long time   (長い時間)

Vaudroques delayed leaving France for a long time.

For long time the area could not be rehabilitated.

You should keep your mind stable for a long time.

long term   (長期)

Implications of long term developmental trajectories.

Aston Martin needed funds to survive in the long term.

This form of wiring is known as long term potentiation.

long and wide   (長くて広い)

They can accommodate a vessel up to long and wide.

These are up to long and wide, with a wavy margin.

Their nose-leaf is small, measuring long and wide.

long history   (長い歴史)

The valley has a long history of human habitation.

The niqab in Egypt has a complex and long history.

Talley has a long history of seagoing experiences.

long before   (ずっと前に)

They arrived at the arena not long before tip-off.

Bay existed long before the coming of Spaniards.

They grow up to 4.5 centimeters long before pupating.

so long   (さよなら)

Liu Dong states, "You have been away for so long".

It is little wonder that compromise takes so long.

Strange that this album has been obscure for so long.

cm long   (長さcm)

The needles are finely serrated, and 9–16 cm long.

Leaves are serrated with a petiole up to 5 cm long.

These figurines are between 5.4 and 8.7 cm long.

very long   (とても長い)

However, the steam tramway did not last very long.

Rhodesian giraffes are tall with very long necks.

Hugh Masekela did not stay very long in Sophiatown.

not long   (長くない)

They arrived at the arena not long before tip-off.

Redevelopment began not long after World War II.

However, her father died not long after his release.

long distance   (長距離)

They came from very long distance by forming groups.

The E8 European long distance path runs over it.

In 2014 he won the long distance Alpe d'Huez Triathlon.

long period   (長い期間)

This has an unusually long period of almost 42 years.

The Book of Jeremiah grew over a long period of time.

Yet 'Ěnbāqom next entered a long period of turbulence.

long enough   (十分な長さ)

If I hang in there long enough my time will come."

It is long enough to handle four-coach trains.

But he doubts he will live long enough to make the deal.

mm long   (長さmm)

The tube walls are 10–30 mm long, with thick walls.

The larva is around 30-60 mm long when fully grown.

Leaves are 60 to 200 mm long and 40 to 150 mm wide.

km long   (長さkm)

The village's 3 km long beach is on the Keros Gulf.

This stone wall around the city was 2.3 km long.

The ghat, or mountain road, is about 40 km long.

long jump   (走り幅跳び)

gold medal winner in both long jump and triple jump.

She placed 8th in the women's long jump F37/38.

His talent at long jump was discovered by Elna de Beer.

too long   (長すぎる)

An extended final chase also goes on way too long.

"It's been too long since we last saw each other!"

ended up being too long at fifty-three pages.

long periods   (長期間)

It prefers not to be left alone for long periods.

Now I have to isolate myself for long periods."

Seraphina would look off dazed for long periods of time.

long career   (長いキャリア)

During his long career he received 15 Clio Awards.

Throughout Bhatt’s long career as a teacher at the M.S.U.

She switched to acting and had a long career in the theatre.

long range   (長距離)

These were the first long range, strategic bombers.

AMRAAM uses two-stage guidance when fired at long range.

This obscures the target at long range and the foreground.

feet long   (足長)

It has a 7012 feet long and 150 feet wide runway.

It is 165 feet long with a 43.2-foot wide deck.

The entrance relief is 75 feet long and ten feet high.

how long   (どのぐらいの間)

It is not known how long the Nisan 14 practice continued.

""1:2 Yahweh, how long will I cry, and you will not hear?

Sources vary on how long the siege lasted.

centimeters long   (センチメートルの長さ)

The fruit is a capsule about 2 centimeters long.

Leaves are 1 to 4 centimeters long and wedge-shaped.

Each flower is between one and two centimeters long.

long run   (ロングラン)

In the long run atheism failed to win many souls.

I believe in the long run God will vindicate me.

He doubts such a regime can be sustainable in the long run.

long ago   (ずっと前に)

She and Daniel consummate that almost-kiss from long ago.

Son of Mehring who has left him long ago.

In the before 1960s, not long ago.

up to long   (長い間)

They can accommodate a vessel up to long and wide.

These are up to long and wide, with a wavy margin.

They can vary in size up to long and in diameter.

last long   (最後に)

Farkas did not last long and returned to Canada.

He remarked, "How can Zhuge Kongming last long?

The partnership between the two men did not last long.

long distances   (長い距離)

However, they can leap long distances and heights.

