current location   (現在位置)

The museum moved to its current location in 1971.

The Catalyst moved to its current location in 1973.

The campus was moved to its current location in 1985.

new location   (新しい場所)

A campaign for finding a new location was launched.

It opened at its new location in December 2012.

In 2018, Art Ukraine Gallery moved to a new location.

present location   (現在地)

In 1968 it was moved again to the present location.

The house was moved to its present location in 1878.

It was shifted to the present location in 1969.

same location   (同じ場所)

The present Lahore Fort stands on the same location.

In 1852-1853 he was listed at the same location.

At the same location, of precipitation was recorded.

original location   (元の場所)

Its original location is in Chinatown, New York City.

A cairn marks the original location of the tent town.

The club is still operating in its original location today.

shot on location

The film was shot on location in Istanbul, Turkey.

The film was shot on location in Bangkok, Thailand.

It was shot on location in Łódź and Warsaw, Poland.

exact location   (正確な場所)

Its exact location was plotted by the USGS in 1913.

The exact location of Storm Signal Buoy is uncertain.

The exact location of Brasstown is unknown to the GNIS.

central location

Despite its central location, the project proved to be a failure.

Centerville was named from its central location in the surrounding valley.

The central location for the commemoration is the campus of the Polytechneio.

geographical location   (地理上の位置)

Size varies based on sex and geographical location.

Ping is also affected by geographical location.

The geographical location is another blessing.

strategic location   (戦略的な場所)

Cyprus is at a strategic location in the Middle East.

With its strategic location, it became a prosperous city.

Harrison had long advocated building a fort in the strategic location.

filmed on location   (ロケ地で撮影)

It was filmed on location in Mumbai's Jogger's Park.

"Exodus" was filmed on location in Israel and Cyprus.

This documentary was filmed on location in Afghanistan.

location near   (近くの場所)

Its name derives from its location near the former mint.

The community was named from its location near the Sucarnoochee River.

In May 1999, the venue moved to another temporary location near the Ostbahnhof.

filming location

He also said Palau was his favorite filming location.

Ballarat is also a popular filming location.

Caddo Mills, Texas, was the filming location in episode 3.

remote location   (遠隔地)

have brought more people to this remote location.

The ruins are well-preserved due to the remote location.

Their remote location means there is also no electricity.

another location   (別の場所)

A second "Sas" was installed at another location.

As of 2018, the depot may be moved to another location.

However, another location was eventually found for the lodge.

geographic location   (地理的位置)

This rayon has a favorable economic and geographic location.

This is due to its geographic location in the mouth of a valley.

They boast ideal geographic location, beautiful sceneries and rich cultures.

first location

The bank's first location was at Chambers Street.

The first location in Sweden was opened in 2009.

Its first location opened in Abilene, Texas in 1967.

former location

It relocated in 2001 to Eaton's former location.

The former location of DeBakey High School is nearby.

The former location was the city's old recreational center.

different location

The city would later be rebuilt in a different location.

Since then, they have been held in a different location every year.

On October 26, 1737, bury a corpse of different location of this mountain.

location within

Mercedes Benz has an express location within the mall.

This store is the only location within a 360-mile radius.

It is the largest Catholic pilgrimage location within north-western Europe.

precise location   (正確な場所)

The precise location of the battle is not known.

The exact pattern seen depends on the viewer's precise location.

Very little is known about the facility, including its precise location.

each location

The purpose of each location varies.

Sermons are the same at each location and are based on biblical principles.

They tailor each location to its neighborhood, with local artists designing the interiors.

second location

In 2007, CPR opened a second location in downtown Tampa.

In 1999, a second location opened in Fargo, North Dakota.

The second location was in Niles, IL.

location between

In May 2000, Multnomah County officials were considering one location between N.W.

Identical pickups produce different tones depending on location between the neck and bridge.

Center Point was named from its relatively central location between Carrollton and Villa Rica.

specific location

A temple was built on the specific location where she set foot.

The monument's specific location on the Rostra has been debated.

The specific location of a DNA sequence within a chromosome is known as a locus.

location along

It shifted to its present location along Jalan Tun H.S.

