İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

looking forward   (Dörtgözle beklemek)

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next."

The Club was looking forward for season 2012/13.

This is the success we were looking forward to.

looking back   (geriye bakmak)

It is narrated by the young man looking back on his exploits.

", looking back at the confused man (played by Bill Fiore), who yells, "Mona!"

But now, looking back, I see that the Bennett family fulfilled all those needs.

began looking   (bakmaya başladı)

In the early 1980s, Fox began looking for a job.

The ICM began looking for a new location in March 2009.

Crow began looking for a place to settle farther north.

when looking   (bakarken)

This is also important to remember when looking at films in the future.

Adult bulls mostly interact with family groups when looking for a mate.

This table shows the variety of formats encountered when looking at election data.

looking up   (bakmak)

I'm looking up to the cupboard and the jar of honey."

Jones was always looking up to the older guys in his neighborhood.

The outlook for accounting programs in the United States is looking up.

looking down   (aşağı bakıyor)

I know he's up there looking down on us celebrating now.""

They were to be placed above the gates looking down on the viewer.

He wonders if those among their own campfires might be looking down on his own.

looking through

They had to review them, looking through the glasses of marxist ideology.

While looking through his affairs, the name Margo Flax constantly came up.

He wore out the owners manual of the family car looking through it at age 2.

not looking   (bakmıyorum)

How much he would grow, I was not looking at.

"We're not looking to interview Sharon," Fadlallah said.

You're not looking to hold somebody back from participating.

started looking   (bakmaya başladı)

During May, Beck started looking for a new vocalist.

Khmelnytsky started looking for another foreign ally.

After the Rose Revolution Georgia started looking westwards.

looking for work   (iş aramak)

After the war, Dan returned to Scranton looking for work.

After his graduation in 1937 Weidlinger went to London looking for work.

As a young man, he moved to the United States looking for work as an engineer.

looking for new

The Club is looking for new players of all ages and abilities.

Ng wanted it to be an online nation for people looking for new relationships.

At that point in time (1959), Silverberg was looking for new markets to conquer.

still looking   (Hala arıyor)

But I am still looking for some whites to join us in helping Fayette grow."

All of the roles had been cast but Harold Prince was still looking for "Mary".

Koner remembered, "With a famous show biz career behind her, Kitty was still looking for new trends.

always looking

They are always looking for something new to do.

""This guy's always looking for a pot of gold.""

Gav is a womaniser for the most part, and always looking for fun.

looking towards   (karşıya bakmak)

The view is from the , looking towards the center of the plaza.

The south facade appears to have a 'window' looking towards Parque del Este.

Innovation Iceland is already looking towards having more companies at the area.

looking for something

Mankind thought they must be looking for something.

They are always looking for something new to do.

I was looking for something more."

good looking

His foals were good looking, and they topped the market.

Even though she is not good looking, she's smart and crafty.

Amal is good looking and adventurous.

without looking   (bakmadan)

She recited it verbatim to him without looking.

De Latour answered, without looking up: "I don't know - I wasn't that far back."

"None of your damned business", Mulholland answered gruffly, without looking up.

people looking   (insanlar bakıyor)

He goes to a viewport and catches a glimpse of a crowd of people looking in.

Ng wanted it to be an online nation for people looking for new relationships.

National parks were overrun with people looking to exploit minerals and resources.

way of looking

– Another way of looking at the figures.

Like all great documentary, THE ACT OF KILLING demands another way of looking at reality.

This way of looking at the problem made it possible for me to reformulate Hume's "problem of induction"".

looking for ways   (yollar aramak)

The government is looking for ways to reduce pollution further.

Spedding and Wilhelm began looking for ways to create the uranium metal.

Paul becomes angry with the rejection and starts looking for ways to destroy Ajay.

looking for someone

Also, he spends most of his missions time in the desert, often looking for someone.

In 1958, the gallery owner Aurelio Biosca was looking for someone to run his gallery and met Mordó.

The knot in the string suggests to Holmes that they are looking for someone with sailing experience.

looking to expand

This program is looking to expand into father and daughter, grandparent and son or daughter.

The company is challenging the dominant Android in China and is also looking to expand into Western markets.

The Japanese insurer was looking to expand its foothold on insurance especially as its Japanese market ages increasing costs.

looking to make   (yapmak istiyor)

The Army is not looking to make killing machines, but machines controlled by humans.

"I thought she was a great choice because she was looking to make a pop crossover, and I like what she stands for.

At the time the economy of the port was at its peak therefore, it resulted in many entrepreneurs that were looking to make a fortune and make them self-rich.

looking around   (etrafında seyir)

But then you're looking around and it was like no one cared."

Peter arrived at Reptile World and was zapped from behind while looking around.

It's like looking around the corner, and that's what songs are good at sometimes.

now looking   (şimdi bakıyor)

The time passed and the place which was a stranger to everyone was now looking for itself.

The UK is now looking for options to reduce the levels of their landfill sites through legislation.

Due to these factors, some IT, ITeS, and BPO companies are now looking at smaller towns and villages.

just looking   (sadece bakıyor)

I'm just looking to send a good message."

He would spend hours just looking at Bart and admiring him.

Vocalist Gaz Harding (23) said: "We're not nervous, just looking forward to it.