full load   (満載)

They displaced normally and up to at full load.

The LST had a displacement of when light and at full load.

Displacement was standard, and full load.

deep load   (深い負荷)

They displaced at standard load and at deep load.

The ships displaced at standard and at deep load.

They displaced at normal load, and at deep load.

standard load   (標準荷重)

She displaced at standard load and at normal load.

They displaced at standard load and at deep load.

The ships displaced at standard load and at deep load.

axle load   (軸重)

The axle load of this locomotive was about 10 t (see first photo).

The line is laid with 30kg/m rail with an axle load of 15.75 tonnes.

The light axle load of the W class, 9.5t, gave it availability across the entire WAGR Network.

useful load   (有用な負荷)

Equipment was also simplified and lightened to increase useful load, e.g.

The main goal was to create an agricultural aircraft with increased useful load.

It was also too heavy (2155 kg instead of 1715 kg) and had too small useful load.

bomb load

The bomb load was carried in an internal bay.

The torpedo or bomb load was accommodated in an internal bomb bay.

Nevertheless, Dorehill continued on to the target and delivered his bomb load.

load balancing

Cloudify adjusts server usage according to demand using load balancing middleware.

The service also performs automated load balancing across the virtual servers in the cloud.

A flow on its path through the network may be divided between "parallel" links, in a load balancing scheme.

load factor   (負荷率)

India has an estimated total hydroelectric power potential of 84 GW (at 60% load factor).

In 2014-15, the plant load factor (PLF) of coal-fired thermal power stations was only 64.46%.

India's potential for hydro power has been assessed to be about 125,570 MW at 60% load factor.

heavy load

The original WAG-9 had some wheel slippage incidents while hauling heavy load.

Massive columns have the ability to increase in carrying strength over long time periods (even during periods of heavy load).

Dynamic rope is used to belay climbers, and is designed to stretch under a heavy load to absorb the shock of a fallen climber.

load capacity   (負荷容量)

The yard has six cranes, with a total load capacity of 60 tonnes.

They are more durable, but usually heavier for the same load capacity.

The stage floor itself had five elevator lifts, each with a load capacity.

load bearing

Most likely they are load bearing masonry.

Adobe walls are load bearing, i.e.

The load bearing walls on the first and second floors are brick with a plaster finish.

load the bases

Then, Tommy Byrne singled to load the bases for Bill Skowron.

He then walked Ruth and Meusel in succession to load the bases for Gehrig.

Lackey walked Holliday to load the bases before he was relieved by Junichi Tazawa.

fuel load

A single design emerged that differed mainly in fuel load.

Two more SPS burns followed, lightening the SM's fuel load.

It also forms a heavy fuel load, increasing the likelihood of fire.

maximum load

It had a maximum load rating of about 24 metric tons.

The IX could carry a maximum load of of bombs.

On this route they were rated with a maximum load of .

normal load

She displaced at standard load and at normal load.

"Isis" had a displacement of when at normal load.

"Dido" had a displacement of when at normal load.

viral load

Nevirapine in triple combination therapy has been shown to suppress viral load effectively when used as initial antiretroviral therapy ("i.e.

In the first case, it was used to describe an anonymous person from Berlin, Germany, who has exhibited prolonged "post-treatment control" of HIV viral load after HIV treatments were interrupted.

Vaccination against meningococcus does not decrease CD4 T cell counts or increase viral load in HIV-infected individuals and there has been no evidence that the vaccines adversely affect survival.

load times

This had the side effect of contributing to the game's constant load times.

The game takes place on a rather large, nonlinear island, with no load times in between sections.

Reviewers criticized "Chronicles" for its lengthy load times and an absence of new in-game features.

load and unload   (ロードおよびアンロード)

A special vehicle or crane is used to load and unload them.

One can also load and unload parcels programmatically from the application.

Several cranes are used to load and unload cargo, mostly wood, onto lorries or trains.