NET members are trained to save lives and property until professional responders can arrive.

He has stated that the government's actions amount to valuing stray dogs over human lives and property.

This incident triggered year long country-wide attacks on Ahmadis leading to loss of many lives and property.

children and lives

John has three children and lives in Lincolnshire.

David has three children and lives in East London.

McLarin has two children and lives in Boston.

live their lives

Males of "Eucera" live their lives independently.

They're also free to live their lives and do wonderful things.

They are purpose bred and live their lives in cages undergoing experiments.

entire lives   (一生)

The locomotives spent their entire lives on their home line.

Diurnal forest dwellers, they spend nearly their entire lives in the trees.

The class spent their entire lives in Commonwealth Railways maroon and silver.

saving lives

Meanwhile, Gilbert is troubled by his work at Belleview hospital - most of the doctors are more interested in prestige than in saving lives.

She stated her motive for speaking out many years after their divorce is to help other victims of domestic violence, "it's about saving lives."

Many Jews violated their religious observance of the Sabbath by cooking and baking on the grounds that saving lives overrides religious principle.

artist who lives

Zimoun Zimoun (born 1977) is a Swiss artist who lives and works in Bern, Switzerland.

Erica Eyres Erica Eyres (born 1980) is a Canadian artist who lives and works in Glasgow.

Mindy Alper Mindy Alper (born 1959) is an American artist who lives in Greater Los Angeles.

professional lives

Vizcarra has publicly praised his wife's role in their personal and professional lives.

The series starred Pamela Reed as a judge and mother who tried to juggle her home and professional lives.

The criteria call for a sustained commitment to the cause for a good portion of their professional lives.

lives of children

These offer an opportunity to give a present which makes a real difference to the lives of children.

Specifically, Keene was sharing about opportunities to impact the lives of children through the Global Orphan Project.

On Monday, September 25, 1961, "The Merry Mailman" once again became a part of the lives of children in the New York City broadcast area.

s lives   (の生活)

To transform people’s lives by giving them humanitarian aid in their greatest time of need.

Founded in 2011, the museum works to enrich people’s lives through the presentation of fine art.

The Aboriginal reserve laws gave governments much power over all aspects of Aboriginal people’s lives.

s lives   (の生活)

To transform people’s lives by giving them humanitarian aid in their greatest time of need.

Founded in 2011, the museum works to enrich people’s lives through the presentation of fine art.

The Aboriginal reserve laws gave governments much power over all aspects of Aboriginal people’s lives.

thousands of lives

However, sometimes government sponsored floods causes loss of thousands of lives.

Despite the loss of their own comrades and near-and-dear ones, the 'air warriors' helped save thousands of lives.

Regardless, French President François Mitterrand claimed that the Operation had saved "tens of thousands of lives".

lives together

John and Glory decide to spend their lives together.

He lives together with his wife and kid in New York City.

The generation gap is apparent as Bert and Becca try to adjust to their new lives together.

normal lives

They make plans for the day in an attempt to resume their normal lives.

Murphy's operation collapses and Jake and Kevin return to their normal lives.

In aftermath of the battle, Asahi was revived as the Minato family went back to their normal lives.

extra lives

The player is not granted any continues but may obtain extra lives.

The game malfunctioned at around 58 hours, wiping out all of his 210 extra lives.

The team had to match up the different elements to the different topics and had two extra lives to do so.

took the lives

2005- On January 10, 2005, the 2005 La Conchita Landslide took the lives of ten La Conchita residents.

In November 2000, a landslide destroyed a large part of the village and took the lives of seven people.

The tragedy took the lives of 72 people, including the sitting Governor of Virginia George William Smith.

lives of others

While building his company, Lowe became involved with the lives of others.

Piper examines the question, “Why am I here?” He uses examples from his own life as well as from the lives of others.

"I fear I am forever doomed to remain public property and to have my life worn out through the care for the lives of others."

married and lives

Professor Stevenson is married and lives in Essex.

Clifton is married and lives in Washington, DC.

Bunson is married and lives in Washington, D.C.

around the lives   (人生の周り)

It revolves around the lives of the fictional characters and , following the events of "".

"The Corner Bar" revolves around the lives of the patrons of a tavern called Grant's Toomb.

The story revolves around the lives of five neighborhood friends, two couples, and one bachelor boy.

number of lives   (命の数)

There is an unlimited number of lives.

Players navigate each set in order with a limited number of lives and continues.

This was the bloodiest and most costly battle (in number of lives lost) ever fought by Scotland.

lives within

A tamarind (imli) tree lives within the temple.

60% of the population lives within the city of Palermo.

Altitudinally, it lives within the sea-level to 1500 m range.

lives of all

The lives of all the men come on track and love comes back into their lives.

The Shedai, an ancient race of beings, threaten the lives of all aboard Vanguard.

He knew the importance of water to nature, the food supply and the lives of all people.

girl who lives

Katie (Alison Pill) is an 18-year-old girl who lives in a small Amish community in the Pennsylvania farm country.

"The Making of May" revolves around a garden and another mystery, this time for a girl who lives with her grown-up brother.

Cida is a 19-year-old girl who lives with her godmother, Valda, in her employer's house, Sonia, a rich woman rich married to Ernani.

lives flying

Order: ApodiformesFamily: Apodidae Swifts are small birds which spend the majority of their lives flying.

Order: ApodiformesFamily: Apodidae The swifts are small birds which spend the majority of their lives flying.

all their lives

It means that kelaghayi has been accompanying the Azerbaijan people for all their lives.

Background: Reide and Lance come from the same town, and have known each other almost all their lives.

They want to get back to the days of adventure they had enjoyed all their lives, but age comes in the way.