He cannot project this form over long distances.

Herds travel long distances to obtain water.

long illness   (長い病気)

This was a long illness, finally breaking in 1931.

He died on October 20, 2007, after a long illness.

She died on February 19, 1989 after a long illness.

minutes long   (数分)

It is 20 minutes long and was shot on 35mm color film.

Games are 14 minutes long, in two seven-minute halves.

Each episode is approximately 23 minutes long.

m long   (長さm)

It was 65.15 m long, 47.20 m wide and 9.00 m high.

Its hole was 8.8 m long, 4.8 m wide and 8.1 m high.

It was 52.60 m long, 5.35 m wide and 8.7 m high.

not last long   (長続きしない)

Farkas did not last long and returned to Canada.

The partnership between the two men did not last long.

Most icebergs do not last long this far north.

long tradition   (長い伝統)

Germany has a long tradition of higher education.

Cuba had a long tradition of celebrating Christmas.

Sport in Italy Sport in Italy has a long tradition.

long line   (長蛇の列)

He is coming from a long line of master cabinetmakers.

Triratna Man belonged to a long line of Lhasa Newar merchants.

There's a long line behind this one."

long way   (長い道のり)

The use of satellites has since come a long way.

He's the greatest player of all time, by a long way.

But no more than that; Beecke surpasses him by a long way.

approximately long   (ほぼ長い)

The bathhouse measures approximately long and wide.

The Scooter Dragonet grows to approximately long.

A standard working lead rope is approximately long.

metres long   (メートル長)

The street is 250 metres long and 7.5 metres wide.

The boat carry 366 passengers and 45 metres long.

The track is 357 metres long and has a granite surface.

long list   (長いリスト)

On the field, the club has a long list of successes.

Embury has a long list of side projects.

A long list of supporting cast members maintain the trilogy.

meters long   (メートル長)

The bath itself is 8 meters wide and 16 meters long.

These arrows are normally about 2 meters long.

Its dimensions are 650 meters long by 200 meters wide.

long running   (長時間)

He was also part of long running television serial "Shanti".

The Eifel was joined in 1939 by the first of the long running Taunus range.

Whitehead, initiated a long running debate on the foundations of mathematics.

long association   (長い付き合い)

Australian football has a long association with the ground.

In 1936, Mahon began a long association with the National Gallery.

This also marked the beginning of his long association with bassist Bill Putt.

long hair   (長い髪)

In winter the animal grows long hair on the neck.

Palpi with second joint clothed with long hair.

no dyed or long hair covering one's ears.

long life   (長寿)

He continued to work right up to the end of his long life.

The brown bear has a naturally long life.

long life compact semiconductor lasers.

long series   (ロングシリーズ)

Lilanga began a long series of exhibitions.

It is one in a long series of such anthologies by Manning-Sanders.

His widow, Marjorie, said he had suffered a long series of illnesses.

not long before   (まもなく)

They arrived at the arena not long before tip-off.

It is not long before they are put into action.

It is not long before everyone in Springfield has one.

long overall   (全体的に長い)

"Zieten" was long at the waterline and long overall.

"Samuel Risley" is long overall with a beam of .

The boats were long at the waterline and long overall.

long hours   (長い時間)

The two men spent long hours praying in the church.

Their long hours together sparked a romance.

They are made to work long hours for little or no money."

miles long   (数マイル)

Cross Bay Boulevard is approximately 7 miles long.

The outer loop trail around the lake is 10.3 miles long.

4 wires, each of which was four miles long.

relatively long   (比較的長い)

The legs are relatively long and heavily hairy.

The caudal fin is relatively long and contains 14 rays.

It has a slow growth rate and relatively long lifespan.

long battle   (長い戦い)

After a long battle, the Toa emerged, victorious.

Shanta died in 2006 after a long battle with cancer.

After a long battle they were able to annex the fort.

long legs   (長い脚)

The avocets have long legs and long up-curved bills.

They have long legs, and pendent or semipendulous ears.

long tail   (ロングテール)

Lutungs have a rather slim build with a long tail.

But it also has a long tail fin like the Oranda.

Its body is about 9 cm in length including a 4 cm long tail.

long journey   (長い旅)

Han and Leia fall in love during the long journey.

They had made this long journey on foot.

Cohen-Ahnine's lawyer said, "It's a first step in a long journey.

year long   (一年)

The ironworks of the area has a thousand year long history.

This sundew can grow all year long without any dormancy period.

