İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

not lose   (kaybetmemek)

The strikers do not lose hope and begin to sing.

He did not lose his life during the Anglo-Nepalese war.

Borg did not lose another match at Wimbledon until 1981.

only to lose   (sadece kaybetmek)

They faced Leinster in the final, only to lose 34–12.

The PLP regained power in 2012, only to lose it in 2017.

He conquered Samarkand two years later, only to lose Fergana soon after.

began to lose   (kaybetmeye başladı)

After 1880 Harrison began to lose interest in politics.

Tracking northward, it began to lose tropical characteristics.

He lost Hitler's unconditional support and began to lose power.

did not lose   (kaybetmedim)

He did not lose his life during the Anglo-Nepalese war.

Borg did not lose another match at Wimbledon until 1981.

In addition, the relics of the Hindu-Buddhist Kingdom did not lose.

lose all   (hepsini kaybet)

If the player was to fall down a pit, they would lose all health.

These Slayerpires are incredibly strong but lose all intelligence.

He says, "wild natures need wise curbs... not war: lest I lose all".

lose control   (kontrolü kaybetmek)

Humanity is fated to lose control of them in the far future.

If the monkey takes too much damage, they will lose control of it.

Stones hitting the car caused him to lose control and hit a utility pole.

lose weight   (kilo vermek)

The larger the calorie deficit, the faster one will lose weight.

A restricted diet is more often pursued by those wanting to lose weight.

He underwent bariatric surgery at Centinela Freeman Hospital to lose weight.

want to lose

"Don't want to lose if you're a competitor.

Kate tells Mark that she does not want to lose him and agrees to go.

Tiberius Gracchus objected to this because he did not want to lose the veterans.

lose the game

If they place opposite signs, they lose the game.

They went on to lose the game 2–1 in extra time.

Slovakia went on to lose the game 1–3.

lose the match

Rave and Kennedy would lose the match to the Briscoes.

Canberra would lose the match 24-20 at Brookvale Oval.

MMC went on to lose the match 3-1.

lose money

When any of these are bought, the player will lose money.

As ticket prices became unaffordable, the studio would lose money.

He buys Alex in and watches the kid take a few beatings and lose money.

not to lose

Karl Wendlinger was fortunate not to lose his life at the following race.

The reverse is true in hypernatremia, in which the cells increase their intracellular osmolytes so as not to lose too much fluid to the extracellular space.

He described the concept for the human village in Talking Island as "ordinary", while the Elven Village was designed "so as not to lose the natural and royal high-class feeling."

lose interest   (ilgisini kaybetmek)

After 1880 Harrison began to lose interest in politics.

Most lose interest in school and show a decline in academic performance.

By then only a handful of students were still having sit-ins and local residents were beginning to lose interest.

eventually lose

He feared that Germany would eventually lose these eastern territories.

If an ant is separated from its original colony, it will eventually lose the colony scent.

The electron will eventually lose energy (by releasing a photon) and drop into the lower orbital.

lose their jobs

In that event, the existing Liberal Cabinet would lose their jobs.

However, the workers are fearful that if they complain they will lose their jobs.

Those who were found to have subversive ideas had to renounce them or lose their jobs.

begins to lose

Soon, their marriage begins to lose affection.

Over the course of a few days, Edward begins to lose touch with sanity.

When the thyroid takes up nitrogen over iodine, the thyroid begins to lose function.

started to lose

In the 1880s, the hotels started to lose their luster.

The triumvirate started to lose its grip on the situation.

From the early 16th century, Aachen started to lose its power and influence.

nothing to lose

Tommy, deciding he has nothing to lose, enters the tournament as well.

With nothing to lose, Frank blows up their home using high-explosive charges.

Questioning ensued, and, having nothing to lose, Ilse spoke quietly and openly.

continued to lose

The town was the local government seat but continued to lose importance.

Although attendance improved considerably with the new ballpark, the team continued to lose.

As their movement continued to lose momentum, others like Ramón Barrios, also joined the party.

lose the title   (unvanını kaybetmek)

There are now also seven ways that a boxer can lose the title.

He would go on to lose the title to Gorgeous Matsuno on June 11.

The Moondogs would then lose the title to Los Lunatics (Eddie Guapo and Low Ryda) on March 8.

lose more

Chimps lose more hair as they age, and develop bald spots.

On average, the players are expected to lose more than they win.

Filipe weighs in and has to lose more than three pounds to be safe.