The park is a location along the Great Florida Birding Trail.

The area continued to prosper once Gifu became a central location along the Nakasendō.

popular location

Columbus was also a popular location for labor organizations.

These granite monoliths are a popular location with rock climbers.

The Coppersmith Hills is a popular location for Big Foot sightings.

location identifier   (ロケーション識別子)

Although most U.S. airports use the same three-letter location identifier for the FAA, IATA, and ICAO this airport is only assigned E37 by the FAA.

Although Most U.S. airports use the same three-letter location identifier for the FAA, IATA, and ICAO Rolle Airfield is only assigned 44A by the FAA.

Although most U.S. airports use the same three-letter location identifier for the FAA, IATA, and ICAO San Manuel Airport is only assigned E77 by the FAA.

single location

The film is shot in a single location – a suburban flat in the city of Mumbai.

Cavirin was founded in 2012 and maintains a single location in Santa Clara, California.

This facility allows items to be assembled, tested and delivered from a single location.

ideal location   (理想的な場所)

All these circumstances made Chatham an ideal location for lumbering and fishing.

The new Kansas Territory seemed like an ideal location, so the group of four traveled across the new lands.

The Villa Gardossi area with its forests and isolated houses, was an ideal location for the Partisan guerrillas.

permanent location   (恒久的な場所)

A permanent location was purchased for the Zimmerman Campus in May.

Hose reels can either be fixed in a permanent location, like wall mounted hose reels.

The school gradually moved to a new permanent location in Waltham between 1888 and 1891.

physical location

This location was a physical location on the actual memory hardware.

The difference between the two is in the physical location of the reference arm.

It can mean an extended physical location or extended contact with an object, e.g.

suitable location

The impervious granites of the Lévézou make this a suitable location for water capture.

Under his direction, a suitable location for a new factory was sought and Gimo was chosen.

During the breeding season, the male chooses a suitable location with overhanging foliage.

location opened

The second Toronto location opened in early 2015.

Its first location opened in Abilene, Texas in 1967.

Its Mumbai flagship location opened in November 2001.

unknown location

In 1913 a schoolhouse was built at an unknown location.

He stands in an unknown location surrounded by a forest environment.

Cabin 8 matches Cabin 5, and was also moved to the site from an unknown location.

location shooting

One evening of location shooting became famous (4 October 1923).

From the mid-1940s forward, location shooting became increasingly frequent in noir.

The filming of the series was highly ambitious, with a large cast and much location shooting.

previous location

The settlement was rebuilt further east from the previous location.

Not less but more some leaders have played key roles to shift this VDC from the previous location i.e.

In 2017, the Integrated Control Center moved from its previous location, the FW3, to the newly built FW4 in Schwabing.

main location   (主な場所)

The scenic backdrop of Vagamon was the main location.

The main location was Fox Point, Old Dornie.

Sudeley Castle was the main location for "The Eye of Apollo".

location filming

He specialised in films that involved location filming.

Luohan Temple was used for location filming of the 2018 drama film "108".

There was some location filming at Balboa Park in San Diego and the San Diego Zoo.

prime location

It is a prime location for investment and tourism.

East of the village, family homes at a prime location on the Sonnenberg emerged.

McEwan had employed geologists to identify the prime location for a supply of well water.

now the location

The site is now the location of St Leander's Church.

The site is now the location of the new Forest Hill Police Station.

The ship's name is now the location of the present day suburb of Collaroy.

isolated location

Wanapan lies in a very isolated location in Suriname.

A major problem for Signal was getting freight to the isolated location.

Because of its somewhat isolated location, the LaBelle post office was discontinued in 1914.

undisclosed location   (未公開の場所)

His body was buried in an undisclosed location.

The ship was probably broken up at an undisclosed location.

Emmett Brown is in an undisclosed location outside Hill Valley, California.

location is unknown

Its location is unknown as it was not tracked.

Nowadays, its location is unknown.

"Snoopy's" descent stage was jettisoned in lunar orbit; its current location is unknown.

prominent location

Its size and prominent location have made it a landmark for the city.

