İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

before losing   (kaybetmeden önce)

14 Bucknell in the First Round before losing to No.

), before losing to Tours in the quarter-finals.

12 in the AP Poll before losing to on November 14, 1954.

losing streak   (çizgi kaybetmek)

They lost momentum and went through a losing streak.

The team ended its three-game losing streak by beating .

The longest losing streak against Camden was from 1982–1995.

without losing   (kaybetmeksizin)

MTK won the league without losing any matches.

The 19-year-old won the tournament without losing a set.

UConn had now played 707 games without losing consecutively.

losing effort   (çabayı kaybetmek)

As the Orioles' DH, he went 1 for 3 in a losing effort.

Rhodes faced Kurt Angle at True Legacy in a losing effort.

He faced Kota Ibushi at Wrestle Kingdom 12 in a losing effort.

losing side

He ended the game on the losing side after a 2-26 to 2-14 defeat.

Murphy ended the game on the losing side following a 2-29 to 2-20 defeat.

Though on the losing side, he was included in that season's Mythical Five.

losing all

Pierre sinks into depression, losing all love for his wife.

Berndroth ended up losing all three matches as interim manager.

Madi started losing all its convection to the strong wind shear.

losing only   (sadece kaybetmek)

For comparison, most other plants would die after losing only 8-12%.

McCain did well throughout the state, losing only a handful of counties.

They also set a new FBS record by losing only five turnovers during the season.

losing team   (takım kaybetmek)

The losing team is eliminated from the championship.

The losing team must eliminate 3 team members.

The losing team won a cash consolation prize.

up losing   (kaybederek)

The Bucs ended up losing the game in overtime 13–10.

The Packers ended up losing the game 29–37.

Hugh ends up losing his mind and killing himself in prison.

despite losing   (kaybetmesine rağmen)

He was also an artist, despite losing an eye in childhood.

He won the game's MVP award, despite losing the game 28–23.

Gavin's contract was honored despite losing the role to Connery.

round before losing   (kaybetmeden önce yuvarlak)

In 2004, he beat Lionel Sams in the first round before losing to Wayne Mardle.

They defeated Wofford in the second round before losing in the quarterfinals to No.

At the French Open, Kournikova made it to the third round before losing to world No.

losing both

Puerto Rico were eliminated after losing both matches.

In this event, Hansen played Vugar Gashimov, losing both games.

In 2011 he matched up with Sagetdao Petpayathai twice, and losing both times.

losing season

Coach Smith never had a losing season as the head coach.

Their only losing season came in .

The 2017 season was their first losing season since the 2011 season.

losing record   (rekoru kaybetmek)

This campaign was Pitt's first losing record since 1999.

The 2004 season was Friedgen's first with a losing record.

The Saints never missed the playoffs nor had a losing record.

eventually losing

Anderlecht after just six minutes but eventually losing the match 2–3.

Boxing As a boxer he fought Kid McCoy, knocking him down but eventually losing the bout.

It reached the final of the Federation Cup in 1987, eventually losing 0–2 to Mohun Bagan.

losing money

And if you choose to do it anyway, you better count on losing money."

Some were losing money.

A trial before the courts would delay their business, and that meant losing money.

losing the first

18, who retired after losing the first set in a tiebreak.

After losing the first game of the series, the Sox won the next three.

After losing the first four matches on a tour of New Zealand, they won the last five.

losing to eventual   (sonunda kaybetmek)

The team also reached the Semi Final of the Irish Cup, losing to eventual winners Linfield.

He competed at the 2016 Olympics, losing to eventual champion Daniele Garozzo in the last 32.

He beat Valentino Manfredonia before losing to eventual silver medalist Adilbek Niyazymbetov.

ended up losing

The Bucs ended up losing the game in overtime 13–10.

The Packers ended up losing the game 29–37.

Redden ended up losing out to Sydney youngster Dan Hannebery.

losing control   (kontrolü kaybetmek)

Khrushchev knew he was losing control.