He signed one year long contract including option for year more.

long standing   (長年)

One of the many long standing residents was the Revd.

It is a woodland plantation of long standing.

Lincoln inherited an established government of long standing.

inches long   (インチ長)

The Flettner rotor was seven inches long and winged.

The bird was typically about six inches long.

The skate had a blade seventeen inches long.

mile long   (マイル長)

There is a 10 mile long hiking and biking trail.

Trail #2 was called "Camino Ortolaza" and was 0.5 mile long.

This trail is 0.4 mile long, it is a medium challenge trail.

millimeters long   (ミリメートル長)

The adult is between 6 and 7 millimeters long.

The white flower petals are six to ten millimeters long.

The fruit is a hairless achene about 8 millimeters long.

began a long   (長く始まった)

In 1329, he began a long war with the Republic of Genoa.

Lilanga began a long series of exhibitions.

In 1936, Mahon began a long association with the National Gallery.

long as possible   (できるだけ長く)

The position is held as long as possible.

This helps it remain at equilibrium for as long as possible.

An addiction to keep you in front of a computer for as long as possible.

extremely long   (非常に長い)

The duration of copulation can be extremely long.

Some wood-boring beetles can have extremely long life-cycles.

in length with extremely long brow tine, which form the main beam.

very long time   (とても長い間)

A number of strips in the comic have run for a very long time.

I think it will be a very long time.

This is largely due to the fact that these pots last a very long time.

pages long   (長いページ)

The manual describing the game is 64 pages long.

I had never written anything much over two pages long.

This book is approximately 242 pages long.

long and narrow   (細長い)

The head is long and narrow with a flat forehead.

The snout is elongated making the head long and narrow.

Leaves are long and narrow, stemming from the basal rosette.

long vowels   (長母音)

Both the glottal stop ⟨ʼ⟩ and long vowels (e.g.

Bade and Ngizim have long vowels in closed syllables.

(Hawaiian Braille uses the same convention for its long vowels.)

long established   (長く確立された)

He came from a family long established in Yorkshire.

Its boundaries were created on 16 October 2003 for the "long established name."

The boundaries were formally gazetted in January 1999 for "the long established name".

long pointed   (長く尖った)

Most have small feet, of little use for walking, and long pointed wings.

They have a slender streamlined body, long pointed wings and a short bill with a wide gape.

long time ago   (昔)

A long time ago, two travellers came from far away...

She sympathizes with him, but he replies "Well, that's a long time ago.

The name originates from ""Hayal"" family which settled here a long time ago.

before long   (やがて)

I hope this band will be accessible in the west before long.

The two care for the creature, but before long it appears to be dying.

Uma falls in love with Prabu and, before long, Prabu begins to love Uma too.

long lasting   (長持ちする)

They have a long lasting rivalry with neighbours Al-Nasr S.C.

A rubble-built wall fastened with mortar was strong and long lasting.

Widespread and long lasting pain are characteristics of many chronic pain syndromes.

long service   (長期サービス)

Structures made of concrete can have a long service life.

Number of long service trains are starts/ends in Thiruvananthapuram Central.

They were high-end, expensive vehicles; the cost was justified by long service life.

long tails   (長い尾)

This species of "Oligoryzomys" have small bodies and long tails.

These are generally rather small mayflies with three long tails.

Common marmosets are very small monkeys with relatively long tails.

centimeter long   (センチメートル)

It is 124 centimeter long and 110 centimeter wide.

The pod is generally just over a centimeter long.

The fruit is a winged capsule about a centimeter long.

long course   (長いコース)

Sachiko Yamada (swimmer) In long course

Tomohiro Yamanoi In long course:

In long course In short course

long by wide   (長く)

The holotype male is with wings that are long by wide.

The cargo compartment is long by wide by high.

The site consists of a shell midden and is long by wide.

long lost   (長く失われた)

The character reveal to be Sienna's long lost daughter.

Her name and accomplishment was for long lost in the Portuguese film history.

In this episode Conan finds out he has a long lost brother named Eric Ochoa, the most pale of all.

twice as long   (二倍の長さ)

Pronotum is twice as long and wide and is narrowed.

The highway chase was initially planned to be twice as long.

Generally, tables are rectangles twice as long as they are wide.

long and short   (長短)

There are five nasal vowels, also long and short: .

Ndrumbea has seven oral vowels, long and short.

Candy Buttons come in two strip sizes: long and short.

long afterwards   (ずっと後)

Not long afterwards, the ship's lone funnel collapsed.

