İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

logistic support   (lojistik destek)

Returning to the Philippine area again 2 November, she operated with the logistic support group.

Departing Manus on 6 September, "Patuxent" steamed with the logistic support group for the Palau Island campaign.

Cantonment Reno provided logistic support for the attack, and rudimentary care for the army wounded from the battle.

logistic regression   (lojistik regresyon)

The most common regression methods for binary data are logistic regression, probit regression, or related types of binary choice models.

Classical statistical techniques like linear or logistic regression and linear discriminant analysis do not work well for high dimensional data (i.e.

Instead of decision trees, linear models have been proposed and evaluated as base estimators in random forests, in particular multinomial logistic regression and naive Bayes classifiers.