He was very wary of losing control and kept tight reins in his family.

Ghazali struggled, vomiting and losing control of his bowels as he died.

losing teams

The 5 losing teams are eliminated from the championship.

The 4 losing teams are eliminated from the championship.

The 2 losing teams are eliminated from the championship.

losing seasons

The team then had losing seasons for the next eight years.

They had one winning season (1989) and four losing seasons.

There the Rams began a dismal stretch of 12 straight losing seasons.

losing the final

KK Bosna ended up losing the final series versus HKK Široki 0–2.

However, this time Isner came out in the losing end, losing the final set 26-24.

After losing the final seven games of the season, Vic Hanson resigned as head coach.

only losing   (sadece kaybetmek)

Their only losing season came in .

Russia was at the top of its group in the preliminary round, only losing to Spain.

1 seeds (Louisville, UConn, and North Carolina) in the Tournament, only losing to North Carolina.

fear of losing   (kaybetme korkusu)

Blacks could now join the union without fear of losing their jobs.

The fear of losing his father was constantly with Letterman as he grew up.

He has a fear of losing his shades, revealing that he becomes berserk once the shades are removed.

losing his seat

Long was defeated by 138 votes, losing his seat.

He served as the DLP's parliamentary leader until losing his seat at the 1964 election.

He served a brief term, losing his seat to Democrat Thomas Johns Perry on October 1, 1845.

first losing

This campaign was Pitt's first losing record since 1999.

The 2017 season was their first losing season since the 2011 season.

This was also the Cavs' first losing season since the 2013–14 season.

losing the title   (unvanını kaybetmek)

Having lost her father, Mouton did not dwell on losing the title.

This time losing the title.

He defended the title eight times before losing the title to Henry Maske in 1993.

narrowly losing

Their final match was against NK Zagreb of Croatia at home narrowly losing 2–1.

He finished second in the independents cup, narrowly losing out to Robb Gravett.

He was drawn against Alex Roy in the first round, narrowly losing by three sets to two.

losing effort against   (efor sarf etmek)

He made his in-ring debut for the promotion on June 5 in a losing effort against Daisuke Sekimoto.

He wrestled on the May 26 episode of "Superstars" as a face in a losing effort against Curt Hawkins.

She helped Skallagrímur to the Icelandic Cup finals in 2017, scoring 11 points in a losing effort against Keflavík.

losing the match

Anderlecht after just six minutes but eventually losing the match 2–3.

He made first debut friendly match against Najran SC and losing the match score 1-0.

The team ended up losing the match 113–112, thanks to a last-second shot by Kelly Olynyk.

time losing

This time losing the title.

In 1954 he was Scottish Cup runner-up again this time losing 2-1 to Celtic.

Two years later she lost to Turner in a rematch, this time losing by 2,648 votes.

risk of losing

When Peter returned to Cyprus he was in risk of losing his throne.

However, a large calorie deficit will also create the risk of losing muscle tissue.

There was more risk of losing them and if the rubber ring was too tight, it would constrict the penis.

losing their first

After losing their first game, Whitby reached the Allan Cup finals.

Samoa came close to a win in 2014 losing their first two games by just one try.

Finally, their sole second round pick would be had by losing their first round tiebreaker with Dallas.

until losing

He held the seat until losing to a Liberal in 1906.

He served as the DLP's parliamentary leader until losing his seat at the 1964 election.

He remained undefeated for two years, until losing by decision to Takumi Nakayama in 2004.

losing his job   (işini kaybetmek)

After losing his job, F.P.

When he was informed by Souter that he was losing his job, Engeldinger responded with "Oh, really?"

Upon losing his job, Pannalal curses Kedarnath as being the cause of his family becoming destitute.

ultimately losing

Undeterred, Ryuji battles Kiryu, ultimately losing.

Ryomyong reached the 2017 Hwaebul Cup final, ultimately losing to Sobaeksu

Burley would again apply for the job in 2012, ultimately losing out to Mick McCarthy.

risk losing   (kaybetme riski)

Some owners risk losing their hotels if Melchiorri's innovations don't work.