Its prominent location made Barskoon an important trading post in the Middle Ages.

The driver is presented with the Borg-Warner Trophy, which is situated behind the car in a prominent location.

particular location   (特定の場所)

(No particular location in France is mentioned.

In local enhancement, a demonstrator attracts an observer's attention to a particular location.

This particular location highlighted the group's focus on racism as a major dividing factor between and among churches.

depending on location

It is partially migratory, depending on location.

The climate of the municipality varies depending on location.

It is most active between April and late October depending on location.

important location

In ancient times it was an important location for Zoroastrianism.

Due to such important location it was called Gateway to Kashmir (Bab-e-Kashmir).

This was a fulling mill as Guildford was an important location in the wool trade.

actual location

The actual location of the Mill was Kalurah, NY.

The actual location is closer to McAlpin.

This is half a mile away from the actual location by the Baltic Exchange.

type location

It is known from Zaire (including Katakumba, the type location).

It is known from Sri Lanka (including Galle, the type location).

It is found in Greece (including the Peloponnese, the type location).

other location   (他の場所)

The other location is Bradley Hill Railway Tunnel which is near the village of Soudley.

No influence from an event "A" can reach any other location "X" before light sent out at "A" to "X".

These are the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location on the continent.

near the location   (場所の近く)

A cameraman is usually near the location of the bombing to video tape the attack.

Fire hydrants near the location had been shut off prior to the outbreak of the fire to prevent freezing.

Beginning in the north, a surface-level depot was planned near the location of the present-day Brondesbury Park.

location was chosen

The location was chosen by the Yahgan as a safe port.

The location was chosen in part because of its proximity to the Wall.

This location was chosen because of its location within the main summer camp of Chief Kamiakin.

convenient location

To the north lied the "graveyard ridge", a convenient location for observations.

The convenient location of the port and its independence as a city and state for centuries strengthened this position.

Its convenient location, where three county lines meet, made it a popular stop for cattle ranchers and passing Washoe.

memory location

If each memory location holds one byte, the addressable memory space is 4 GB.

JMP 0,3 Jump to the memory location whose address is contained in accumulator 3.

A number of banks of RAM are provided, but are not permanently assigned to a memory location.

temporary location   (一時的な場所)

The temporary location of the mission church was located at nearby Mt.

In May 1999, the venue moved to another temporary location near the Ostbahnhof.

In September 1969, AMD moved from its temporary location in Santa Clara to Sunnyvale, California.

secret location

In his secret location, he reveals his new Yellow Lantern Corps.

Until the next Feast of Pentecost, the cross is kept at a secret location.

It is housed in an apartment at a secret location in the 14th arrondissement of Paris.

location during

Wagner filmed the explosion scenes at the factory on location during nighttime.

The attack took place at the Sakhi shrine, a frequented location during the occasion.

Yates moved to its current location in 1958; Ryan opened in Yates's first location during that year.

location outside   (外の場所)

He was in custody at a location outside Vancouver.

The Gateway to Science Center has moved to a new location outside the mall.

Emmett Brown is in an undisclosed location outside Hill Valley, California.

final location

The final location closed on February 28, 2009.

On 5 August 2012, it was announced that Kundasale would most likely be the final location.

This means that the satellite is "parked" at or extremely close to its final location of 99.225ºW.

rural location   (田舎の場所)

The more rural location provided many chances for painting outdoors.

The song's music video was taken in a shoot in a rural location called Mt.

Icle refused to live in a rural location, and refused to even view the property.

old location

Books-A-Million relocated in 2014 and the old location became Forever 21 the same year.

In June 2009, the gallery outgrew its old location and moved to a larger space downtown.

In 1895 the station was relocated to the southeast, because the old location was not very convenient.

location information   (位置情報)

The ASDE-X data includes location information for aircraft and vehicles.

The aim of this API was to provide a common API for retrieving the location information on a variety of devices.

He also ordered Mr. Sewer to call Mr. Davis' mother's and sister's tapped telephones and give false location information.

possible location

Another possible location of the summit would be Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

In March 2010, it was identified as a possible location for the town's museum.