Not long afterwards, Perez transformed his gym into an MMA gym.

Al-Dewish was put in prison, and died not long afterwards, possibly by poison.

take long   (長い時間がかかります)

But if he ain't, it don't take long to call the roll."

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for resistance to begin.

The two would take long walks together discussing their work.

long jumper   (ロングジャンパー)

His daughter is the long jumper Haido Alexouli.

Her mother is former long jumper, Moira Walls.

He is the brother of Olympic long jumper Abdul Rahman Al-Nubi.

long narrow   (細長い)

This has created a cohesive campus with many long narrow spaces between buildings.

It was originally a long narrow Norman building from the bell tower to the chancel.

In this sense, "Commelina tuberosa" is a low-growing plant with long narrow leaves.

long poem   (長い詩)

In that essay, he wrote "A long poem does not exist.

He wrote a long poem in English named Flemingo.

Errantry Errantry is a three-page long poem by J.R.R.

legs and long   (足と長い)

The avocets have long legs and long up-curved bills.

The stilts have extremely long legs and long, thin, straight bills.

unusually long   (異常に長い)

This has an unusually long period of almost 42 years.

The lateral sepals are unusually long.

The primary wing coverts are also unusually long and give a fringed appearance.

hour long   (一時間)

It consists of three episodes, each an hour long.

The party emerged unscathed after a 44 hour long trip.

Breakouts are typically one hour long and generally focus on IT.

petals are long   (花びらが長い)

The petals are long and about wide and curved.

The petals are long, about wide and usually curve forwards.

The sepals and petals are long and wide.

long years   (長年)

Here, for those long years, lived a woman in whom hope had died.

Adelgundes spent long years looking after her paralyzed husband.

Years with 12 months are called common years, and 13-month years are known as long years.

short and long   (短いと長い)

These courses are of short and long duration.

Companies will occasionally use two types of application blanks, short and long.

Koasati has three vowels, all of which occur as short and long and can be nasalized.

following a long   (長く続く)

Weedon died on 20 April 2012, following a long illness.

Bell died in Washington, D.C. following a long illness.

Joey died in 1999, following a long illness.

long pointed wings   (長く尖った翼)

Most have small feet, of little use for walking, and long pointed wings.

They have a slender streamlined body, long pointed wings and a short bill with a wide gape.

took a long   (時間がかかりました)

Except", the script took a long time to finish.

“It took a long time to materialise.

The construction of the parish church took a long time of preparation.

season long   (シーズンロング)

FC Kaiserslautern on a season long loan to in August 2014.

On 27 July 2018 Beavon joined Wrexham on a season long loan.

It was a season long challenge.

kilometers long   (キロメートルの長さ)

The region is 120 kilometers long and up to 40 kilometers wide.

The wall of the city is about 5 kilometers long and about 5.4 meters thick.

It was 9 kilometers long, and went from Borysław to the refinery at Drohobycz.

long process   (長いプロセス)

This technology underwent a long process of development.

One long process arising from the base of the flagellum.

This would facilitate an otherwise long process in Salvadoran politics.

during the long   (長い間)

Han and Leia fall in love during the long journey.

Toryism became marginalized during the long period of Whig ascendancy in the 18th century.

The club metamorphosed during the long tenure of manager Arsène Wenger, appointed in 1996.

petiole long   (葉柄長)

They are long and wide with a petiole long.

Adult leaves are the same dull bluish grey on both sides, long and wide, tapering to a petiole long.

Adult leaves are dull green to grey-green on both sides, lance-shaped and long and wide on a petiole long.

long wings   (長い翼)

Their heads and long wings have black markings.

They have long wings, short legs and very short bills.

They have long wings, short legs, and very short bills.

kilometres long   (キロメートルの長さ)

It was 63 kilometres long and 4 kilometres wide.

The city wall was 33.676 kilometres long.

The line is 31 kilometres long between its terminal stations.

such a long   (そんなに長い)

It has been such a long time since I dreamt of the Duke of Zhou."

Upon his defeat, the owner is excited, since he has not been defeated in such a long time.

Emma is reluctant to leave Lima for such a long time to accompany Will, and they argue, but do not break up.

long struggle   (長い闘争)

After a long struggle, Norreys gradually got the upper hand.

Dijkstra died on 6 August 2002 after a long struggle with cancer.

He might have been gathering supplies for a long struggle in Santander.