In addition, units who move constantly lose organization and risk losing supply, so poorly executed attempts to blitzkrieg can be stopped.

England failed to win any series during the 1960s, a period dominated by draws as teams found it more prudent to save face than risk losing.

losing his place   (yerini kaybetmek)

Mills started 1995–96 as County's first-choice right-back before losing his place to Tommy Gallagher.

His lack of regular playing time also resulted in him losing his place in the Georgian national team.

He started the first two games of the following season before losing his place, initially to Maurice Cox.

danger of losing

If the forger had used italics in addition, one might be in danger of losing one's composure."

Critics also argue that the creative city idea has now become a catch-all phrase in danger of losing its meaning.

The Superintendent, criticized by his superior for having bungled the search for Mangan, is in danger of losing his job.

losing just   (sadece kaybetmek)

They won thirty-one of their thirty-eight league matches, drawing five and losing just two.

Both teams won thirteen of their fourteen matches; losing just the one match away to each other.

The final tour record saw 31 matches played, with South Africa winning 30 and losing just the one game.

began losing

Dardanella began losing its popularity in the early 1930s.

As the season came to a close, Glouchkov began losing weight at a dramatic pace.

Vocalist Stace McLaren began losing interest in the band, which led to his departure.

losing against   (karşı kaybetmek)

They played their last final in 1986, losing against the St. Louis Kutis.

In 1925 it reached the final losing against one of the greatest national clubs, BSK Belgrade.

Although, they missed out on the overall championship title, losing against Alajuelense 1–4 on aggregate.

again losing

The club made the finals again, again losing in the Preliminary Final.

She also competed at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, again losing in the first round.

Burden also played in the Winmau World Masters three times, again losing in the first round each time.

losing the game

The Bucs ended up losing the game in overtime 13–10.

The Packers ended up losing the game 29–37.

He won the game's MVP award, despite losing the game 28–23.

first losing season

The 2017 season was their first losing season since the 2011 season.

This was also the Cavs' first losing season since the 2013–14 season.

The season also marked the first losing season for the Aggies in 21 years.

losing ground   (Alan kaybetmek)

The Arctic fox is losing ground to the larger red fox.

Castelo Melhor and his Francophile party were losing ground to the Anglophile party.

The dominant language of this area is Pashto, to which Kohati has been losing ground at least since Partition.

avoid losing   (kaybetmekten kaçın)

It turns out that von Sturm had lied in an attempt to avoid losing his best agent.

Wu-jen are magic-users who must obey their personal taboos to avoid losing all spell powers.

To avoid losing value, every owner of Wära currency had to spend their currency by its due date.

thus losing

On 15 July 2008, Gavilán signed a four-year deal with Getafe, thus losing all ties to Valencia.

The bout ended with Trevino being out pointed by Riley and thus losing her current IFBA title by decision.

Historians have seldom praised the Directory; it was a government of self-interest rather than virtue, thus losing any claim on idealism.

then losing

From there the Sun couldn't get a streak going; losing 2 then winning 2 then losing 2 again.

He won two straight, before losing to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, then losing to Vernon White.

Australia did not win on the three match tour; beaten 20–0 by New Zealand Maori, and then losing 14–10 to the All Blacks the following week.

consecutive losing

The Wilber girls' basketball team almost beat the consecutive losing record.

Three consecutive losing seasons under Marchibroda led to a change in the head coach.

In 1994, after consecutive losing seasons, Walsh left Stanford and retired from coaching.

losing a single

*In 1961–62, Floriana FC won the league without losing a single point.

The raid succeeded in burning twelve ships and taking ninety prisoners without losing a single man.

In a few hours of fighting, the French killed hundreds of the Moissy without losing a single man in return.

losing records

Both Lodi and Midland finished their seasons with losing records.

Three more losing records saw him demoted from "makuuchi" after the March 2019 tournament.

It was also the first series in which both teams had had losing records the previous year.