Some have proposed the Celtic Shelf as a possible location, and that there is a link to Ireland.

became the location

In 1552 the priory became the location of the local court.

Nytorv also became the location of the city's scaffold and a pillory.

During the early medieval period Dunaverty became the location where Saint Columba first set foot in Scotland.

approximate location   (おおよその場所)

Number 14 Melbury Road marks its approximate location.

At the approximate location of modern Riis Park would be a pavilion for beach-goers.

Today's municipality of Guerrero is the approximate location of Mission San Francisco Solano.

entirely on location

"Sense8" was filmed almost entirely on location in a multitude of cities around the world.

It stars Claire Foy and Christian Cooke and is shot entirely on location in the Middle East.

It was based out of Marcel Pagnol's studios in Marseille and shot entirely on location in the South of France.

shooting location

Volendam was a shooting location in Vikas Bahl's 2014 Bollywood film, "Queen".

Tracking down Poole, Welles takes him to the shooting location and tries to kill him.

Vancouver provided a cheaper shooting location, and was in the same time zone as Los Angeles.

location to another   (別の場所)

Thus eliminating the proper propagation from one location to another.

The process of moving from one location to another need not open a new window.

These huge data sets, often need to be copied from one location to another using the Internet.

location of several

Shuafat has been suggested as being the location of several Biblical places.

The village is also a wonderful location for ornithologists with the location of several Kavu around it.

Being a former shire town, Newcastle is the location of several government offices and the county court house.

given location

zoning) that describes what activities are acceptable in a given location.

For this reason it is much more common to observe a lunar eclipse from a given location.

Since landlords have a monopoly over a given location, the only limiting factor for rent is the margin of production.

location close

Only in 1970, Castelnuovo took its actual name Castelnuovo del Garda, to highlight its location close to the lake Garda shores.

The city's geographical location close to major European capitals has made it an important industrial and commercial hub nationally.

In December 2015, a man who travelled from London to Manchester and walked to a location close to the reservoir, died on the Chew Track.

only location   (場所のみ)

This store is the only location within a 360-mile radius.

This marketplace is the only location within the festival where money is used.

In January 2020, Chang's announced their first take-out only location will be in Chicago, Illinois.

primary location   (主要な場所)

Venezuela has served as the primary location for many FARC dissidents.

The station is the primary location in Jos Stelling's film "De Wisselwachter".

This site would remain the primary location of Buffalo professional baseball through the 1960 season.

location became

This location became the namesake of the "El Arco Axles".

This location became known as the Naval Radio Station, Wahiawa.

This location became known as the Emergency Room (Granville Island).

known location

This is the last known location of Touchdown III.

This site is the only known location for the latter in Somerset.

This is the only known location in Cuyahoga County for either species.

time and location

The UV Index indicates the risk of getting a sunburn at a given time and location.

Use of the term "apothecary" in the names of businesses varies with time and location.

All WAMI is tagged for time and location before being stored in an airborne or ground-based database.

location is now

The location is now home to the Brighton Music Hall.

The location is now a Starbucks.

The Boerhaavelaan location is now known as "Kennemer Gasthuis locatie Zuid".

size and location

Its diet depends on its size and location.

), and the size and location of the firm.

Commonly used firmographics include SIC, company size and location.

location of many

The weather apparently dictated the location of many burials.

The City of Brussels is the location of many national institutions.

Because it's the location of many ports lined from Talat Noi neighbourhood.

determine the location

Washington did not need any calculations to determine the location of Jones Point.

Using his years of training to determine the location of the jump, Laurin concluded that D.B.

The spotting crew determine the location of a smoke sighting by taking a bearing and then calculating distance using topographic maps.

location around   (周りの場所)

The location around the school is peaceful and quiet being away from the main town.

It was shot at the Babelsberg and Tempelhof Studios in Berlin and on location around Xanten in the Rhineland.

To properly tell the international aspects of the story, filming for "Sense8" took place almost entirely on location around the globe.

third location

The third location opened in downtown San Jose in 1974.

The parish was established in 1948 and is in its third location.

He was transferred to a third location: the Davidson County Jail in Nashville.