İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

loaded onto   (yüklendi)

Pods up to can be loaded onto the rear of the vehicles.

Trucks are loaded onto freight trains.

Her experiment was loaded onto the August 2017 SpaceX CRS-12 mission.

fully loaded   (tamamen dolu)

These locomotives weighed 375 short tons (340 t) fully loaded.

Displacement was to be approximately as designed and up to fully loaded.

The "Marco Polo" can carry 10,000 14-t containers, 16,020 if not fully loaded.

bases loaded   (üsler yüklendi)

They hit .370 with the bases loaded with four grand slams.

With the bases loaded, Kremer walked Bob Meusel, forcing home Koenig.

With the bases loaded in the third, pinch hitter Dusty Rhodes hit a two-run single.

loaded the bases   (üsleri yükledi)

The Pirates loaded the bases in the first, but failed to score.

A walk loaded the bases before Powell drove it two with a single.

Lowell loaded the bases in both the 6th and 7th, but failed to score.

then loaded   (sonra yüklendi)

They were then loaded into trucks and taken away.

He then loaded the charcoal onto wagons and took it to the furnaces.

The vessel then loaded 5,693 tons of coal and left for Alexandria at the end of August.