loose ends   (ルーズエンド)

The remainder of the novel ties up the loose ends.

When the police tightens their noose and ties loose ends, the killer is traced.

It was the swansong of Malibu Comics' Ultraverse, attempting to tie-up any and all loose ends.

let loose   (放す)

The sharp edge of the CIA's sword has been let loose with few strings attached.

In some cases the bear was let loose, allowing it to chase after animals or people.

In September, Charles wrote to the queen, "William Murray is let loose upon me from London.

loose ball   (ルーズボール)

From there, Iowa State's Mike Rose grabbed a loose ball and ran it in for a touchdown.

If the passer drops the ball before this moment it is a fumble and therefore a loose ball.

The loose ball was scooped up by Boone, who kept the Hokies' drive going at the Tech 30-yard line.

broke loose   (ばらばらに壊れた)

They published it and all hell broke loose.

In 1903, the tip of Turtle Mountain broke loose and decimated part of the Village of Frank (the Frank Slide).

The ship then broke loose from the rocks and drifted towards the beach with many still clinging to the vessel.

very loose   (とてもゆるい)

Playing with Alexis was very loose.

On the contrary, if you are short and stout, emphasize it by wearing very loose clothing.

In the early Middle Ages, the city appears to have been under very loose Byzantine control, like other cities in the region.

loose adaptation   (緩い適応)

The "Elementary" episode "Ears to You" is a loose adaptation of this story.

Issues #17–20 were a loose adaptation of the SEGA game "Tails Adventure", which was also the title of the arc.

"Ghost in the Noonday Sun" (Tyburn, 1973) is a loose adaptation of Fleischman's novel, starring Peter Sellers.

got loose   (緩んだ)

On the second, Flournoy got loose for a 68-yard run off tackle.

She killed her keeper George Conradt, got loose, and was then shot dead.

Shortly after, the caution flag flew after Bobby Labonte got loose and spun into Gordon.

loose forward   (緩い前方)

His regular playing position is either as a lock or a loose forward.

They are similar to the loose forward trio of flankers and number eight in rugby union.

He played his last game of his first stint, at loose forward at Salford in December 1977.